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If you send in your deposit before the deadline you will be accepted on the trip, if all the spots have not already been filled. Those on 2006 and 2007 have priority if their deposits are in before the deadline.


If more people apply for the trip than there are spots, new participants will be put into a lottery to determine who is accepted.


Those not chosen in the lottery will be placed on a waiting list.


If you send your deposit after the deadline and spots and still open you get one of the those spots.


If you send your deposit after the deadline and the trip is filled, your name goes to the end of the waiting list

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I would not hesitate on sending in your deposit. While all of our 2006 and 2007 trips did end up selling out, we had people drop and add all the way up to the last minute. I do not believe we had to turn anyone away on any of our trips. Everyone who wanted to go ended up at least making it on one of our trips.



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Some more answers...


East Coast will have some 'bonus parks'...it is a very good possibility that Coney or Playland could be part of those but it is not guaranteed yet.


You have just as good of a chance of making it on a trip if your deposit is received on 9/28 or today if there is a lottery. It helps us though to get the deposits in earlier so we can start planning and seeing how many people we have. Like Robb said though, don't get discouraged if you don't make it in for any reason right away (either due to a lottery, or you were not able to put down your money by September) Spots DO open up for most trips.

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Bottom line is that Robb and Elissa both rock and I love them to death. They will do EVERYTHING possible to make this one of the greatest experiences of your life. Like they said, if you want to go and have the money to go, you will almost be guaranteed a place. Several people have dropped on every trip so far so just get that money in and get ready for the best 2 weeks of your life.

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If everyone is so concerned about not making the cut, I bet sending the FULL AMOUNT right now wouldn't hurt one's chances.


-Chris "here's 5 grand, let me go on both trips, pretty please!" Smirnoff


Ha Ha - I tried that...but the answer is no, a lottery is a lottery

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Well, since my pleading for the Mainland Europe trip failed with my parents, I am going to try for something closer to home (and more in my parent's price range). I am trying to convince them to either let me go on the East Coast or Texas trip. I'm pretty confident that I will at least get one of the two.


Personally, I'm drooling (already) at the thought of ERT on Kingda Ka, El Toro, Griffon or any of the other rides at the parks we would visit. I've never had ERT before (the closest thing for me was the time when Seaworld was empty due to a local forest fire causing it to rain ash, so the ride ops allowed my brother to not have to get off of the ride- we rode over 20 times that day), so the prospect of that is exciting in itself! Plus, the few TPR members that I have met can already tell you how happy I am to meet other members, so thats another plus. This is the third year that I have asked to go on a TPR trip, and I'm hoping that this year I will finally get a solid, "yes."

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Are you doing AS's or A2's? I went on the Spain trip this year after AS's (granted i missed some college, but we really weren't doing anything at the end of the year and i had perfect attendance, so it was ok), and hopefully i'll be doing Europe next year After A2's because you don't go back to college once you've done your last exam...


You should be fine, but some colleges might be a bit stricter with time off etc.

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I was thinking of doing the Europe trip with my coaster enthusiast friend from Florida. I haven't ridden any coasters outside of the US, but I was wondering if Disneyland Paris and Phantasialand have enough things to do to keep us occupied for three days. Also, when the flyer says three days, does that mean three full days?


Also, I will only be 17 at the time of the trip. I've never met the TPR crew, so what determines whether or not someone under 18 is approved by the TPR crew?


Sorry for all the questions.



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Some more answers...


Just cause we're staying three nights at Phantasialand does not mean we're going to the park for 3 days. We'll only visit that park on one day, the rest of the time we'll base out of the VERY nice hotel to other parks nearby.


At Disney, if you like Disney, there is plenty to keep you occupied for the two days we'll be there.


As for the approval process for 16 & 17 year olds. Start by sending me an email. I will respond to that with more info. We don't turn many minors away so you have a good chance if you're a decent human being and your parents are on board.


Cedar Point!??! We just went there on the TPR Midwest Trip!


Oh, and Bribes are always welcome!

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Our trips are a little different to how the ECC does them. If someone from the local area wants to come and meet up with us, they are more than welcome to come hang out with the group, but they wouldn’t be able to partake in any ERT sessions, meals, etc.


Part of the appeal for our group trips is that an ERT session will NEVER be more than 100 people and it makes for a true ERT instead of some sessions I’ve been to where you end up waiting in longer lines than during normal park hours.


With nearly 25,000 members to TPR now, if we allowed locals to join into our ERTs I worry that we may end up having double or even triple the amount of people.


Having said that, we did allow locals to meet up with us in Europe since our group was only 50 people and that went fine since our entire group was never over 75, so it might be something we will work out closer to the date if the east coast tour doesn’t sell out. Keep an eye on the forum for up to date information.


And as always, we welcome anyone to come meet up with us during the normal park hours and say hi!


Hope you understand!


I hope that this is a point that you will respectfully reconsider.


The TPR trips are by design very lengthy and demanding trips. In my profession, I simply cannot take off two weeks the entire year, yet alone in one shot. Furthermore, the marginal benefit of attending 10, 15, or even ten parks in a short period of time is not much higher than an intense and memorable one or two park experience.


Another scenario in which an la carte option would be ideal is for couples or families in which all members are not as obessive about rollercoasters. I know for a fact that my wife would not be willing to use all of her vacation days to accompany me on a TPR trip which she would no doubt enjoy, but not to the extent that I enjoy it. It is, however, quite possible that she would be willing to support me for a day or two of the trip. And in return I can support her in a different type of vacation, beach or shopping, etc.


A third scenario is for the trips abroad, as someone who has never been to China or has not travelled Europe as desired, I cannot justify skipping the major cultural landmarks and cities and going for the most credits possible. But with an ala carte option, I can use a day trip with TPR to Holiday Work, DLP or DisneySeas as the impetus for planning a trip to Europe or Asia. Designing my own ideal balance between culture and credits.


Therefore, I implore you to consider allowing members, local or not, to be able to attend the trip events on ala carte basis. By allowing this it does not mean you have to grow to an ECC size affair or have anywhere near the 25,000 members of this group at any park.


Simply allocate an addtional 10, 20, 30 spots of the ERT for day trip members. Make them sign up in advance and pay a fee as well. You can price the fee in a manner to subsidize those on the larger trips, for example, the addtional revenue can be used to finance a second meal at that park.


I highly doubt that an additional train of participants will really made an impact in the ERT experience and will allow those on the trip to meet some new people and have a different experience. Furthermore, someone who attends only a day or two of the trip, will likley be more likley to sign up for a much longer trip in the future. A TRP trip sampler if you will.


For me and likley countless other members, it would allow us to have the same TPR trip experience without the need to feel excluded if we cannot make the same committment of time, and/or money for either work or personal reasons.


Adding an limited Ala Carte opportunity would provide flexability for your members, and hopefully improved profits for your future trip planning ventures.


It also create an enviorment which provides fun and the fellings of inclusiveness.


I hope you reconsider.

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