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Your Favorite Sports Teams

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I used to really like the Utah Jazz with my "white men can be cool" John Stockton!


I also like whatever football team Jon Gruden is coaching! :love:


Seriously though, I really only follow Pro Football. I used to be really into it, now not as much (robb isn't really a sports guy).


Elissa "and the arena football team that jon gruden's brother is on!" Alvey

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1. Toronto Maple Leafs (if they ever get back to work)

2. London Knights (new OHL Champions)

3. Orrell Anvil RUFC

4. Wigan Warriors RUFC

5. Manchester United FC

6. Randy Ferby Curling Rink

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Football: SF 49ers. I know they suck right now, but at least everybody doesn't think I like them because they were always good. When they were winning all the time most people thought I was a fair-weather fan.


Baseball: LA Dodgers. Grew up with the Dodgers. I will root for the Angels when they aren't playing the Dodgers. F**k the Giants.


Hockey (Well, when there is Hockey): LA Kings. Hockey is the ONLY sport I can watch no matter what team is playing. It's just a fun sport, and highly underrated.


Basketball: LA Lakers. Even though I don't agree with one move they have made over the last 2 years (Keeping Kobe who I hate and dumping Shaq who I love) they are still my team. But, I'm actually glad they sucked this year. I never thought I would say this, but Buss needs to let the team go.


The question is, when we move if I will change my alliances. I think the only team out of those that would still be my favorite would be the 49ers.

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I hate the Browns.

they whine too much: If weeeeeee don't get a new stadium, we'll take our footballs and leeeeeeeave.


This was a quote from the browns one season for poor performance.

'well, the weather was not in our favor. '

it's like: hello, this is Cleveland, it snows, rains, and can hit 70 degrees, all in the same day. Show me a southern state that happens in. To

me, that should be an advantage.

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Anyone who is a sports fan, list you favorite teams.


Here are mine:


MLB: Seattle Mariners

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes

NFL: Seattle Seahawks

College Basketball: Gonzaga


You can list any team for any sport and any league.


DUDE another seahawks fan!

NFL: Seattle Seahawks

NHL: Boston Bruins

MLB: Boston Red Sox

NBA: don't follow much, but Boston Celtics

MLS: New England Revolution

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NBA: Could care less, but if I had to pick, the Celtics(or whoever moves to KC)

NHL: Dallas Stars(or once again, whoever moves to KC)

MLB: Houston Astros

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs

College Football: BOOMER SOONER!

College Basketball: ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

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MLB: St. Louis Cardinals

NFL: Colts (even have a Colts bowling ball!)

College Football: Georgia Bulldogs (probably my favorite team of these by a longshot)

NBA: the Hawks but I could really care less if they are winning (haha, yeah right) or losing

NHL: don't really follow it

PBA Bowler: Norm Duke (how many bowlers will post in this?)


and I always make it a point to root for my High School football team, even though they suck. South Gwinnett Comets all the way..... to another losing record!




I know, I'll be accused of jumpin on the band wagon cause 2 of my teams are champs. Well maybe not the Cards this year since they've been suckin it up. I think their final against the Nationals tonight was a 12-1 loss? Bleh.

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