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  1. I suppose my problem is that I live two hours away from The Dells, and if I visit the area, I need to decide between going to Timber Falls or Mt. Olympus. Of the two, Mt. Olympus is the only place that can keep me occupied for the majority of a day. So my options are to just by-pass Avalanche in favor of Hades, or to spend $60 dollars to visit both. As I said in the email, I'd love to visit Timber Falls again, but neither of those options allow me to reasonably do that. The overload of attractions in the area are certainly what caused this decision to be made by management, and I don't fault them for doing so. I realize that the park wants to be successful, which is why chose to email them my feedback. I just feel that the new all-day pass pushes away those who are willing to travel to the park. I couldn't agree more to that. At $3, I'd be more inclined to pay for any rerides after the first 5. Honestly, I'm quite surprised how many of you seem to be willing to pay the $20 for the wristband. But looking at the glass half-full, this is very good news for Timber Falls.
  2. I didn't send that email "for my own purposes", and I also wouldn't say that my email was a "bitch letter" in any way. Had I thought the email sent off negative vibes, I wouldn't have even considered sending it to begin with. I even went as far as to specifically say I'm not trying to bash the park. Instead, I wanted the park to be aware of how my friends and I (and I'm assuming numerous others) were turned off to the park by this financial decision. The email seemed to tastefully convey that I won't be returning to the park under these conditions. As for my reasoning behind mentioning Theme Park Review: I felt this was a simple way of describing the demographic that I'm from, and where I intend to post my review of the park. If Timber Falls' management cares to check in to see how others replied to my post, they would know specifically where to go. Hopefully whoever looked over my email didn't assuming I was trying to be the voice of TPR, as my intentions were quite the opposite. I appreciate Robb and everything his site does, and in no way did I intend to put his reputation at risk. Edit: Robb: I would be more than happy to contact the park personally, if you feel I crossed the line by mentioning the site by name. Hopefully you understand my intentions behind it, but am sensitive to how this could sit with you.
  3. I was meaning to post this a long time ago, but grew too busy to get around to it. On the 4th of August, my friends and I drove down to the Dells to ride Avalanche/Hell Cat. The disappointment surrounding the restrictions of the "All-Day" wristband prompted me to write this email to the park: The park has not contacted me back since I sent the message nearly a month ago, so expecting a response now is useless. I would strongly encourage others to send an e-mail to the park's management, in hopes that the park decides to switch back to unlimited rides on a top-ten wooden roller coaster.
  4. 1. X - SFMM 2. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce 3. Renegade - Valleyfair 4. Superman: Ride of Steel - SFNE 5. Hades - Mt. Olympus 6. Cyclops - Mt. Olympus 7. Phoenix - Knoebels 8. Cyclone - Coney Island 9. El Toro - SFGAdv 10. Great White - Morey's Piers I only had time to ride X once, so I'm not sure if the shock-factor it offers wears off with more rerides. But until I have time to go back to SFMM, it'll remain king of my list.
  5. You better hope that the shop-owner on the boardwalk didn't see you snap that picture of the shirt. The shop owner yelling at Robb/others was possibly the funniest thing I saw a local do on the whole trip.
  6. I'm pretty sure I was the only one in the group who wanted to stay for ERT... I got almost 20 rides in that night though, so I won't complain too much.
  7. Check is in the mail. I don't post on the site very much, but I find the forums very entertaining and useful. Looking forward to meeting you all.
  8. Did you guys like the size of the midwest trip, or are you going to be hoping for a single bus for the East Coast?
  9. I'm planning on taking my first TPR, by heading to the east coast. I'm trying to talk a member or two from Coastersims.com into going; just because I know them a lot better than this bunch of people.
  10. I just wasted ten minutes of my life on that. thanks.
  11. *BUMP* Just saw this for the first time last night, and damn, I was impressed. Before the movie, I was really excited to see Tarantino's film, and not so much Rodriguez's. Once Planet Terror got started though, I knew I was in for a treat. It felt like it was over in ten minutes, since it was so fast paced. Then Death Proof started, and I was very disappointed. The film wasn't "horrible", but it wasn't the right movie to get paired with Planet Terror. PT was extremely fast-paced, and over-the-top, and that's what I was expecting from Tarantino. The Car chase was amazing, and some of the conversations was fun, but it didn't go that extra mile, and was (too) slow paced. Death Proof would have been better suited to open the flick. Planet Terror = 8.5 / 10 Death Proof = 3 / 10
  12. Well....Yeah... Thats about it...This is what happens when you refuse to clean your room!
  13. But galaxy said he found a number of people ready to start again, and he persuaded me. This canceling thing is uncalled for. He said he loved the contest, but he dropped it anyways, despite my best attempts to make him do otherwise.
