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I love the old Wonderland pics, and the comment about losing some of its charm, I dunno about that. But one thing I must ask, what track is that in the Lost World pic do I see? Was that the Smurf's ride (I can't think of the name).


Yep,that was the smurf mountain mine train coaster & haunted river's final drop in that shot.

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Yes, before it was "Demonized," the Turn of the Century was quite the airtime machine. My old buddy Jim and I rode in the front car and were shocked at the ejector air on those hills.


And, sigh, I miss the Motorcycle Chase/Wacky Soapbox Racers.


^Haunted River's final drop was great, and the rest of the ride was a very enjoyable cheesefest.

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Tonight's Junk Drawer presents a Mystery Coaster...See how many photos it takes you before you can guess the coaster.


Photo 1: the entrance


Photo 2, any idea yet?


Photo 3: The station.


Photo 4: this should be getting easy now.


Photo 5: Yes it is White...


Photo 6: Lightnin at Carowinds.


BONUS PHOTO: and since we are on the subject of Shuttle Loops, take a look at this early shot of Montezooma's Revenge at Knott's.

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So taking your cue Shane, I was going through some old pictures from my Grandpa's stuff and found these. I'm not sure of the year, but still pretty fun to look at.


Golden Horseshoe Revue


SkyRide and Matterhorn


Mark Twain Riverboat


Old Pirate Ship


Indian Island

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Years ago I had a quick, beautiful night at Crystal Beach. I am so glad I had a chance to visit this park and ride the Comet in it's original location right up against the water...but the Comet rocks no matter where it is!


Today's BONUS PHOTO is the logo for Aeroworld, a proposed theme park for San Diego, CA. This proposed park was based on the several decades of Aviation and flight. Too bad it never got off the ground. It has always surprised me that San Diego didn't have a theme park. Plenty of people, tourist and probably the BEST weather in the country.








the side friction coaster at Crystal Beach


BONUS PHOTO: Aeroworld, a proposed theme park for San Diego, CA

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Crystal Beach my all time favorite little park...The yellow giant coaster was my favorite....I rode that all the time....The comet used to cost 75 cents to ride...The Flitzer was another one of my favorite rides...Really miss that park...Now condos sit there....

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^ I LOVE that you called it the Yellow Coaster! Everyone called it that back then. Its real name was the Giant. It was the last remaining side-friction train outside of Europe! Too bad it could not have been saved too!


I have heard from several people (like my Dad) who just don't like the Comet much without its Lakeshore setting.

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On the heals of Aero World lets take a look at a ride that would have been a ideal attraction for this park, The Barnstormer. Although I liked the Bradley & Kaye version better, Intamin did a pretty good job updating it. I was always a fan of these rides, they were fun to ride and really cool to look at. Here is the one that used to fly at Six Flags over Texas. There was also one at Six Flags over Georgia and Lotte World in Korea. Bradley and Kaye had their versions at Opryland, Worlds of Fun and Old Chicago.









BONUS PHOTO: this crazy contraption was called the Radar and was built by Chance. They built another version that had different vehicle that spun. It was more intense and called "Turbo"

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Ah, so THAT'S what a "Turbo" is... couple of people have told me that Turbos were the most intense spin 'n' spews they'd ever been on, and I've never so much as seen one, except for a single online photo... Do any still exist?

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I never knew that Bradley & Kaye had a version of the Barnstormer. Are there any pictures of one out there anywhere? I'd be interested in seeing that.


As always, thanks for sharing the stuff in your attic.



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Does anyone remember the Mr. Toad ripoff at Crystal Beach? Not Laff in the Dark- there was a car ride that started off inside a building which then burst out the side of the building and ran around outside...


Man! With that and Laff in the Dark- that's two ride-thru dark rides plus the phenom Magic Carpet/Palace that were lost Although I heard their Laughing Sal still exists

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Jeez...I was way back on page three, I guess it is time for an update.


Well this post is mostly for Mike Robinson from AstroWorld Crew 1980 but if any of you others out there spent time working at the Houston park you may have interest.


Mike- This is my Greezed Lightning crew from 1980. Gary was the lead. One of the pictures shows me scrapping gum of the loading platform as the train is about to be launched (those were simpler times) Another picture shows two of my best friends while I worked at the park, Kathy and Anne Marie (I think the other guys in the picture are Mike & Doug, maybe Keith?) anyways I have been trying to find Kathy and Anne Marie if you have any info PM me. Thanks





That is a blast from the past. I still talk to Gary at times. Frank was my first Supervisor. Can you believe how long ago that was? Astroworld was the BOMB back then!

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There isn't really a theme to this posting of "junk drawer photos" except they are all old. enjoy!


everyone always love a shot of the Beast station when there was water under it. So here is another one.


An old shot of Cedar Point when the Wild Cat was located where Disaster Transport is now.


The Corkscrew at Geauga Lake.


Looking down on the park...Boy did things change at this park from when this picture was taken.


The Hang Over at Liseberg. This ride was originally supposed to use LIM's, but Vekoma was unsuccessful in making them work.


How about some Kings Island shots??? OK. here are a few of coasters that are long gone...


The original stand up coaster, King Cobra.


Another Kings Island that bit the dust...the Screamin Demon.





International Street before it was remodeled with more landscaping.


The original Schwarzkopf coaster in it's second location at Jolly Roger's.


The ride was also called King Kobra, the same name it had in it's original location at Kings Dominion.


Remember this Southern California Icon??? what a shame it was neutered.



moving on to a couple of rides at Six Flags Great Adventure. Here are the Lightning Loops


Rolling Thunder back when there wasn't too much excitement on that end of the park.


Another early shot of Rolling Thunder. Hmmm Rolling Thunder and Lightning Loops...kind of a cool set of names for the park back in the day.


Kind of a boring shot, but you can see the footers from the Ultra Twister which is kind of cool.


Some early shots from the Mountain, the entrance with the old logo.


Both the Revolution and Colossus had running lights on them, they looked great at night.




Colossus stands alone!


Remember the Mountain Express? Here is an early shot of the ride.


and here is an even earlier shot of the ride. This photo was taken on my first visit to Magic Mountain back in 1974.


Some early flat rides. Here is the Enterprise later known as the Reactor.


The Jolly Monster once stood where the entrance to Goliath is today.



This ride was called Lethal Weapon, it was removed from Movie Studio Park in Germany.


It was a set of dueling/racing coasters and I think it was the first ride to feature this Intamin inversion.


a cool picture of the Ninja at Six Flags St. Louis with it's original color scheme.


The Shock Wave at Six Flags Great America.



a model of the Old Mill Scream at Opryland


Texas Cyclone at AstroWorld. Still bitter!


so what is so unique about this photo? Take a look in the background...Z Force


Z Force at Six Flags over Georgia




and lastly, here are a few from Kennywood and their Jr. Woody


It was the Dipper or Little Dipper or something with the word "Dipper" in it.



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Those old Rolling Thunder pics just made my day Shane! It really did look bigger without Kingda Ka or El Toro in the way! I really enjoyed this update along with seeing the old Lightning Loops, Screamin' Demon, Shockwave, and Colossus. Good work there Shane!

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