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Hello! I'm a lurker who is finally joining... My name is Chloe and I'm 19 years old

I grew up in Simi Valley, CA and grew up with Six Flags Magic Mountain and Disneyland. I moved to UT about 10 years ago, and now I live somewhat close to Lagoon. I love following SFMM on here since I last visited in October '13 and saw Freefall, Deja Vu, Flashback, and Psyclone were all gone. Also, Colossus is a soft spot for me and I've been stalking all the news about it since I heard it would be closing. Since I talk about Disneyland/SFMM 300 times a day and go to Lagoon on the regular, I figured I'd finally join and let it all out on an actual theme park forum.

I'm still debating on what to do with my life, but I've definitely always considered being in either the truck/Jeep fabrication industry or in the Coaster/Theme Park industry (non-specific)... If I do happen to weasel my way into the Theme Park industry, I'd love to go into the production/refurbishment/repair/whatever of rides.. and this is the perfect place to expand my knowledge.

Sorry for the novel! I'm very excited to finally be a member.

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Hi ich bin Tino und komme aus Deutschland und Besuche regelmäßig Freizeitparks, wie zum Beispiel Hansapark, Heide Park, Phantasialand, Europa Park und Tropical Islands (Waterpark). In Pleasure Beach Blackpool, Efteling, Belantis, Movie Park Germany war ich auch schon. Bin 24 Jahre alt. Leider ist mein englisch schlecht.


Hi, I'm Tino and I'm from Germany and visits regularly in amusement parks, such as Hansa Park, Heide Park, Phantasialand, Europa Park and Tropical Islands (Waterpark). In Pleasure Beach Blackpool, Efteling, Belantis, Movie Park Germany I was already. I am 24 years old! My english is difficult.


Hier ist ein Foto von Robb Alvey und mir aus dem Hansapark!

Here is a photo of Robb Alvey and about me from the Hansa Park!


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Hi! Im kj, and i love rollercoasters! Im also subscribed to tpr on youtube I am also going to disney and universal next summer... Ive never been to universal, and ive never been on an upside down ride/loop/corkscrew/0g roll.. Any suggestion on first ride to do at universal... (Upside down wise.)



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Hey Everyone.


Im Amy from Manchester, UK.. I have been subbed to TPR's You-Tube channel for several years now and just love watching the videos many of which have encouraged me to go to as many theme parks as i can get too. So figured I should sign up to your forums too


I guess my nearest parks are Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Drayton Manor and Alton Towers. Love Blackpool for its wooden coasters (grand national!) but my favorite has to be Alton Towers, I try to go every year for scare-fest, Nemesis is the all time favorite however the new 14 looped world first The Smiler is awesome! I was recently in Orlando did all the Disney parks and Universal - Hulk was by far my fave!! - and in July 2014 im doing my own mini Scandinavia tour with some friends in Denmark heading to Farup and Djurrs Sommerland and perhaps Bon Bon Land as ever since i watched the you-tube vid about The Dog Fart coaster..Ive been dying to go


When not travelling, I work as a Security Steward at festivals/concerts and sporting events and work for a Big american chain store (that one is a bit mundane, compared to my other job) but it pays the bills and my vacations

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Hi I'm Jack. You could call me a Cedar Fair Fanboy, but I still like (some) Six Flags parks. I've just gotten into counting my coasters, and am only at 21. My home park is Kings Dominion, and true to that my top 3 coasters are


1. Intimidator 305 (KD)


2. Dominator (KD)


3. Verbolten (BGW) - the reason I like Verbolten so much is for its great theming and unique elements.


Also, I am a big Bolliger and Mabillard fan, as well as a classic Schwarzkopf fan. You can tell by my username. Hope to see you all around the site.

