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Hi there!


I'm DWLY101, and I love coasters! (Kinda why I'm here )

I live in Australia, so I don't get a lot of good rollercoasters Though I must say Tower of Terror at Dreamworld is my favourite that I have been on!

I have been to America, but I was something like 4 and don't remember a lot about it, except that we went to Disneyworld in Florida and I got to go on Space Mountain and Runaway Mine train, If it's still called that xD


I'm also a game enthusiast. I Play Minecraft, Mariokart, Professor Layton and RCT2/RCT3. I have all expansion packs for RCT2 and RCT3 but I just have the very original RCT by itself.


Das me! See you all around!

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Hi I'm Steve, love coasters and one of my fave experiences was getting out to Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2010 to finally ride X2, what a treat! My favourite park is Cedar Point which is 4 hours drive. In 2010 I was attending a wedding and my window to get to SFMM was quite short as I was in Santa Barbara and required to attend a wedding rehearsal at noon. I got there for park open, explained to the window I was only going in to ride X2 and she was really nice and gave me a discount matching the cheapest coupon of that day, $29.99. So I paid $30 to ride X2 once and lined up for Tatsu but there simply wasn't time so had to leave, given that X2 is over 3,000km away though it was worth every penny!


i don't game much these days, mainly NHL/NFL games and racing games (F1/WipEout) but my favorite game era was the amazingly long list of games you could play on the Commodore C64. Loved Paradroid, Pirates!, Defender of the Crown, Pitstop II and most of the Epyx "games" series including Summer Games and Summer Games II, Winter Games and California Games.



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Hi I'm razmataz99 and I love roller coasters. My home park is Kings Island, and my first roller coaster was the Backlot Stunt Coaster at Kings Island.

I do track and soccer. I play RCT3 and NoLimits. My favorite roller coaster is Diamondback at Kings Island.

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Hello everyone


Ezra is the name and roller coasters are my game.

I am fourteen years old and have been watching ThemeParkReviewTPR on Youtube for quite some time now. I always wished to be a part of the shindig and now I am! My main park is SFMM though I live closer to Disneyland. Great job with the site Robb and Elissa. It looks great and well put together.



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My name is lance. My home park is kings island. I've been going there since I was 3. I'm not sure exactly how many coasters I've been on but its not a huge number. Maybe 40-50. I hope to hit some of the east coast parks I've never been to in the next couple of years. My wife and I just had a baby boy two weeks ago so I am all about that at the moment. Besides coasters music/ concerts is my thing. On a music forum I've accumulated 30k plus posts in 3 years.

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Hi Everyone!


My name is Bill and I am from Australia. Home park was Australia's Wonderland (modelled of Paramount parks beast themed woodie, Hanna-Barbera themes kids area and all). Unfortunately It has closed now


By trade I am an Architect/Interior designer, who also does competitive latin american dancing on the side. I'm into hiking, rowing... Architecture, Design, photography... dancing


I'm going back to university next year to do a research masters, which I am really looking forward to, but not before I do a little more travel this year including the US this sep-oct



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Hey all, my name is Tom and I live in the Chicago suburbs, making Six Flags Great America my home park. I went a ton as a kid and a little into high school, but this year was the first time I've gone back in 6+ years and I forgot how much I enjoyed it! Got the season pass and plan on getting it next season as well. To be honest, I haven't really been to any other major parks but I'd love to make a trip sometime to see some others. Favorite ride would have to be Raging Bull, with X-Flight a close second.

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G'day mates,

My name is Lou and I joined on 16 August so I am a little late introducing myself. I like extreme rides like riding skycoasters, bungee jumping, sling shot, skyscraper, flying in ultralites, parasailing and of course roller coasters. I live in Corpus Christi TX. The parks I have visited are Glen Echo near Washington DC (now closed), SFAW (now closed), Busch Gardens Tampa, Disney Orlando, SeaWorld San Antonio, SFOT and SFFT.


