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I've been thinking about going one of these trips for awhile now and it seems I might just do so next summer. The only problem is, I can't decide between Texas and East Coast. Not to mention I'm starting my first year of college next week so I'm really not sure how much spending money I'm going to have from now until next year. I think I'll probably end up doing the Texas trip just for the fact that half of the parks on the East Coast are less than 6 hours from me. I can't just get up one day and decide to drive to Texas, if you know what I mean.


Right now fincances aren't really good for me, considering I still have books, school supplies and other junk to buy for school so I might just miss my chance to go on the East Coast. So whenenver the announcement for the Texas trip is, if I have the money I'll definitely be putting it down.

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Your deposit is refundable till the 28th of Feburary, surely you'll know by then? You can sign up for the trip and then pull out if you have to


Yeah, I know that but I'll be taking up a space when someone who can definitely go could have it and if I was in that position Id be a little miffed if someone was taking up a space even though they didnt know if they were gonna be there. Im sure that makes things alot easier for Robb and Elissa also. Unfortunately, im not guaranteed to know anything about where im placed until a week before I leave, which then would probably be too late. But I thought I'd ask these things anyway, so I know what my position would be

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The East Coast trip flyer mentions this - "We will be discussing an official add on once sign ups are complete."


Obviously there is limited info available on this matter currently - but all I want to know is whether or not the add-on will be before or after the main trip - obviously this may not be known yet. From previous trips it appears that add-ons usually occur after the main trip.


Thanks for any help provided.

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I appreciate you being nice and not wanting to take a spot. What I would suggest is if you're serious about wanting to go tell me. I will put you on the waiting list NOW then every time someone drops I can email you and say 'can you commit yet?' Once you can, you'll be in!


Other things...


Like others have said if you'll be 15 or under for the trips next summer you MUST have a parent or guardian!


We've been toying with multiple addon's this year so there may be one before and one after the main trip!

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for those going on the east coast trip, at busch gardens bring plenty on food money and an empty stomach because you will want to try everything you see and trust me, it all is good. I will try to meet up with you all. i usually get passes there so it wouldnt be a problem getting in

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--Robb "What's a hypotenuse?" Alvey


It's the longest side of a right triangle.


Real question: I didn't notice Holiday Park on the Europe trip flyer. Am I right in assuming that there's a 99% chance the trip will feature that park? EGF is most my sought after credit, and I imagine there are a lot of others like me.


We're going either way. Europe is going to pwn.

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Holiday Park IS on the Europe Tour of course!!! Mmmm Expedition Ge Force!


As for those of you trying to choose...choose what you want! Keep in mind we will begin to repeat itineraries every 3-4 years so you'll always have another chance to get on a trip that looks awesome.

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hmmm, I'm very interested in the east coast trip, besides it would give me and excuse to get back to BGE (I <3 Apollo's Chariot) and ride Volcano again (mmm...TWO launches). I was at both places last week and had a blast, can't imagine BGE with the tpr crew Elissa I need to contact you about payment options, but other than that I think I'm in.

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