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Hi, I'm gratteciel and I have loved coasters for 12 years now. I was actually a big chicken when I was little, but around 12, I learned to love them. I've yet to find one that can scare me away - I have a personal rule against chickening out.


Choosing a favorite is hard - I rode X at Six Flags Magic Mountain years ago (before it was X2) so that's a contender. I also like Desperado at Buffalo Bill's, The New Texas Giant at SFOT, Mr. Freeze at SFOT, Titan/Goliath, Riddler's Revenge at Magic Mountain...the list goes on. Have a feeling Kingda Ka would take the cake if I ever had the chance to ride, though.


I've been following TPR for a while, so I'm excited to join the forums. Look forward to meeting everyone.

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Hi, my name is Kathleen.


I joined this site yesterday. So I'm still figuring it out. But there are a few things that make me different from other enthusiasts. To start, I've only ridden 36 coasters in my life, including defunct and kid coasters. So obviously I've only been to a few parks including fairs. However, I've known quite a bit about coaster since I was a child. Everything from how they run to who manufactures them.


My favorite company is Bolliger and Mabilard. I have a tie between Maverick at Cedar Point and the Incredible hulk at Islands of Adventure as my favorite coasters.


I love going upside down as well. And coming out of my seat. I actually find them both equally thrilling so you'll notice that most of my favorite coasters go upside down. For me, it's hard to come out with a top 10, especially because most of them would only be at one park (Cedar Point) simply because I haven't been to very many theme parks at all.


Also, I'm not a fan of extreme positive G's on helices or overbanked turns, but I love them on inversions! Not a fan of blackouts though. Another thing, I do not like vertical lift hills, like Hollywood rip ride rockit. I do like vertical drops though. Fire effects are fine as long as they don't go above my head like Revenge of the mummy.


But here is the thing people find the most interesting about me. I am not bothered by rough coasters usually. Mainly if they just have a lap bar. Even some with OSTR's don't bother me because I'm so tall unless the restraint pushes hard on my shoulders like Corkscrew at CP. In fact, for any of you that know what a B&M rattle is, I actually kind of enjoy it. Makes rides seem more intense to me if a coaster rattles a bit.


So my tastes are different from most coaster enthusiasts. I seem more like the general public. But I know lots of coaster stuff. But would you call me a coaster enthusiast even though I only consider myself one because of what I know about coasters and I love them so much?


Well, I'll probably post more on some of these topics. Feel free to ask questions, give tips, and suggest rides I might like.

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Hello fellow coaster enthusiasts. I'm a 14 year old that has been coming to this forum often, but just became a user and started contributing yesterday


My credit count is 37, I have most of these credits thanks to the fact that I live near Knotts, Disney, And Magic Mountain.


My favorite roller coaster is, get this, Ghost Rider in the very back row. Now before you all riot let me explain. California has very few airtime power houses, that seems to be the opinion in this forum. I've only had a few chances to go to parks outside of California. And Ghost Rider, until I can raise my coaster count and get on El Toro, Maverick, ect, has been the most bat s*** crazy, scared to let go ride I have ever been on. Ghost rider gives you bruises of love.


When I want something, I will work very hard to get it. This is summed up In two instances. I once sold candy at my school to raise 150 dollars to buy me and my friend a season pass to six flags. And another time I rode my bike 30 miles so I could go to Knotts for a couple of hours (I did this twice).


So now you know all about me! So horray to the one person who might read this

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Hi, I'm Kathleen. I'm probably one of the few females on here.


I wanna say I'm very different from other coaster enthusiasts. I have not been to very many parks at all, thus why my coaster count is only 36 including defunct and children's coasters. However, I do know quite a bit about coaster stuff though, like who makes them and how they operate. I even know about lots of coasters I haven't ridden.


Favorite amusement park, Cedar Point.


Favorite manufacturer, Bolliger and Mabilard.


Favorite coaster, Tie between Maverick, and the incredible hulk.


Favorite element, Vertical loop.


Least favorite element, I'm not really a fan of helices or overhauled turns that pull a whole bunch of G's and make you black out.I like G's on inversions though. I'm not too crazy about fire effects either.


I love going upside down! And coming out of my seat.


Well, I'll probably post more about my coaster likings in other forms on my profile. Any ride suggestions, tips, questions are always welcome!

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Hola! This is ThemeParkJunkie51290! Glad to meet everyone!


