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All images from the Pirates of the Caribbean book seem to be visible now, if you are still seeing a red x in place of the image please let me know.


I did most of this post during the Piracy of TPR so there seemed to be quite a bit of problems with the downloads...enjoy



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Shane all of the images are loading for me and WOW...that was epicly intense!


I was so excited when I found this book. I don't remember buying it and didn't know I had it. Sometimes you just never know what is hidden in the attic.


When I read through this book it reminded me that I also had a similar book on "It's A Small World" I haven't found it yet, I hope it pops up soon.


Another update coming up soon.

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I did most of this post during the Piracy of TPR so there seemed to be quite a bit of problems with the downloads...enjoy


You were posting about Pirates and then the Piracy occurred. Arrr, me thinks there may be a connection!


Great update as always Shane. It was great to see a reminder of the unDepped version after riding Pirates a few weeks ago.

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I don't mind the addition of Depp...as a matter of fact I like it and don't think it takes anything away from the greatness of the ride.


The one change I am not a fan of was when they made the Pirate/Wench chase politically correct...BOO on that move

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I didn't mind it either. I just couldn't remember what it was like before he was added since it had been so long since I had ridden it. I liked the new projection at the start of the ride and it was a nice surprise since I had completely forgotten it had been added.

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All of the pictures loaded for me just fine. This looks like the same book I have.


So far, I've only ridden both POTCs in the U.S., but will agree that the Disneyland version is the better of the two---by far. The first time I rode in Florida, I thought, "Where did the rest of the ride go?"


Thanks for sharing this and all of your treasures, Shane.



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Shane's Retro VCR: "The Science Edition"


I am breaking open the vaults to bring you more RETRO VCR. I really enjoy these old news programs that focused on coasters. This one, obviously produced in Canada is from "The Science Edition"...If you have a sharp eye you will catch something not right. Who will be the first to spot it?


Take it away Judy


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Magic Mountain 1977 - 1983


I always love looking at old pictures and info from Magic Mountain. This is the park I grew up and I have been to the park every year since 1974. I have seen a lot of changes...some good...some not so good.


It is quite a different park today than when I used to go as a kid, you can definitely see that from these old maps and the souvenir book. Some of the things I really miss are the lighted fountains they used to have across from the oasis cafeteria, the Mountain Express and of course the Galaxi.


Hope you enjoy this retro look back at one of the greatest theme parks that ever was.


Some Highlights:

- Charo performs at the Showcase Theater

- Colossus shown as just an outline in the parking lot

- The Dragon

- both Sky rides

- Japanese Gardens

- Western Airlines Sky Tower

- Four Winds Steak House

- The Dancing Fountains (next to swiss twist...anyone remember???)

- Grand Centennial Rail Road

- El Bumpo

- Contempo Dance Pavilion

- The old entrance, Trolls, Wizard...and so many other great memories


- Shane


Early souvenir book from before Six Flags took over






the park



map from 1977. New ride was the Enterprise




I think this is back by Batman now





Western Airlines Skytower and Magic Pagoda


well this is a view no longer available at the mountain


more retro goodness



two rides that are no longer there...well part of the Metro is still there


The old park mascots in front of the German Restaurant




as a kid we used to go into the candle store and when the candle maker wasn't looking we would dip our fingers in the buckets of wax. They got pissed when they caught us...good times







Thunder and Lightning trains


and of course...the ORIGINAL Colossus...full of airtime and abuse







One of the ICONS of the park from the 1970's



I remember the line for Mountain Express could get up to an hour long



I miss the lights around the loop




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My God how this place has changed since 1974. My Dad was in the Navy, so we spent my childhood living close to the So Cal coast. I always loved our yearly trips to tha Mountain. I actually remember crying when my Dad was transferred to Guam in Summer "76" and I knew it would be several years before I would be back. Before we moved, He took us all there on "The Great American Revolutions" opening weekend. We waited several hours to ride it with 5 train operation. But it was amazing!


Guy "Good Times! Good Times!" Koepp

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Before we moved, He took us all there on "The Great American Revolutions" opening weekend. We waited several hours to ride it with 5 train operation. But it was amazing!


Guy "Good Times! Good Times!" Koepp


"Good Lord...In The Name Of All That's Sacred!" ~ Chris Farley

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^Seriously. 5 trains. They were dispatching the trains just as the previous train does it's station fly by. It helped that they had no OTSRs, 4 ride ops checking restraints, and 2 in the dispatch position. They usually only had 1 train stacked as well. Amazing operations!


They were lightning fast.

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Interesting that at one time there were five transportation rides. I don't recall hearing about the Dragon before. Was it a funicular as well, or what? One of the maps gave it a "dragon coaster" kind of appearance to it....of course drawings are always hard to go by.


Also, one of the pics has the skyride supports as a kind of latice-type and some other pictures the supports look much like the other Von Roll supports, which were just a flat surface. Anyone know why a switch was made?

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Thanks! The google image search was my friend this time.



Looks like the Dragon was a going-up-only attraction? I'm wondering how there are several cars and how that worked??? I think i've seen the Dragon before, now that I've seen the pics, but if anyone has more to add I'd love to hear about it


pic from http://heylownine.tripod.com/oldride.htm


pic from


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^ The old Dragon track still can be seen on the side of the hill. The station is still at the bottom of the hill to the left of Jet Stream and just behind the Pretzel stand next to where Spin Out used to be.


The station for Ninja is actually the old Dragon station and if you look as you enter the station for Ninja while on the ride, you can see the old track dissapear under what is now the current loading area for Ninja.




Edit: Congrats to Shane for passing 1/2 million views!

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Great memorabilia Shane. Magic Mountain was certainly a family friendly park in its early days - with many modes of transportation... Two train rides, sky-way, cable car... Being built on a mountain, I think the park needed them!

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