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Shane's Amusement Attic

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Well I just learned something new. Having never visited MM til '06, I had always thought that the former two skyrides criss crossed each other going to 4 separate corners of the park. I see now from the maps that I was wrong (first time for everything ), so thanks for clearing that up Shane.


Spillikin Corners almost sounds like it was a mini Dollywood area of the park.


AWESOME update!

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In the process of moving I found some old photos. If you don't mind I'd like to share them. (with your permission of course beforehand.)


I have two 1994 Disney tickets, I also have some photos of me and my sister in front of the "Slime Fountain" when "Slime Time Live" was around in Universal.

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Mystic lake! I used to work at Mystic lake, started off in the Timber Mill then got promoted, well they called it a promotion, to carts, then to the ice cream stand, colossal cones.


then to he lake where I had the pleasure of selling coke products to those poor people baking on those aluminum seats. What a crappy job, that one was.

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^ I'm really trying to remember how it worked, but I thought that the station platforms were turntables, like Jet Stream, there were multiple cars (you can see them in the pictures two pages back) and there was a second track that I *thought* was on the other side of the trees.


I am like 99% sure there was a second track, but to be honest I think I took it up the hill way more than I took it down so my memory is not totally sure.



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^ I'm really trying to remember how it worked, but I thought that the station platforms were turntables, like Jet Stream, there were multiple cars (you can see them in the pictures two pages back) and there was a second track that I *thought* was on the other side of the trees.


I am like 99% sure there was a second track, but to be honest I think I took it up the hill way more than I took it down so my memory is not totally sure.




She has been there forever then...


Good for her, man I really need to get down to SFMM before she decides to retire.

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Awesome update, Shane!


What I wouldn't give if they still had a good German restaurant with (gasp) beer!


And of course...the Electric Rainbow, Galaxi and being able to see trolls & wizards along with The Sylvers & Freddy Fender would all rock steady.

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You can actually still see the turntable part in ninja's station for The Dragon. I have a question...I have never ridden the Galaxy or any of the similar ferris wheels(Great America, Astroworld, etc.) Were they thrilling?I figured since most(if not all) of the parks have torn theirs out, that they weren't big draws or they had LOTS of mechanical issues. I wish Intamin would bring them back. Would love to ride one. Second question, while viewing Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park recently, I noticed some sort of castle like structure that certain scenes were filmed in. Did this exist at the park? And where was it located?

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^ The Intamin wheels were not thrilling, they were just another spin on the Ferris Wheel. The upside to them was capacity because you could load an entire arm's worth of cars at one time, instead of one car at a time like the traditional ferris wheel.


The castle you are referring to is most likely the Wizard's Castle that was in the kids area, in fact, I believe that castle building is STILL IN the kids area and you can see it hiding behind the Frog Hopper.




EDIT - there it is! You can see it in the sattelite picture below buried in the trees behind the Frog Hopper.


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"...they weren't big draws or they had LOTS of mechanical issues." (daveydo5172)


SFMM's Galaxy was a fun ride---and one that would be nice to have today---but it did have mechanical issues. It opened with the park in 1971, but I don't think I ever rode it till about 1973 or 1974 because it always seemed to be closed when I went there. (Just for reference, it was located where Buccaneer and Swashbuckler are today---the cement pads for both rides were once the "landing spots" for the two-sided Galaxy ride.)



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I remember the Dragon ride. It ran in a continuous loop. The upper station is now the location of the Ninja station (look at the floor and see the circular platform that used to rotate). The lower station was located next to the now removed spin out. The Dragon cars were all linked onto a chain in a slot that moved continuously.

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Sorry I have been a little behind in posting updates to the attic. Here is a quickie that I can get in before heading off to IAAPA. Hopefully I will see or learn some interesting things at the show that I will be able to post here..for the time being here is a little coaster history 101 brought to you by PTC.











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Well I am back from Vegas and the 2009 IAAPA show. I must say I am more of fan of the show when it is held in Orlando. Vegas seemed to be much smaller. I did pick up some new literature from the major manufacturers which I will be sharing here in Shane's Amusement Attic.


Before I start off lets take a look back at some of the old Intamin product catalogs and ride flyers.


And of course the all time BEST ride...the shutle loop!


I am not sure what kind of ride the Compact Loop was supposed to be, but to my knowledge, one was never built.








The Flying Trainer...probably the WORST ride Intamin ever came up with. Believe it or not, this ride was originally supposed to be the ride on top of the Startosphere Tower.



This ride was first manufactured by Bradley & Kaye and then updated by Intamin.









Intamin's first attempt at a wooden coaster was the giant American Eagle.


Katapult ride flyer. A great ride that deserves a modern updated version.









Ride flyer for the Bounty. Intamin's version of the swinging ship...and by far the best looking of all them all.








ride flyer for the prototype River Rapid Ride circa 1979







Old ride catalog from the 1990's

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As promised here is the 2009 Intamin ride catalog that I recently picked up at IAAPA. Funny after all these years the one ride that remains consantly in their catalog is the "Flying Dutchman". I remember that thing from Kings Island and Marriott's Great America.











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