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What is your next park?

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I'll be at Hershey next weekend on the 13th while visiting with some friends from college. It will probably be insanely crowded, but as long as I get to ride Fahrenheit and have a fun time with my friends, I don't care.


After that I am currently in the beginning stages of planning a trip to KD and BGE on the weekend of Sept. 10-11.


Then finally there is a possibility I might go to Universal Orlando from Sept 13-17.


That looks like it for me in 2011.

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Likely Kennywood, but there's an outside chance that we may do an impromptu trip to Kings Dominion later in the month.....


Intimidator 305 is calling to me!!


Well, that "outside chance" has become a certainty.....Kings Dominion, here we come!! We're headed there this weekend, and will visit the park on Saturday and Sunday. I haven't been this excited to try out a new (for me) coaster since El Toro!


Looks like the weather is shaping up to be pretty great too.

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disney world nxt dec itll be my 2nd son riley and my hubbys 1st visit my 1st son dylan 2nd visit my 5th and our familys 1st vaca and our honeymoon next dec my riley will be a lil under 2 1/2 and dylan will be 5 1/2


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