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Fireball - Happy Valley Shanghai, China

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I find most wooden coasters painted traditional colors(a lighter brown) beautiful. Being from California, you should know, Ghostrider looks amazing from above, and once was. But after a ride on that thing Cyclone also looked great from above and that was awful. I have the highest hopes for this coaster, but I have heard BB has not been running well, and this coaster and BB are the only non GG hybrids. I have high hopes, but I just don't see too bright of a future, especially considering this is China's forst woodie. Just my personal opinion.

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Hey everyone!


New Fireball photos in from Martin & Vleminckx! Here is what they told me about the current status of the woodie:


As today all structural is install and 95% of the track is completed.


All mechanical components are install.


The control installation is going very well.


If weather permit we should start testing the Coaster on April 25 or even before.


A nice overview of Fireball. It's looking AWESOME! (Is that the Megalite I see in the right hand side of the photo?)


Nerd Shot! :D


Parts of this ride are looking very "Voyage-like"


Awesome looking drop!


Duck your head!


Lots of track has been laid down already.


If you are on our Shanghai 2009 TPR trip you will get to ride this! =)

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Even still, I wish I could at least navigate the webpage to see what the park will look like and stuff like that.


Its not actually too hard to navigate round. The links at the top refer to what you'd expect and by clicking on one you can usually figure out what page you are on either by the URL of the page (works less well on chinese sites than japanese sites that often use english urls) or by the pictures on the page.


heres a quick guide if you want to have a nose around



Map: Top right one is the area containing dive machine (not shown on map?)

Rides: Self explanatory

Shows: same as above

Activity: not sure on this one. seems much like shows

News: going through it now. nothing of note

Multimedia: backgrounds, calender etc

Info: Traffic, Directions, Contact

Forum: Under construction


Unfortunatly the HV Shanghai site is pretty much useless when it comes to good pictures/info.


The new pics of Fireball look superb though. I shall keep trawling chinese news sites for anything relating to the other rides.

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If you go to their website, and click on the section with the mega lite they have a video of Thorpe Parks Collosus, advertising 10 inversions! The picture is of Piraten though, so at least they got it partly right!


Fireball looks awesome. Isn't there anyway you can ask Martin & Vleminckx to shift their camera a little bit to the right next time


Hopefully I'll be able to go to Shanghai this autumn or next spring.

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