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I'm Nicholas, and I'm from Glasgow Kentucky.You can probably tell that I love coasters since I wouldn't have joined if I didn't. I'm going to Cedar Point for the first time next week so that's pretty exiting. I'm not sure what would count as my home park but I'm about 30 min away from beech bend, 1 1/2 hours away from Kentucky Kingdom, and 4 hrs away from Kings Island and Holiday world.

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So I've been posting on here for about a year now and just found this thread. Better late than never I guess.


Here we go. My name is Nick, and live in Harrisburg, Illinois. I'm currently going to school at Southern Illinois University Carbondale to become a high school history teacher. My interest in Theme Parks started when I was a kid. My family has taken a mini-vacation every year to Holiday World since before I was born, going back all the way to when the park was named Santa Claus Land. I live a little less than two hours away from Holiday World and I consider it my home park. I've kind of grew up with the park, so I might often hold some biased views, but I've done my best to put those aside, and try and see the broader picture when I'm posting. Growing up with HW has also developed my love for wooden coasters. I've always been fascinated about how they work. I feel like I know more about wooden coasters than I do anything else theme park or coaster related. Other than HW, I've visited SFStL, Cedar Point, Kings Island and Worlds of Fun. After I graduate, I plan on touring the country and visiting many other Theme Parks. Right now the top of my list of theme parks to visit would go in this order: 1. Silver Dollar City 2. Knoebels 3. Dollywood.

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Hi! My name is Nate, and I am 11 years old. I am a big fan of this site and am excited to have joined the forum (and possibly go on some tpr trips?) I live near San Francisco, pretty close to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (or Disco Kingdom, as we call it) and CA Great America. Although I mostly go to California theme parks, I have been to Cedar Point once. It was GREAT! Millennium Force was my personal favorite.

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Hi, I'm Matt. I am a long time lurker on this site. I remember getting the tpr DVDs from my mom back in 2005, and I found out about the site from the DVDs, but I was always to shy to post. I'm 22 from the Philadelphia area. I just graduated from Temple University with a history degree. I grew up going to amusement parks with my family and the parks I have went to the most growing up is Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Dorney Park, and Six Flags Great Adventure (my username gives that away). I love El Toro, that is easily my favorite coaster.


I really enjoy reading this site and I'm thankful for tpr because through it I found a friend, VinTheAttendant, at Temple.

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Hello everyone,


I'm Rachel and a long time Theme park goer, 1st ever visit was when I was 2 years old! I live in the UK and my current closest Theme park is Alton Towers. Favorite coaster is Nemesis (from Alton Towers).


I've been to loads of theme parks in my time including all of WDW, Universal & Islands of Adventure Florida (multiple times), Disneyland Paris resort (multiple times), Thorpe park, Alton towers, Chessington world of adventures, Blackpool pleasure beach, Movie World (Australia) & Port Aventura (multiple times).


In the past 5 years I've not been on a holiday abroad which doesn't involve a Theme park and I've just got back today from Port Aventura!


I've currently got a Tokyo Disney trip booked for November of this year and an Orlando visit for September 2015.


I've never been to Sea World or Tokyo Disney so I plan to tick these of my list.


I've always followed this forum and the fantastic youtube videos so I thought I'd join and chat with fellow Theme park Peoples!

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Hi everyone! My name is Marie and i'm from Belgium. I love rollercoasters and theme parks in general (ofcourse ).

I haven't done a lot of rollercoasters though (currently 21) because i find it particularly hard to find people who think it's worth the travelling and the money or who are as enthusiastic as i am! I think i've come to the right place now

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What's up everyone, I'm Josh, 35, in Philly, and here's how it's gone down:


6/16/14: Hersheypark Trip 1. I've ridden six coasters in my life and am white knuckling it the entire way through Comet.


7/5/14: Hersheypark Trip 2: Main highlights - Sky Rush twice, Storm Runner once. Opened my eyes at one point, I believe.


7/8/14: Six Flags Great Adventure Trip 1: El Toro and Nitro all day. Had to do the last one of each alone after my fiancé has had her fill. Finished the night with back row on El Toro, hands up the whole way and didn't die. This is awesome.


