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Before Terminator, Before Psyclone, Before Shock Wave...there was the Sarajevo Bobsled. Yes on of the first Intamin Bobsleds once thrilled (well, not so much) guests at Six Flags Magic Mountain. They ride once sported a cool Ice color scheme and Olympic theme. It now looks like a Spanish Snake at Six Flags over Texas.








BONUS junk drawer shot...Cedar Point pre-Raptor

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Shane - Someone had brought up Freedomland in another thread. I think the Cedar Point Pirate Ride in the last picture came from Freedomland and the ride was patterned after Pirates of the Caribbean

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The Sarajevo Bobsleds! I was 18 the year it opened, cozied up with my high school sweetheart. Its been so long I can't truly say I remember the ride. I have a sense of randomness, of just enough implied threat of tipping over or falling out of the chute that my girl held on that much tighter. I'm sure the reality is nothing like the legend in my mind's eye.


Thanks for posting such nostalgic shots.

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One of the very first loop coasters I ever rode was "The Turn of the Century". At the time I didn't appreciate how great a ride it was. Once the change was made it became clear to me that I would rather have those two air-time hills over the two loops any day. Here are a couple of shots of the old Turn of the Century at Marriott's Great America in Santa Clara, CA.







BONUS SHOT: The old Cycles from "Cycle Chase" at Knott's Berry Farm. This was probably taken circa 1978.

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Arrows are so photogenic

I love the look of the old Arrows. They are not sleek and sexy like B&M's but they have such a great nostalgic feel to them. I am not such a fan of riding most of them, but I sure love to look at them.

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Let's go back a couple of names ago: Geauga Lake to Six Flags Worlds of Adventure to Six Flags Ohio and eventually back to Geauga Lake and there you have today's "Attic Junk Drawer" feature. Here is Geauga Lake, before it was owned by Cedar Fair, Six Flags and Premier Parks it was simply one of the three parks owned by Fun Time Inc. I bet if it was still owned by Fun Time it would still be open.









BONUS PHOTO: The Beast with water underneath it.

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Just a quick post for the junk drawer today. A few shots from Kings Dominion, Canada's Wonderland and Lagoon. These pictures go back many, many years ago.



Remember it used to be called Wilde Beast?


Is this ride, Swing of Siam, still there?


You always have to have this shot of Canada's Wonderland


Now onto KD. This must have been the year between King Kobra and Anaconda.


I think beside the "Lightning Bolt" at MGM Grand Adventures this thing may have been Intamin's worst creation.


I love this picture. The Lost World.


Still one of my favorite rides at Lagoon. Here is Jet Star 2 in an earlier color scheme.


The Roller Coaster and the old Lagoon sign.


You can see the original Wild Mouse and old Rocket ship ride in this photo.

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LOL!! Sky Pilot!! I can remember my cousin and I riding this and her fat leg got stuck on the control stick in the middle. We kept spinning around upside down and did for the whole ride, well, until they took control of it. I was laughing so hard just because she was freaking out!! She's such a drama queen! It was truly priceless.

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Awesome pics, Shane...thanks for sharing! I do remember the old Wilde Beast and the fact the park was way out in the middle of a hay field! I couldn't believe that the park is now right in the city of Toronto. It has definitely lost some of it's old charm, but hey...they finally have a truly great coaster in Behemoth!

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But one thing I must ask, what track is that in the Lost World pic do I see? Was that the Smurf's ride (I can't think of the name).


Yeah that is the old Land of the Dooz/Smurf Mountain ride. This was the end where you pulled back into the station. I know I have said it numerous times through these vast pages of TPR, but damn I wish they would've thought twice about Volcano and left the original attractions in the mountain. That was one of the best flumes around and you can't go wrong with a themed Rotor!!!

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