  14. Dude, what the hell? I was SO happy about the extension, because I needed the time for my coaster. I worked all night non-stop so I would be ready this time, and then you just blow it off, for no good reason? I thought you were all for this contest....I guess I was wrong about you....
  15. Um...No? 18 people originally said they wanted to do this, and no one followed through with what they said. What makes you think this time will be any different?
  16. I don't think people ran out of time...I think they just lost interest. Extending the due date will do nothing, IMO. Time to drop this contest I guess.
  17. Most of those tracks are extremely old. The standards of tracks has been raised, and people now expect coasters to look and feel like real, life coasters. Just download old tracks, that had high marks. The building technique is horrible.
  18. No, it banks and heartlines NoLimits tracks, so there are as few lateral Gs as possible. In most cases, you need to hand bank the track to get "correct" Gs.
  19. Sorry, I guess I'm a little late to the party. But... Calaway: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was awesome. I laughed "half-to-death" Wes: You da man!
  20. Alright, after some of Red's hints and examples, and some talking at Coastersims, I think I understand what he's trying to say. I had it backwards. Golfies way is more of an experimental way, because it involves timing the circuit. Capacity = People per hour. If one train (of 36 people) dispatched every 30 seconds, you have 36 people per 30 seconds NOW...there are 3600 seconds in an hour, so you divide 3600 by 30, to get the number you multiply by your riders. 3600 / 30 = 120. 120 *36 = 4320 Onto the equation... Capacity = 3600 / dispatch time * people per train (The value you'll want to use for dispatch time is the average wait time for your station.) Now, considering that the station uses "wait time" insted of dispatch time, the Riders per Hour value will be slightly lower than it is in actuality. If you want a more accurate number, time the time it takes for the train to move from the final block, to a stopped position in the station, and add that to the wait time. Red, don't chew my head off if this isn't 100% correct, please!
  21. The only way to count the number of trains that pass the lift, is to handcount them yourself. Golfie's formula is an alternative to you're idea, he just substituted # of times you pass the lift, with the times you pass the station (mathematically of course). Now, from what I'm getting out of your explanation, is that you want to just find the experimental data, and spend an hour COUNTING the number of trains that pass the lift. That is going to be nearly perfectly accurate, but that takes more time. Golfie gave a basic formula, that estimates the amount of people that pass over the lift, assuming there is one station operation, and there is NO staking. What it comes down to, is direct count (your way), and a mathematical hypothesis (Golfie's way).
  22. If you want to argue with me, take it somewhere else, okay? This thread is for the contest, not you complaining that I accidentally did something wrong, mkay? Room for confusion, huh? I STATED the track type in the rules. The "Hyper" is a B&M track type. You do the math. If I have a question about the rules, and it looks like you forgot something, that most-certainly has something to do with the contest. I can't ask you anywhere else if I have a problem, because you cut off our MSN contact, and you forbid me to mention it at CS. No, you never stated that we were using the B&M hyper track type, you said "Round One Contest Coaster: FOREST B&M Mega/Hyper". That could either: A) It must be a B&M hyper track or B) it must be a hyper or mega coaster built in the B&M style. Since you don't specify which, people can get confused. Don't try to fool yourself into thinking the contest/rules are flawless. The sooner you learn that you're allowed to make mistakes, the better off you are.
  23. Well it would make more sense if you would say the required track type in the rules, and perhaps make that the default track type in the template... A whole fifteen seconds of work? I would also love it, if you would stop saying I'm acting stupid, just because your rules leave room for confusion.
  24. So, uh, I tried to talk to you on MSN about my question, but we failed to understand each other. Are "B&M woodies" allowed, as long as they are over the required height limit. I didn't notice anything in the rules that specified the track type.
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