7/10/14: Great Adventure Trip 2: More El Toro and Nitro from a different row every time, first time in front row on El Toro at 9:59 pm, can't remember the last time I touched a handle bar and now I'm in it for life, so nice to meet you.

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What's up everyone, I'm Gabe and I live in Wisconsin. I make 3-4 trips to Six Flags Great America every summer and 5-6 to Mount Olympus. I live in a bad area for coasters, so I've only ridden 18. My favs are Raging Bull, X-Flight and Griffon.

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What's up? It's been awhile since I've been on these forums, I've kind fallen out of the loop in the Theme Park industry for a few years and I'm ready to get back into it. Some of you(probably none of you) may remember me as rckrazy06, I decided to ditch that childish account that I made when I was 14 and start over with a clean slate. Still in debating stages of joining Club TPR. So yeah, hope to see everyone around!

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Hello all, I'm Ben. I'm 25, and live in St. Paul, Minnesota. The closest worth while park around me is probably Valleyfair (Smaller Cedar fair park). Although I've considered myself an "enthusiast" since I was 10, I've only been on probably 30-40 coasters, which is mostly owed to my not owning a car. I have visited a few other parks (SFMM, SFGA, and Kings Island) albeit before I met the 54" Height requirement for half the coasters. However, there's a 75% chance I'll be able to make it back to Six Flags Great America this summer


I'm also into Urban-exploring, caving, photography, psychology, and I'm currently studying Forensic Science at STP college, plus a thousand more random interests/hobbies which I won't even go into right now, but needless to say, my interests are all over the spectrum.


Anyways, I joined TCP a month or so back although I had been lurking about for some time longer. Thought I'd stop in and make a formal introduction.


See you guys around-Ben

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My favorite parks are:


1. Cedar Point

2. Six Flags Magic Mountain

3. Kings Dominion

4. Kings Island

5. Holiday World and Splashin' Safari



My favorite coasters are:


1. Intimidator 305

2. Millennium Force

3. The Voyage

4. Maverick

5. The Beast

6. Banshee

7. GateKeeper

8. Magnum XL-200

9. The Legend

10. Tatsu

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Hi, I'm Josh.... or Joshua. I usually tell people that either way is fine. I live about forty minutes away from Kentucky Kingdom (near Louisville) and about two hours away from Holiday World and Kings Island. Although I'm still trying to figure out exactly how many coasters I have ridden and how many parks I've been to, I've counted 46 coasters in eight different parks by looking at the fancy spreadsheet I've created. Yes, there's probably more to that count.


As for random facts (skip to the next paragraph if you have no care for these)... I'm an early bird, my favorite Pokemon is Garchomp, I'm addicted to the mobile game Brave Frontier, I still play RCT2 to this day, I wish I had a Wii U so I could play the new Super Smash Bros, I was once a Brony, I will eventually become a master of procrastination, I have yet to visit any parks on the west coast, I will be finishing high school in college, I have a tendency to overthink things, and someone should construct a park dedicated to donkeys.


Anyways, I have lurked on this forum for the past few days and figured I might join the fun. It looks like this forum has a fantastic community and I can't wait to join it.

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Howdy howdy. My name's Travis, as you've probably gathered by now. I've been lurking on this site for years, but finally decided to go ahead and register. A little about me, I'm a 21 year old Political Science/Public Policy double major about to start my 4th of 5 years at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA (5 years because of stupid B.A./B.S. requirements, but that's a different story). I was a ride-op at Kings Dominion for four years (09-12), becoming a supervisor early in 2010. I worked Dominator and Berserker almost exclusively during my first two seasons, then switching to a broader role covering all of the Kidzville section of the park (which includes Dominator) my third and fourth seasons. As far as parks go, I've visited the Disney parks in Orlando, KD, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Carowinds, and Cedar Point. Quite an astonishing list, I know. My number one coaster is, and will always be Dominator, just because it's my baby, followed by I-305, Maverick, Afterburn, and Apollo's Chariot.


