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Do you like it in the front, back, or the middle?

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For me, it depends a lot on the ride. However, I have noticed the following general trends.


Wood Coasters: I always prefer GCI rides in the back. For all other wooden coasters, I don't tend to have much of a preference, although I won't ride in seats that are extra rough.


Steel Coasters: Here, it depends a lot on the ride type and manufacturer.


B&M: Front on all rides except Inverted coasters, where I like both the front and back (but not the middle). On diving machines, I will not ride anywhere except the front or a back corner.


Intamin: Front on Millennium Force, back on Intimidator 305. Front on any inverted coaster. Back on any launched coaster. I don't have a preference on any of their other rides.


X2: Front


Mega Coasters (regardless of manufacturer): Front


Arrow: Front on hyper coasters. No preference for any of their other types of rides.


All others not listed: No preference.


In general, I will not wait too much longer to ride in a specific seat. I don't care too much where I ride and usually go for the shortest line during regular operating hours. During ERT, however, I will ride once in the front, followed by once in the back, and then just take empty seats for the rest of the session wherever they may be in the train.

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These are the seats I will usually try my best to get, although it's not too common for me to outright insist on them:

1. Magic seat/ejector seat, if one is rumored to exist

2. Back

3. Front

Basically, I usually choose based partly on the desirability of the row to me and partly based on the queue length for that row compared to others'. Sometimes I will wait longer for my desired row, sometimes I will opt for the shortest wait, and sometimes it's a compromise.


Evel Knievel: Front

Mr. Freeze: Front; or, barring that, front of a given car

Tremors: Front, although it's also very good in the back

Timber Terror: Front and back; it's well worth sacrificing the airtime on the first drop in exchange for the intense airtime the front provides throughout the rest of the course

Floorless coasters: Front edge because of the near-misses with the track, back for the forces

V2: Vertical Velocity: Front, back, and 4th row (the 4th row supposedly provides the most intense hangtime)

Most wooden coasters: Back is first priority, front is second priority (some also have an "ejector seat" of 1.3, and in some the second to the back is better than the back)

Shuttle coasters: Back, and front if there's a chance. I like the back for the psychological intensity of the height, and getting either the front or the back so I can "credit" myself for the full height

Inverts: Back or front, but I don't care too much about the visuals on any coaster unless they are particularly intimidating

Coaster Thrill Ride: Back

Cyclops: Back

Raging Bull: Back

Voyage: Back

Morgan hypers: 1.3 (the "ejector seat", same as Magnum)

Viper (SFMM): 5.1 (the official "magic seat", although 6.1 and 7.1 are rumored to be equally magical)

Arrow loopers: front row of one of the back three cars, just in case it provides the magical experience that Viper's magic seat does

Four-across rows: Edge seat in chosen row

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If I have a preference it's for the back, especially on woodies and suspended coasters. Although, I do love the visual being in the front of the train. Really, I usually end up riding in the shortest line, cause I always think I'm gonna miss out on something if I spend all day in line.

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^^Some coasters provide better rides in the back than they do the front. GhostRider's drop off the midcourse has insane airtime in the back, yet the front seat barely gets any force off it.

...and this example, the back seat is rough as hell whereas the front seat it much smoother and also produced a decent amount of airtime throughout the ride. I don't think the *slightly* better airtime you get in the back seat of Ghostrider is worth having your spine re-adjusted.



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I've never found Ghostrider enjoyable ANYWHERE. The ride looked amazing back in the day, but today it's crappy and rough. Somehow, though, my friends all like it more than any other wooden they've been on. I would literally rather go on Colossus, even though it's slow around the curves and shaky at the base of the hills, at least it doesn't whip you into your partner in the seat next to you!

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Almost always in the back. Of course there are exceptions (Nitro). A lot of times there may be coasters that I want to try in the front, but the line is always at least half an hour longer, so even on the coasters where the front may be better, the line generally isn't worth it. But the GP never waits for the back, and it's usually the most forceful seat.

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For me it depends on the coaster.


At Busch Gardens, I can do Cheetah Hunt and Gwazi from any row, but the front is my favorite. But if there's a shorter wait for other rows, I'll do those instead.


On Kumba and Montu, I'm pretty much front row only. The back is too forceful and gives me really bad migraines. But I did do the back on Montu once last Saturday at Busch Gardens Bash. To be different I closed my eyes and wow the back really takes a toll on your body! The forces were really intense.

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