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TPR 2008 Trips! Download the flyers here!

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Our trips are a little different to how the ECC does them. If someone from the local area wants to come and meet up with us, they are more than welcome to come hang out with the group, but they wouldn’t be able to partake in any ERT sessions, meals, etc.


Part of the appeal of our group trips is that an ERT session will NEVER be more than 100 people and it makes for a true ERT instead of some sessions I’ve been to where you end up waiting in longer lines than during normal park hours.


With nearly 25,000 members to TPR now, if we allowed locals to join into our ERTs I worry that we may end up having double or even triple the amount of people.


Having said that, we did allow locals to meet up with us in Europe since our group was only 50 people and that went fine since our entire group was never over 75, so it might be something we will work out closer to the date if the east coast tour doesn’t sell out. Keep an eye on the forum for up to date information.


And as always, we welcome anyone to come meet up with us during the normal park hours and say hi!


Hope you understand!

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I'm not going on a single trip next year because my parents won't let Robb and Elissa be my parents for two weeks. It's that they don't trust me it's just that they don't trust Robb and Elissa!


^Sarcasm for those of you that don't get my sense of humor.


I'll be on the Europe trip and I'll bring you the deposit this weekend. Ryan, Silent K or as I now call him after the Spain trip Sleepy K, will be coming to Europe as well!

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Hey maybe I can meet up with you on the east coast trip. I live in Virginia and am always going to Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens (I have ridden the Griffon at least 8 or 9 times now) I know i wouldnt get to go on the special stuff and all that but I am only 16 will be 17 then anyways so I wouldnt be able to do the whole trip

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Hey whoever reads this first. It says in your flyer that anyone of the age 16 or 17 must be personally approved by Theme Park Review before being able to attend one of your trips. I was wondering how you guys manage to do this? And how would I get approved? Oh yeh, there's a small misprint in the flyer's fine print. It says we would get back on Sunday night 8/17/07.

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I was actually surprised at the thought of you two running 5 TPR trips in one calendar year. Don't spread yourselves too thin!


I'd love to meet up with you guys at KD and BGE if I can't do any of the other trips. I've been to those parks so often and on dead days that ERT wouldn't be missed by me. Hopefully KD will have a new really good coaster to offer (even if I think it'll be GL's Dominator).

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I know this is off topic and im sorry but is KD suppose to get a new coaster? or is there any talk of it? I know they were bought and all that and they expanded the water park but are they getting another coaster as well?

No idea, but this really should go into the "Rumor Super Thread" and not the 2008 trips thread.



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^That's not a problem. Everyone has an equal chance of making it as long as your deposit is received by the end of September, however, it helps us out a lot the earlier we get all the deposits so we can start working on all our options to make sure everyone who wants in, can get in!

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Hey guys,


Im really interested in doing the east coast trip, however I am planning on going to Summer Camp next year and at the moment do not know when my end date will be.


I don't want to take up a space but if at a later date I know I can make it and there still is space, can you still sign up? Also, say I finish camp the day after the trip starts, would it be possible to meet you all there?(if there is space of course...)

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