Aside from coasters, politics is a huge passion of mine, although I tend not to discuss it online. Not that discourse on political matters isn't worthwhile, because it certainly is, but it is so much more beneficial to all sides of an argument when it takes place in person. I am a very musical person, especially in the very broad "rock" category, with my favorite artists being the Dave Matthews Band, Metallica, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, and Jack Johnson. I also am very passionate about sports, with my favorite teams being Liverpool FC, the New York Jets, St. Louis Cardinals, Vancouver Canucks, Vancouver Whitecaps, and Charlotte Hornets.


I look forward to becoming an active member of these boards. You'll most likely find me in the KD and BGW topics, as well as the RCT sections, and general off-topic things. Happy coasting!



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Hi there, I'm pretty new to the forums. My name's Holly, and I'm from Northwest Indiana. The park I've been to the most is Six Flags Great America, but I've also made some trips to Indiana Beach and last summer I finally made a trip to Cedar Point. I cashier at a grocery store and really hate it, but it pays the bills, and I've been pretty desperate to find a new job. I'm getting married next year and good news: he's a rollercoaster nut, too. If he weren't, it probably wouldn't have worked out this well.


I can't even remember if I've made an intro post or not, but I haven't posted here much and have already encountered a rude member on here. I hope not everyone on the forums are like that. Just because I'm new to the enthusiast world does not give you a free pass to treat me like a blithering idiot. Just thought I'd get that out of the way.

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Hi everyone, my name is CanobieFan. I'm a 14 year old amusement park freak of nature. Haha.


I've been on over 40 coasters throughout the United States. I have been obsessed since my first coaster, the Yankee Cannonball, in 2010.


I love sharing what I know about roller coasters.


I will say this ahead of time: I am a serious Wooden coaster junkie, and I have a strong hatred against neglecting, neutering, or demolishing a woodie no matter how bad it is. Needless to say, RMC isn't my best friend.


My favorite woodie (beside El Toro of course) was Cyclone at SFNE.

My favorite steel is Steel Force at Dorney.


Thanks for reading and I can't wait to post!!!


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Hey everyone! Render8 Here. Just stumbled into these forums while scouting google for RCT2 stuff and seen a lot of active RCT players here which is cool.


A little useless info for anyone who may care. My primary interest has and probably always will be making custom scenery for RCT2. I love making new scenery and sharing with others to kind of help keep the spirit of the game alive. It's just a fun hobby of mine. I'm not your usual theme park going type of person, and really haven't been to any for many many years, so my actual experience in real life parks is pretty low. I just love everything RCT related and glad to see there's still some active communities out there even after all the years have gone by.


Not really much else to post about myself right now, but hopefully I'll be around for a while.

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Hello TPR Peeps!


I've been lurking here for a while after I found this forum while googling wait times at BGE. My family will be in the Williamsburg area starting this Sunday for 5 days. We will be visiting Busch Gardens and Water Country while there. I'm a 30-something coaster nut married to a 30-something coaster NOT. I will be traveling with my step-daughter of 7 who has never been to any kind of amusement or theme park before. Such a cool step mommy, huh? And I will also be bringing my younger sister of 13. She has only been on about two roller coasters so far but I am here to change that!


I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I have really enjoyed reading up on BGE and some other parks I have yet to visit and I hope to talk to you all soon about my trip.

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Hey Fellow TPR friends, I'm GCI Wooden and my home park is Valleyfair. I don't get out to many parks because of my location in Minnesota, but I hope I can get my coaster count up (it's currently 13). I don't like it when threads are completely serious so I try bring a little humor in to the mix, well still trying to be useful in a conversation. I love twisty coasters, but out and backs are fun if they have lots of airtime .


Favorite Coaster: Renegade at Valleyfair

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