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  1. Does it come with a cone of cholesterol-lowering drugs? Good thing Disney doesn't do a lot of thrill rides. Imagine going on the Rockin' Rollercoaster after eating one of THOSE bad boys!
  2. Don't let your kid climb all over the railings in the queuing area. It makes me nervous that they're going to fall and hurt themselves. Don't get on a water ride first thing. You'll be sopping wet and uncomfortable all day. Don't wear shorty-shorts that are so short they could be mistaken for bikini bottoms. You're in a family environment, not a sorority party. If you are in a group and you get on a ride, don't lead all the members in your party into singing a stupid song while on the ride. Last time I was down at Walt Disney World, a big group of teenage girls was singing "Lean On Me" all throughout the ride on Splash Mountain and it got really annoying. If the park has a costumed mascot, don't be a d*ck to it. (Don't kick them in the crotch/knee, don't punch them, etc.)
  3. When was the last time anyone rode on the Roaring Rapids (Raging Rapids...whatever it's called) ride? We went on it last summer and I have to be honest, it's not as roaring/raging as it used to be. And the Looney Tunes figures on the inside of the cavern just look incredibly dated and sad. I wish they'd tweak this ride up a bit.
  4. Agreed! Everyone complains that this park caters too much to the tween/teen "YOLO" crowd, but when they actually do something to bring in the whole family and take a breather year, people still complain. You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't.
  5. Yes it does. Fail on Yahoo's part!!! Fail on the journalist's part for their "excellent reporting skills," more like!
  6. I don't have a problem so much with Mantis getting re-themed as "King James" or whatever LeBron James-theme they want to use. Cedar Fair doesn't really do celebrity tie-ins to their rides, and they've been getting rid of all the movie licensing tie-ins since the end of the Paramount era. At least Cedar Fair parks don't overdo it like Six Flags does. (Still disappointed that the 4D Free Spin at Fiesta Texas is going to be ANOTHER "Batman: The Ride" coaster. It lacks originality.)
  7. I was led to believe this ride was going to be snake-themed. Shows how much I know, heh. I don't know, if they wanted to actually tease it as a Batman-themed ride, they could've had Wayne Enterprises be the one who bought out Motorama, or when they closed Rockville High it could've been due to...oh, mold caused by some poisonous ivy plant, or since Rockville was undergoing an "urban renewal," some of those signs could've been vandalized with "THE JOKER WAS HERE, LOLOLOLOL" but I guess that would've been too obvious.
  8. Possible. But there were all sorts of whispers since June that Colossus was going to get the iron horse treatment. Even news reporters out in Chicago heard about this. It wasn't really a secret anymore. The only thing that was secret was the name, and even that got leaked a day or so before the official announcement was made.
  9. 1993 backwards has nothing to do with a ring of fire. When did he say it had anything to do with a ring of fire? I think his point was that Six Flags came pretty close to saying flat-out that Namtab was coming (via the clues, because obviously 1993 had nothing to do with what's thus far been announced). I would like to experience it but honestly, if it doesn't come, I wouldn't be THAT disappointed. I've read nothing but bad things about it, head banging/whiplash/nausea etc. They did Batman backwards at SF Great America a couple of years ago, and I didn't care for it. An inverted B&M really wasn't meant to go backwards. But who knows? Maybe SF Great Adventure WILL ride it backwards next season, but for a limited time and make an announcement closer to when that happens.
  10. If I honestly had to choose between getting rid of Mantis or Mean Streak, I'd vote for Mantis. Mean Streak I expect to be a rough ride because it's a wooden. (And I honestly didn't have a bad experience on Mean Streak when I rode it last year. Maybe it's just me.) Mantis, though...CP could do without it.
  11. Mantis at Cedar Point. It banged my head around a lot and rode rough. Plus, the smell coming off of the little pond it's located near was awful and contributed to the terrible ride experience. Did not care for Mantis at all. (And yes, I rode Mean Streak as well, and could actually tolerate that a lot better than Mantis.)
  12. I thought some people were talking about a dual loading station like Kingda Ka or Manta? And that could be the trick question. Yes it might have a station like Tatsu or KK! It would make loading and dispatching for this beast better. Most people here are talking about waiting in line for 2 different rides like the old Colossus. For now the speculation will continue, till we see the station and track work. Exactly. All we've seen so far is video of the coaster itself. We haven't seen anything about the loading station, so quit jumping to conclusions that you're going to be able to ride both tracks in one ride until we see how the loading station is set up.
  13. Someone a little more knowledgeable about this please settle this. Does it look like you get to ride both sides at the same time, or go through the ride twice on the same ride? Or is this two separate rides? (Where you have to get off the blue side if you want to ride the green side?) And is this two tracks or one?
  14. I noticed that as well. The only reason I see for it is because the original Colossus was such an iconic coaster and full of nostalgia that the music they used for Twisted Colossus had to be more lighthearted to encourage not just us coaster junkies to ride it but bring in a new crowd who will WANT to ride it.
  15. OH YEAH, EW. People have been doing that for ages on the rocks on the Demon at SF Great America and IT. IS. GROSS.
  16. We were behind some frat boys in line on Goliath this year, and I swear one of them let off a silent-but-deadly fart. And it was BAD. It hit maybe a 15-foot radius.
  17. --People who feel the need to bring huge, heavy luggage and tote it around with them at all times. I got my sandaled-foot ran over a couple of summers ago by some woman who decided to bring a giant rolling suitcase nearly as big as I am (and I'm 5'2") to SF Great America. Just bring the freaking bare essentials!!!! --Rude kids who are old enough to know better. Especially when they jump in front of you to wash their hands in the restroom and then take their sweet time using the air dryers to dry them off. --When you go on a water ride and you look into the water and see just how many expired student IDs or season passes are discarded in the water. Just, wow. You couldn't have chucked that into an actual trash can?
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