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Shane's Amusement Attic

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Hey Shane;

Thanks for a great end to another great season. I really liked the videos too. Those are really good helicopter shots. Some Nice footage of lighting also. Again thanks for sharing all this it's great.


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Have you ever considered making a Shane's Amusement Attic website?


BTW, there's a SF Houston member who really wants to contact you to see if you have certain video footage. Would you mind PMing your email address to me?


-Tatum "I can't believe this season's already over!"

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Here is an AstroWorld encore. I forgot to post this one brochure from the park, the year the Mayan Mindbender opened.


Here is it, the only AstroWorld coaster that still runs today. One out of Ten, that is not a good thing.



Although I LOVE AstroWord, I think the comparison to Disneyland is a little bit of a stretch


Notice that this is NOT the actual Greezed Lightnin' ride. It is the Tidal Wave at Marriott's Great America Santa Clara. It just has the yellow lead car.




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I never went to AstroWorld, but I did have the pleasure of riding Batman--The Escape. Only it was called Shock Wave and was at SFMM!


Keep up the great work, Shane. These retro park visits have been a lot of fun!



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I remember the Police Academy Stunt Show was at SFMM for one season. The show took place at the Backlot theater were Batman last took place. That particular season Police Academy replaced the Diving show. That same year there was also a Batman Stunt Show that took place on a stage on the old water ski show lake in the front of the park where Hurricane Harbor currently resides. Police Academy only lasted one year (as it was pretty painful to watch despite "Porctor" LOL.The next season Batman moved into the Backlot theater and the Lake became Hurrican Harbor. Ryan

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Shane, thanks for another great look back, and for the Astroworld feature. Of all the coasters I miss in my "Top 20 Dead and Buried" list, I think Texas Cyclone is either No. 1 or close to it. (the shuttle loop--cant remember the name--gets honorable mention because I got stuck in the restraints--funny story for another time.)


Thanks again


Scott "30 pounds in 30 days for 2 months lighter and ready to hit the coasters" Mayfield

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I'm not a big Disneyland fan, I'd rather go to Astroworld... Too bad it's gone.


Those were some nice photos, Shane! How do you keep digging them out of your "closet?"


a closet would be too small to hold all my collection it all comes from my "attic".


Thanks everyone for your compliments! Season 2 was fun!


I'd rather go to AstroWorld over Disney too

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I flipped back and caught the Cyclone, Lightnin and Excalibur clips. The shooting on the Lightnin' video, in particular, was striking, esp. the shots of the ride with the tower in the background and the coaster-fireworks frames. REALLY excellent job.


I guess the only other Texan ride from that time period I really miss (which is kinda silly, I suppose) was SFoT's Big Bend coaster, which was taken out the year before Judge Roy went in.


Great as always, Shane.



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