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  1. Like what going on so far, maybe you could switch up the foliage you use, since looking at the same tree placed 1000 times is kind of an eye-sore. There's a lot more you could do, but lets start with that for now. Keep up the good work!
  2. I quite like your themeing, it looks really nice. Not as thrilled about your rollercoaster layouts, but that's just personal preference. Great job! Please do finish your other park!
  3. I really like your park, but there's something I don't like and I'm not sure what it is... Still, really good park that you have there!
  4. Went back to look at all the screenshots, and I must say I love what I'm seeing! Glad you're continuing this otherwise I probably never would've found it.
  5. This looks really nice!!! Good job on making this awesome park, I really like it!
  6. Mammoth looks awesome! Really good job with that! I've been keeping track of this park and I really like how it's coming along. Keep it up!
  7. I was meant to update a wekk ago, but things happened and I didn't. Last update for Fezen's Forest! Hedge Maze and Gentle Drive are to of the more family friendly rides in the park (Gentle Drive is almost invisible amongst those trees) Slightly better view of Gentle Drive and Hedge Maze, with shot including Railroad's second station and the Go Karts terminal! Final coaster in the park, Prey! Usually with full lines! Finally, the main part of the Go Karts. Also, some of Prey's station in there too. (colours scheme though.....) I'll edit in a download link tomorrow. Thanks for looking!
  8. This is a great custom scenario! I can only side with the others that the stream should have waterfalls or something to make it look nicer. Otherwise AWESOME!
  9. Thankyou! Time for more pics! (Gosh, I wonder what kind of ride would be called 'Gentle Drive'...) River Rapids ride! Amazingly boring too look at from this perspective. (Also Jacqui S is heading for the Mine train ride which has a new generic name!) Much more interest view of the River Rapids! I'm thinking of putting theming up there and not just trees, but I don't know New roller coaster to look at, named 'Into the Woods' (I DON'T KNOW), as it intertwines with the railway! Last picture is of 2 things. First, the cool(ish) building in the bottom left, which houses obvious freefall ride and unobvious twister. Second, amazing(ish) minecart coaster titled 'Minecart' (10/10 creativity) I'll do one more post after this, then hopefully get another park in before I go on holidays (end of november) Also feel free to suggest any themes you think I would be good with.
  10. Heya, I got a new park for you all, this one is called Fezen's Forest. Mine train coaster, spiral slide and railway station. Mine coaster's entrance and Observation Tower. Carousel and main plaza are seen. Thanks for looking!
  11. And it has been changed to 'Steel Scream' I suck with names lol. Amazing water slide ride named 'Spashdown'! Pirate Ship also in the picture! Different angle of 'Spashdown' Fun stuff! This is the entrance to ''Minecart of Malice'. Lift hill First drop with turnaround/helix. That's it with this park. I named it Pleasure Park because I'm just creative like that lol. Thanks for looking, I'll be showing a different park soon so keep watch! Download: http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=3194
  12. Thankyou! I don't think I'm good enough for curves yet though Screenshots! I took out two of the rides in the main building and altered their placement slightly. Roof now looks a bit prettier as well. You may have noticed some path changes in the previous screenshot, this is just hangtime with the new paths + a few more trees. Behind the monorail station, has some new paths aswell. You can also just see that there's now some shade when leaving The Runner Now fun stuff! New building housing Go Karts and Dodgems! Very futuristic-y Inside of the building! 2 Rollercoasters! Micro Mouse and L, Micro Mouse is within a 3x10 radius! That's it! One more update for this park
  13. Yes, as the game has progressed and more people have come in that area has been extremely crowded. I'll be removing two of the rides for more space in the next update. But on the plus side, screenshots! Just showing the giga, now named The Runner, and it's been slightly improved in this area. Decent looking building, still something off about it. Buildings that look pretty! *gasp*shockhorror! Swan pedal boats and monorail station. Hedge Maze out the back, and a small foodcourt. It was arranged a bit differently but the guests were screwing around and weren't able to walk to metres in a different direction to reach the food stalls. Will do two more updates on this park, then start show pics from another park.
  14. haha yeah x) I'm not good with making buildings at all. I'm having trouble uploading screenshots, but I have made the building around the giga coaster more.... tolerable...
  15. Thanks! It was inspired by Rush from Flux Park (my Fluxtrance )
  16. Hey hey TPR! Just saying I have a few parks I'd like to show y'all. I decided to upload so people could see it and so I could get feedback on my park making So obviously from this first screenshot, my skills on making buildings is very limited. I would appreciate a lot of feedback on how to improve them. Inside the building is 4 ride + monorail station. Here's the main area, with ferris wheel, car ride and super slides. Something feels a little odd about that middle area to me though... Interesting stuff! My twister coaster Hang Time. I like the station area, but again it feels a little bland. Back end of Hang Time and some of the unnamed Giga coaster. Please do tell if I went a little overboard on supports x3 Time to throw up. I don't know why I chose this colour (probably cause I like it). Really bland boring building in need of improvements! Also monorail station in the background hasn't been started Pretty please feedback/criticism! Much appreciated!
  17. Thanks. I do intend to put another ride in that back corner, and I think I know how to slightly tweak the monorail to make it blend in. I'm not entirely sure with what you mean by this? Do you mean you don't like how there's just a long fence seperating the woodie from everything else?
  18. So um yeah I was playing RCT1 the other day (no expansions ) and I made forest frontiers look somewhat pretty. Entrance area with junior rollercoaster, ferris wheel and haunted house Main area including Swinging ship, Twister and main plaza Hades, a wooden coaster. I really like this one Two looping coasters and a spiral slide. Also monorail entrance. Overview of park. Yes, I know the water levels are weird but I don't care for once.
  19. Looks interesting. Seems like it'll do good, just from this trailer.
  20. Looking good so far I may suggest a few terrain changes here and there to fit with ride themes, like maybe some dirt patches around the mine train. Also a different terrain in the station for the observation tower would look good. Also, that haunted house looks a little lonely out the back. Maybe one/two tree(s) there or a fence surrounding it? Keep up this great work!
  21. So nice. I love that wooden coaster entrance. It looks so pretty! moar updatez pls!
  22. Interesting idea! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Good luck!
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