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  1. I can't vote... My favorite manufacturor is not on the list: INTAMIN!
  2. Batman begins What do you think of Germany?
  3. Santa Monica West Coaster - Pacific Park
  4. Langnese in Germany, Ola in Belgium and Holland, Miko in France and Frigo in Spain
  5. Whats with the Belgiums and speedos? Thats like the complete opposite you'll see at an american waterpark. Great Trip Report. It's a law in the southern part of Belgium (cauz of hygiene). Nice TR!! I'm looking forward to read your next
  6. Eeeuhm, in Belgium we all drive on the right side, same as the states...
  7. ^^ :? Three times the same post... Zonga - Six Flags Marine World
  8. Cool, you named your dog after our finest Belgian beer
  9. Still looking for Spanish or French folks
  10. To provide quality, I will not use translations programs, because they're not perfect But thx for the tip!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm looking for translators for my site: French, German, Spanish, and any other language (except for English and Dutch offcourse ). It would be great if anyone reacted info@intamania.com
  12. I don't really follow every game, but I like watching basketball (Oostende or Charleroi!).
  13. ^Tornado @ parque de attraciones Madrid? Guess the one on my avatar
  14. Now: Bushido und Fler - Kugelsicher Next: Fler - Ein Mann ein Wort
  15. Antwerp: The 'Groenplaats' or Greenplace Our beautiful city hall Aerial photo of a little part of our port The 'boerentoren' (cannot really translate that) That's about it
  16. The worst film ever? "Hero", that Chinese movie, it really really sucks (fell asleep!!).
  17. I once visited Eurodisney when I was still a little kid. Don't remember much of that though, only that we won the tickets in our local Mc Donalds
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