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Your Favorite Sports Teams

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NHL: Colorado Avalanche; whoever Peter Forsberg is playing for at the moment (Nashville right now)

any team called the Bulldogs, for obvious reasons (I got a really cool Hamilton Bulldog Tshirt)

other sports- could care less. But I have to root for the Steelers, being from Pittsburgh.

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MLB: St. Louis Cardinals

NFL: Colts (even have a Colts bowling ball!)

College Football: Georgia Bulldogs (probably my favorite team of these by a longshot)

NBA: the Hawks but I could really care less if they are winning (haha, yeah right) or losing

NHL: don't really follow it

PBA Bowler: Norm Duke (how many bowlers will post in this?)


and I always make it a point to root for my High School football team, even though they suck. South Gwinnett Comets all the way..... to another losing record!






I know, I'll be accused of jumpin on the band wagon cause 2 of my teams are champs. Well maybe not the Cards this year since they've been suckin it up. I think their final against the Nationals tonight was a 12-1 loss? Bleh.


Bowler eh? If I had to choose it would be Robert Smith. However, I don't consider bowling a sport. It is more of a game

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NHL: Die hard Carolina Hurricanes fan, a casual bandwagon fan of the Wild for my Western Conference team

NFL: Carolina Panthers

College: NC State Wolfpack

Premier League: Have decided to try and follow it this season and will be jumping on the Arsenal bandwagon

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NFL: Indianapolis Colts

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks. I guess I like the Blue Jackets too.

NBA: (not so big) Cleveland Cavaliers, Indiana Pacers

NCAA: I'm going to Ohio State this falll, and went to Cincinnati for my bachelor's. I'm also a "closeted" fan of that Ann Arbor team.

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More Hurricanes fans on this board than Leafs fans?!


NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators... and then I "like" a bunch of other teams, like Buffalo, Minnesota, Atlanta [those blue jerseys turn me on], San Jose, and to a lesser extent Pittsburgh. Also Alexander Ovechkin.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays

NBA: Toronto Raptors


I don't follow NFL much - I just started last year [when I joined an NFL pool]. I correctly predicted [randomly guessed] a Colts Super Bowl victory about a week into the season [thanks to me having both Harrison and REGGIE WAYNE in my pool]. I suppose the Cowboys and Colts would be the closest thing to teams I cheer for. I hate NCAA sports because I think it's stupid for Canadians to put stock into watching American colleges while shunning their own like they were the plague.

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MLB- Angels

NCAA Every Sport- UCLA (Bruin Pride!)

Any other real sport sucks, so those are the only sports I pay attention to.


It's one thing to say that you don't follow another sport [which is fine], but to say that a sport "sucks" because you don't like it is pretty closed-minded.

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I am all about hockey, it's the sport that flows through my veins, and my team is the Anaheim Ducks!


As far as other sports...


NFL - Buffalo Bills


College - Ohio State


Arena Football - Cincinnati Jungle Kats (AF2)

Philadelphia Soul (AFL), (but I was also very proud of the Columbus Destroyers for going all the way to the finals before losing!).

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NHL: St. Louis Blues!

MLB: Chicago Cubs

NFL: Chicago Bears

MLS: Columbus Crew

College Football: Indiana Hoosiers, Tennessee Vols, Florida Gators (long time fan, no band wagoning here)

College Basketball: Indiana Hoosiers, Butler Bulldogs, Florida Gators (again, no band wagoning here)

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