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Fireball - Happy Valley Shanghai, China

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I suspect that there is some consideration for earthquakes in this design, which would explain the amount of wood and that "grid" thing. This looks like it'll be a great ride.


In this picture, I'm guessing that right hand turn in the distance is the final turn into the brake---at least it appears to be. It looks like it will be taken at a relatively high speed, making for a nice finish.



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I love watching ride construction and Im certainly keeping my eye on this one, hope to ride this in the future.

The ride plans (on the first page) look's like a winner coaster, it's got everything to make the best (in my opinion) it's just got it all.


Thanks for sharing the pics Robb!!!





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Does anyone know what the relative costs of a hybrid structure vs a full wooden structure at that sort of height are? I've been kinda curious about that for a while.


Also I agree with the other posts that this could be a real disaster if it isn't kept up properly. Hopefully it will go well because I would love to see more wooden coasters around the world.

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In true TGG fashion the design looks to have changed a bit since that render. The ending brake run and bunny hills before it are now very close to parallel while the rendering shows quite an angle. But TGG is known to change the design all the way up till the very last moment when plans have to be mailed out for the next zone to be worked on. So I wouldnt expect that render to be too close to the final result.

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Here are some recent construction photos in from M&V with the following note from them:


You can see that the first drop is almost completed.


We are ahead schedule for the installation and the Customer is very impress by the size of the lift hill, don't forget that it is the first Wood Coaster in China.


This is the most recent photo taken yesterday afternoon - 11/15/08







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And is there an animated POV of this anywhere, or a layout photo?

C'mon guys it's posted on the FIRST PAGE OF THIS THREAD!!! The very first post!!! Not to mention that someone mentioned the rendering on the first page just 3 posts above yours!


Please READ the thread before you ask questions that are already answered...


Thank you!


--Robb "That's not too much to ask, is it?" Alvey

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^I guess that'll be the for Martin & Vleminckx connection.


Or maybe the ride's being themed to the Great Daylight Fireball of 1972, then I'm very much mistaken.


Looks quite a good ride in progress. Hopefully it'll be kept running well by the time I've got myself over there to ride it.

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