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  1. Great TR, Thanks for the info of where I can get free water for my trip next year!
  2. This might help: http://www.thepointol.com/crowds.html have fun!
  3. both of the tall slides (Scary Falls and Spacemaker that's 42 metres high) scared me s**tless. Aqualandia, outside Venice.
  4. Stampida at PortAventura, blue is less rougher!
  5. Mine was Colossus at Thorpe Park when I was 10 years old on my own as well!
  6. Now its an Intamin there is nothing to worry about. Thank you so much for the info and pics, made my day!
  7. yup it was Universal Studios Hollywood, Im going there next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. ^ So sorry it was not my turn.
  8. ^ OMG its a Premier ride, think about it it's everything the same as the F1 coaster at Dubialand and thats a Premier.
  9. My 1st was Colossus at Thorpe park worlds most and only 10 inversion Roller coaster at the time.
  10. I use this to plan my visits: http://www.coasterimage.com/ohio-amusement-parks-ohio-theme-parks/ BTW Cedar Point omg flipping awesome!! (have fun)
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