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  1. Great TR, Thanks for the info of where I can get free water for my trip next year!
  2. This might help: http://www.thepointol.com/crowds.html have fun!
  3. both of the tall slides (Scary Falls and Spacemaker that's 42 metres high) scared me s**tless. Aqualandia, outside Venice.
  4. Stampida at PortAventura, blue is less rougher!
  5. Mine was Colossus at Thorpe Park when I was 10 years old on my own as well!
  6. Now its an Intamin there is nothing to worry about. Thank you so much for the info and pics, made my day!
  7. yup it was Universal Studios Hollywood, Im going there next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. ^ So sorry it was not my turn.
  8. ^ OMG its a Premier ride, think about it it's everything the same as the F1 coaster at Dubialand and thats a Premier.
  9. My 1st was Colossus at Thorpe park worlds most and only 10 inversion Roller coaster at the time.
  10. I use this to plan my visits: http://www.coasterimage.com/ohio-amusement-parks-ohio-theme-parks/ BTW Cedar Point omg flipping awesome!! (have fun)
  11. Thank's so much for the brill pics, Awesome photography skills. Mack look's like it has got a great future ahead of them
  12. Thanks for the update Robb!!. Hope to visit SF Magic Mountain when I'm older.
  13. I'm not sure if someone has already posted this before, but on the "Blue Print For Torture" section of the official website of SAW, in the pile of pictures there is a plan of the Station themeing http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/8404/sany0001vb4.jpg. As you can see the themeing has changed, with lots of pipes going everywhere, and a destroyed effect, to create the sawmill atmosphere. P.S 103 days to go!! _______________________________________ http://thorpepark09.blogspot.com/ http://uk.youtube.com/user/ThorpeParkNewCoaster
  14. 1st comment yay! Fanta/Mante by Goliath513 was my best one that made my day!! _______________________________________ http://thorpepark09.blogspot.com/ http://uk.youtube.com/user/ThorpeParkNewCoaster
  15. I have been loking all over the web to find a POV of the ride espessially inside. And this video shows it all. It's amazing how much theming is of the inside! Looking forward to receiving both of the RAW footage DVDs Can't wait!!!
  16. I would love to get this DVD but i can only choose 2 and I ordered both of Roller Coasters in the RAW Volume 1 and 2 instead of this. I liked the Coaster Expedition Volume 7 DVD and assume this one will be much better. The end of the video was funny lol (ouch!) _______________________________________ http://thorpepark09.blogspot.com/ http://uk.youtube.com/user/ThorpeParkNewCoaster
  17. I love watching ride construction and Im certainly keeping my eye on this one, hope to ride this in the future. The ride plans (on the first page) look's like a winner coaster, it's got everything to make the best (in my opinion) it's just got it all. Thanks for sharing the pics Robb!!! _________________________________ http://thorpepark09.blogspot.com/ http://uk.youtube.com/user/ThorpeParkNewCoaster
  18. ^ Thank you so much for showing me the link Wow! lot's has happend to the station and the Ride photography kiosk is starting to appear as well as lot's more. I'm am so glad that Thorpe park are keeping the CCR (Canada Creek Railway). I new that Thorpe would'nt demolish this classic tran ride around CC. In the plans the train goes though the middle of the coaster which will give a great view of the of SAW: the ride. But THORPE PARK has an update on their blog section on the mini site. Seems like as well as ride photos, they're installing an on ride DVD . but the camera is only on the
  19. My 1st post. I managed to finish the disciples of SAW game like 10 times, I hope this means I get 10 times more chance of winning to be the first to ride. I have looked all over the web and there seems to be no construction updates I need to see how the station is comming along. Updates please!! Keep up to date with any new construction photos from around the internet. Definitely worth a bookmark for all you Thorpe fans. So Click on the link to see my blog > http://thorpepark09.blogspot.com/. Or why not check out My Videos on my Youtube account > http://uk.youtube.com/user
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