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I'm new here. I've been reading TPR posts, videos and reviews for a while and decided I should finally join.

Parks I been to and In my favorite order:

1) Magic Kingdom; Who doesn't enjoy the Magic Kingdom?

2) Busch Gardens Tampa; One of the best collections of Roller Coasters, and thrills.

3) Epcot; Who doesn't enjoy riding Test Track or Sorain' over California? Can't forget about traveling to Mexico without Border Patrol.

4) Universal's Islands of Adventure; Spiderman, Jurassic-Park, Potter-Land, Hulk.

5) Disney's Animal Kingdom; Best themed park in the world right after DisneySea and who doesn't enjoy Disco Yeti? (Haven't been to DisneySea yet, but TPR's reviews are positive and the pictures/videos of it are just so fun to watch)

6) Universal Studios Florida; Great rides and with Harry-Potter's Diagon Alley Expansion it will most likely move up the list.

7) Disney's Hollywood Studios; BEST Tower of Terror, ROCK N' VEKOMA, and the future is looking bright. Out of all Disney Parks it's missing something important theming; the only theming there is TOT and Hollywood.

8) SeaWorld Orlando; Shamu, Kraken, Manta, great collection of coasters and of course Antarctica but it still looks kinda bland.

My Upcoming Park Visits:

-Universal's Halloween Horror Nights; I'm going for the 2nd day of the event, hopefully they do something different.

-Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure; Finally the Happiest place on Earth


I'm ready to take on TPR.

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Hello everybody!

My name is Jessica and I've come off a theme park hiatus that lasted through most of my 20s with a family trip to WDW this past summer with my niece as the excuse. I remembered how much I loved going to parks, both theme and amusement (except the food, but WDW had surprising good food).

I live in the Baltimore area and I've been to most all of the theme parks in the Mid-Atlantic region as well as those in Texas and some in the Midwest & South because of band trips. My home park is Six Flags America and my favorite park in the area is Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It's so beautiful and the Loch Ness Monster was my favorite coaster when I was a kid.

My number one park to get to in the near future is Tokyo Disney, especially DisneySea, and I'm looking forward to my first TPR trip. Hopefully it will be Mini New Hotness in 2014 depending on the funds.

I crunch numbers to pay the bills and play French Horn and knit to keep my sanity. The Pikachu is my spirit animal.

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Hey everyone --


After lurking for a few years and meeting a few folks here through other hobbies, I figured it was time to join up. I've been so busy with life after college that time has slipped by quickly, however that will not deter me away from my love of roller coasters. Before today, you would find me reloading the 'Theme Park Review Forum Index' many, many times a day waiting for the next updates on park news or TR's...looks like I'll spend more time in the Forum now.


I'm a 27 SWM looking for a SWF ... oh, that's for another forum or site perhaps!


Like many others, I love intense rides and new thrills, meeting new people, and traveling the world. If you want to know more, just ask!


Random notes:

  • TTD > KingdaKa (Lapbar > OTSRs)
  • Skydiving was definitely one of the coolest experiences
  • The best time of my life was visiting Japan!
    -- Of course I had to make it to Fuji-Q for that elusive 2nd 4D coaster credit -Eejanaika
  • One of my other hobbies is making fireworks - the art of pyrotechnics is priceless



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Just going to post up my introduction/hello to you all here n,n


I'm RougeOfVoid!


I'm not exactly new to the site, nor the coaster or RCT community. I was once an active member of the coaster community, more importantly the RCT & coaster games community. My interest for rides, attractions, and parks has declined over the last few years, but I do hold a spot for them in my heart. I still like playing RCT and making awesome creations, as well as checking up on what new attractions are going to parks.


Anyways, besides roller coasters there are a lot of other things I have going on in life. Maybe there are others here who have similar interests too? I mean the size of this site isn't what you'd call "micro".


