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HUGE Update! That park has definitely changed a lot.


Yeah, I regret not "finding" this park till late in life. I had always went to Hershey as a kid and into my teen years. I came across a brochure around the age of 15 or so and my parents thought it looked kinda small to travel that far. After Hercules we finally decided to give it a go, not realizing how close to HP it was. Been going back every few years since and it definitely has changed ALOT in those years. I would've loved to been there before all the big "makeovers" started.

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The 1994 brochure says Road Rally was going to have 2 tracks. It's too bad that didn't happen or they should have at least made the 1 track longer, it is one of the shortest car rides I have seen.


While I like a lot of the additions CF has put in the park like Talon and Steel Force, it is a shame that so many of the older rides have been removed. What park doesn't have bumper cars?

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I was missing a few brochures from the late 80's and early 90's but thanks to eddie200330 here they are! I was beginning to think that Season 4 was going to be the last season of Shane's Amusement Attic but eddie200330 sent me a box full of goodness and that should be enough to keep us going for another season or two. So a big shout out to Eddie!


This is the year that Dorney steps into the big leagues with the addition of the World's Tallest Wooden Coaster. Of course this started a big lawsuit with Six Flags over Texas who also opened the World's Largest Wooden Coaster the same year. So who actually won the title???? The world may never know.


Can you believe a park actually had the Care Bears as mascots???






A prettye big addition for a smaller park









1991 - "I'm sorry we don't have Coke, is Pepsi ok?"




From top to bottom it was a great drop...but the rest of the ride sucked!


Hooray for the Laser!



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Wasn't Top Gun an Intamin Flight Trainer?


Nope- it was a Zamperla TeleCombat ride.


I miss the Flying Dutchman, Journey to the Center of Earth, The bumper cars that was right next to the Coaster (now known as Thunderhawk, the coaster went under the bumper cars on the way to the lift hill ), Iceberg/Metorite, and the Rockets.

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Happy to be of service Shane, I enjoy seeing all the "good" stuff from back in the day and I would like others that have any older stuff that isn't on here to do the same so we can all see what parks were like years ago. It really makes it worthwhile to see the parks you never got a chance to visit and maybe never will.

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Six Flags Atlantis


Six Flags has been involved with several crazy side projects in their history. There was Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park, Auto World in Detroit, Funtricity in Mississippi and we can't forget to mention the most crazy..."Coaster Cuts". Along they way they picked up "Atlantis" water park. This was their first run with water parks. Well the park is no longer around. I seem to recall that not only did it have financial problems but it was somewhat destroyed in a storm that blew through Florida (if someone has more detail please feel free to chime in). Here are a couple of brochures from the park back when it was alive and kicking.











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I actually went to Atlantis on a 7th grade field trip in May of 1992. I have that brochure that you posted first too. As far as I know, Atlantis was pretty much destroyed by Hurricane Andrew which also destroyed much of the surrounding area in August of 1992. The owners never rebuilt. I'm not quite sure why, because it seemed really popular when I was there. It was a great water park. We spent the entire day there. Our group of around sixty 12 and 13 year olds really enjoyed it. It's really sad that it wasn't rebuilt.

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This is a pretty comprehensive website about SF Atlantis.


This page is one of if not the best SF Autoworld resources on the internet... Basically a giant photo-tour of the facility and the memories people shared about Autoworld. Click the green link and enjoy.


Power Plant info is harder to come by though.

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thanks for posting those links. I love reading up on these quirky amusement parks of the past. AutoWorld and Power Plant seem to be very simlar to the "World of Sid & Marty Kroft". Crazy ideas that never really caught on. click herehttp://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=529492#529492

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