I'm 24. I work as an Optician, and I LOVE THEME PARKS! My first theme park was Disney's Magic Kingdom, and I fell in love with theme parks ever since!


I've been all over the US visiting new theme parks I haven't been to before! I only visit a theme park ONCE! The reason I visit once is because I want each visit to be somewhere new. So far my theme park count is 23, and still counting!


I fear no roller coaster! I fear no huge rides! I fear nothing at all except LONG LINES! That's why when I travel I always invest in some type of flash pass, fast lane, or whatever to get on rides quickly! I'm patient as well, and I'll wait if I have to, but if I'm able to afford it, I WILL BUY IT!


I'm glad to see other Theme Park Junkies besides myself!

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Hello TPR members! I've finally decided to make an account on TPR after years of browsing the forums.


My home park is wonderful Adventureland in Farmingdale, New York, and I try to visit Six Flags Great Adventure at least once a year. I have been to parks all over the East Coast, and Knoebels takes the cake as my favorite.


Can't wait to get more involved on Theme Park Review!

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Hey everyone, Huge theme park fan here. Long time visitor to this site, and finally registered.


Originally from South Carolina, my first park was Busch Gardens Williamsburg, where I rode my first coaster, the Big Bad Wolf.

Currently Military, formely stationed in Mass, Florida, and now Texas. I've been to a few Six Flags parks, but my true love is Orlando (WDW and UO). We'd go at least 3-4 times a year. To those who have not been down there, you owe it to yourselves to visit. We're already planning our next trip (Jan 2015)


Favorite Coaster: Hulk, Universal Orlando

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Hey guys, Graham here.

I've been a coaster fan for a while and have been on SSCoasters for over a year, but I'm new here.


I'm from Washington so I don't have a good local park, but over the past year I've been to SFMM and SFGAdv, my favorite coaster is El Toro, which just tops Full Throttle.


I'm also a biker, skier, and Knex coaster maker.

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Hello! I'm English, isn't that a surprise? By the way, I am a huge coaster enthusiast and my first theme park was with my first log flume. My first looping coaster was on my 10th birthday and my first woodie was at Blackpool. My first inverted coaster was on a French trip when I was 12. I have a biiiiiiig history with coasters and my favourite in my country was Wipeout, a Vekoma (?) Boomerang coaster. I was only 11 or 12 then and I took the back seat. Ouch. I think I won't have that problem now. Anyway, hi!

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Hi, Thijmen here,

I'm from Holland (or The Netherlands, whatever you like...)

I started getting into Rollercoasters/Themeparks when I was about 9 (I think)

Right now I'm 15, it has become such a huge part of my life that i am even building my own backyard rollercoaster.

Very first Rollercoaster: Big Thunder Mountain in Disneyland Paris , apparently, I did not like it, maybe because I was 3 or 4 years old.


-Tokyo disney (-Sea and -land)

-Orlando (WDW, US, IOA, SW, etc.)

-Scandi-trip (couldn't go for the 2014-trip)



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Hi guys!


As you can probably see, I'm new here and I'm so excited to be here, finally! I found TPR on YouTube and thought they were funny and I love rollercoasters (of course), but I was too lazy to register here until now. But I'm glad to be here!

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Hi my name is Uriel and I became interested in roller coaster since I was 4 so when I got Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 but now I'm 13.

I live in Montreal city in Quebec, Canada but I was born in Mexico so I speak Spanish, French and English.

My homepark is La Ronde and there's 7 coasters there but I've been in only 10 different coasters in my live

But besides coasters I'm also interested in Apple like every time there's a new Apple keynote I always watch it live and that's one of the reasons why my friends think I'm crazy.

Another reason why my friends think I'm crazy is because I always watch TPR videos at school instead of playing games on my iPod like them because I'm not really into video games.

I've been browsing the TPR forums for a couple of month now and I watched my first TPR video when I was 10 so in 2011 I think which was the video about Formula Rosa and now I'm so happy to have created my account and in fact I rote my first comment today in the Six Flags Magic Mountain thread.

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Well, I'm just sitting here browsing the forums, and realized I never did this. So hi, I'm Nicole! I'm 16 and my home park is Valleyfair! I love performing, I'm in band, theatre, choir, showchoir... Just about everything! I found this website from a friend, and I'm glad I did! I've been a member since sometime over the summer, but recently have started posting more. Oh yeah, I have a Twitter (same user as here) and I have a blog about my home park. Soooo i love taking pictures at Valleyfair, and yeah! I don't know what else to say besides I'm really awkward, so I'll end it here! If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me.