One of the dorkiest/nerdiest hobbys I have is role playing, I like all kinds of role plays, but my favorite has to be the online written paragraph format. It is at a pace I can keep up with, and has improved my writing ability somewhat (and still continues to do so). I get more devoted to the actual characters I make up more than I do the actual role play. Sometimes I'll spend hours just on developing a character!


There are other things that I'm into such as Acting, History, Homestuck, Animation (cartoons, anime, flash), Costume Design & Cosplay, Map Design, Table Top Games, and Video Games. I do have other interests besides these, but I don't need to over-extend the list of things that I'm into. n,n'


Another fact that may be of interest is that I do work Halloween Haunt as an actor at Kings Dominion. It is a fun job, but man it does beat the living crap out of you. Its a very fun experience, and would reccomend you go checking it out.


So yeah, thats all for this introduction post! I don't wish to make this any more longer than it needs to be! Anyways, hello there babes!

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Oh yeah, Almost forget.


Hey yo!


My name is Jacob Allen Jones, but here.....my username is CoasterGod3.


Because, hey anything with Coaster in it HAS to be good right? I mean, Take a look at Coasterdude5! He created two blockbuster parks, Hershey Hawaii and Six Flags South Carolina!


So yeah, I'm 12 years old (soon to be 13!) i'm in Florida and I love pizza. (Seriously, It's my number 1 favorite food in the world!)


I am also an avid fan of this site, and it is an honor and a privilege to be here in this wonderful, wonderful website.

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Hey all. My name is Dan. I live in Duluth, MN. I was into parks years ago but got caught up in this whole career thing. I've recently been hired by a group of investors to consult on a new park in my hometown opening in 2016. This has reignited my passions for parks. I've worked in both the circus and carnival business as a booking agent. I'm glad to be here and hope I can contribute to your discussions!

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Hey All. Name is Brian, live in Melbourne, FL (Not Australia haha!) Big Roller Coaster and Disney Fan, trying to become more active on the TPR Forums.


Wish I could do all these fun trips I hear about on the forums and such, but I'm a recent college graduate working an entry-level job. Hopefully able to join the TPR trips in the near future and visit many different parks around the World!


As for me, like I said I'm a big Roller Coaster Guy, becoming a Disney fan, and I love Craft Beer. Can talk about it for days! Even brew my own at home with some fraternity brothers.


Look forward to getting more involved with TPR!

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Looooooots of years reading this forums, and finally decided to register.


My name is Raúl. I am from Barcelona, Spain. Worked for 4 years at Tibidabo Amusement Park (home of the world known "Buckets on a stick" and "The plane on a stick") and a roller coaster enthusiast. I have visited many parks across Europe and some at the US, allowing me to ride more than 180 credits. It's not a big number, but rode some of the bests arround the world


Ride preferences: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAirtimes, and that's all. Fan of oldschool woodies and hypercoasters.

Favourite builder: Mack rides.

Favourite coaster: Expedition Ge-Force.


And don't know what else I can say...

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Hi I just found this site today and joined....I'm Scarlet...guess you know my favorite movie LOL


I live in Central Florida and worked several eons ago at Disney and Circus World.


when the Wiener Looping got set up and the employees could ride before it was open to the public my best friend and I rode it 15 times straight! Lost my glasses and had to actually go down with security and find them on the ground under the ride!


I kept alot of my Circus World memorabilia and employee newsletters and what not.


I love carousel horses, riding roller coasters, anything ghost related and genealogy.

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New member here.


First, I want to thank Robb and Alyssa for the awesome site. You guys have entertained me through a lot of deployments. TPR would always be the first site I checked when we had internet access, I will always be greatful for that.


I'll keep it short. I hope to be able to add some insight to discussions and try hard not to be the "newb".


The fam and I have season passes to Wild Adventures, I'll try to keep everyone posted on the progress there.


I can't wait to try out some awesome TPR trips!



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