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I'm Fabio from Italy. My first park was Greenland, which is now in decay just a kilometer from my house.

I visit Gardaland every year but this here I was able to do a good tour: I visited Movieland, Disneyland Paris, Europa-Park, Cinecittà World and Rainbow MagicLand.


By now my favourite coasters are Raptor and Silver Star.

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Hello TPR members! My name is Jeroen, 26 years old and I live in the Netherlands. Great site/forum! Too bad I haven't discovered it until just a few weeks ago.


The last 5 years I've become quite a theme park fan and this year I broke my record with 6 parks in one year. I don't really have a local park, though I have plenty of good parks within a daytripreach like Walibi Netherlands, Efteling, Walibi Belgium and Phantasialand. My favourite parks currently are Europapark and Alton Towers.


Visited parks so far:


Netherlands: Walibi NL, Efteling, Duinrell plus a couple of small ones when I was a kid

Belgium: Walibi BE, Bobbejaanland

UK: Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Alton Towers, Drayton Manor

France: Disneyland

Germany: Movieworld, Phantasialand, Heidepark, Europapark

Italy: Mirabilandia


High on my wishlist for europe: Liseberg, Thorpe Park and Port Aventura

High on my wishlist for the US: SF Magic Mountain, SF Great Adventure and Cedar Point


I haven't visited the US yet unfortunately, but I'm planning a big tour to the US for autumn 2015. I hope to experience some great thrills then!

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Hello everyone, I'm Aaron Wilson, I don't think you need to know what country I live in . I'm 13 years old. My first coaster was some weird demented rusty Wacky Worm at a county fair. I have it bad because there is no theme parks in Ireland, so I don't have a lot of credits, so I'm forced to credit whore, ALOT. Anyways, My favourite coaster is The Incredible Hulk at IOA.

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I'm Heather and I'm currently an engineering student looking to become a roller coaster designer. I am in a few engineering societies and I'm looking to be a part of the engineering honors society when I am an upperclassman. I have been designing coasters with RCT3 since I was 7 and I am looking forward to finally looking No Limits at a club at my university. I enjoy math, science, music, and having a good time.


Looking forward to meeting people. Have a good day.

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Hello everyone! I now exist. I may or may not have existed before this post, but now I "Officially" exist.


Things about me.

Kings Island is my home park.

My favorite rides and coasters there are Banshee and Drop Tower.

My favorite coaster I have ever ridden is Top Thrill Dragster.

My favorite coaster that i have not ridden is either Full Throttle or X2.

My least favorite coaster that i have ridden is either Mantis or Flight of Fear.

My least favorite coaster that i have not ridden is probably one of those really tall weird layout Chinese knock off SLC's.


This is starting to sound like some sort of online dating thing for coaster enthusiasts.


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Oh hi there.


I'm George Donovan, or DonGeorge on Theme Park Review. Here's some stuff about me. I have been an enthusiast for 6 years, and have decided to finally get a TPR account. I was born on May 20, 2000, the same day Mega Zeph opened. My home park is California's Great America. Yes, yes, laugh. I live in the delectably sleazy city of Oakland, California. My favorite coaster is Top Thrill Dragster. My favorite wooden coaster is Tremors at Silverwood. My least favorite coaster is Kong at Discovery Kingdom. My favorite flats are Maxair and any Intamin 2nd Gen Tower. While I love video games, my main hobby is roller coasters. My house is 5 minutes from a roller coaster (Tiger Express @ Oakland Zoo), and 2 minutes from my high school. My favorite TV shows are The Simpsons and Mystery Science Theater 3000. This concludes my intro.

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Hi guys,


I'm Robin, 22 years old, living in the Netherlands nearby the Efteling. I'm also an member on Themepark.nl and I came by to see what's your opinion about the new Efteling Dive Coaster (Baron 1898). I'm studying medicine and I have my own photography company (it's called 'RobinKFotografie').

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Um, so, hi.

My name is Kiera, which is a name that is as misspelled as it is mispronounced. I'm 14 and I'm most likely not as coaster-informed as the rest of you. I joined this website because my friend wanted me to, and it seemed pretty awesome.

I might engage in conversations, who knows?

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