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hi! im new to this forum, and im really excited to get to know you awesome rollercoaster enthusiasts! my local park is valleyfair ( 23+ visits last summer). my favorite ride is x flight at six flags great america (i know its not much im starting this awesome hobby). anyways i have a questing, how do i know if you have replied to this message, does the site email me? thank you in advance. another random thing is i own a 5 foot ball python, and a russian tortoise ( reptiles is another one of my hobbies) and if i make any mistakes please correct me and i will try my best not be stupid (because i really like this forum so far) im hoping to travel with you guys when im older and let me tell you i cant wait! im so glad to be a part of the theme park review family

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Hi my name is Daniel. Despite Kings Island being my home park (16 visits last season), I REALLY REALLY love Intamin, and will do anything to defend them as being the superior coaster manufacturer, but I'll try not to be TOO obnoxious about it( ), as I do they know their flaws and their frequent shortcomings when it comes safety and reliability. But other than that, I look forward to going to some of the events and meeting some of you guys...


Parks I have been to:


Kings Island

Cedar Point


Disney's California Adventure

Stricker's Grove

Coney Island

Holiday World


Six Flags Great Adventure


Top Ten Steel Coasters:


1. Maverick

2. Nitro

3. Top Thrill Dragster

4. Millennium Force

5. Diamondback

6. Storm Runner

7. California Screamin'

8. Fahrenheit

9. Space Mountain

10. Flight of Fear


Top Ten Wood Coasters:


1. El Toro

2. Voyage

3. The Beast

4. Lightning Racer

5. Legend

6. Tornado

7. Raven

8. Racer

9. Mean Streak

10. Comet


Top Three Flat Rides:


1. Drop Tower

2. SkyHawk

3. Delirium


Also, uhhh, GO RED SOX!!!

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Hey everyone, my name is James. I'm a teenager from Ocala, FL who loves Theme Parks, heavy metal music, and Halloween Horror Nights. I have an HHN Orlando Updating channel and I go by my username, AdmiralHHN. Check me out sometime. I really don't have a favorite type of coaster. Out of all the coasters I've been on Rock 'N' Roller Coaster has got to be my favorite. I just love the story of that ride and I love the actual ride itself. I'm a big Universal fan but Disney is where it's at for me. I basically grew up there. My parents would always take me when I was younger. We are probably going to go in May and I'm so excited because I haven't been since 2012. That's really all I have to say.

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Hi all. My name is Michel but easily pronounced as Michael in English and known online as Solique for more then 15 years now.

I thought I already had an account but are unable to trace it down so created a new one.


Living in The Netherlands between the major cities so am able to get to the known parks in about an hour.

Visited some parks across the borders and always willing to visit more.


Working as an IT tech for the last 6 years across Europe for various companies. Currently in Amsterdam.

Hobbies are Coasters/Parks and all involved, NoLimits, Gaming, Fitness, Movies, GFX creation, Music and going out with friends.


Will roam across the forums from now on

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as of a few weeks ago, my compainan ben and i have joined this 'exclusive' club to share our love of roller coasters together as the best friends we are and on his behalf and mine... LMGOM I WANTED TO BE A MEMBER OF TPR FOR LIKE EVER OMG IM SO EXCITED! -cough- well then thats out of the way.. cant wait for the season! best. summer. EVER

with love;


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as of a few weeks ago, my compainan ben and i have joined this 'exclusive' club to share our love of roller coasters together as the best friends we are and on his behalf and mine... LMGOM I WANTED TO BE A MEMBER OF TPR FOR LIKE EVER OMG IM SO EXCITED! -cough- well then thats out of the way.. cant wait for the season! best. summer. EVER

with love;


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Hi, I'm Matt! I guess I'm not technically "new", but I'm pretty far removed from what's really going on now lol. I was about 13 when I first came here, took a break about mid-high school. Now I'm 22, just finished college, and gainfully employed. Remembered this website randomly and decided to see what was going on now. Really cool to see a LOT of the same people around! Albeit much older lol.


But now that this stuff is feasible for me now, thought I'd get myself caught up to what's going on in the amusement industry! See you around, hopefully lol.

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Hello there and Greetings from India. I'm a theme park and rollercoaster enthusiast from India. Love the TPR for its coaster videos. India's theme park industry is very new and hope it becomes bigger in the decade ahead.


See you all around and we'll try to regularly update about Indian parks.

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I have been a member here for a few years just lurking, reading and googly eyeing the pictures. I figured I would step out of the shadows and give my 2cents here and there now.

I live in south MS and my home park is theoretically Dixie Landin/Blue Bayou or SFNO(Jazzland in 2015). My favorite park is a toss up between Dollywood or BGT. Favorite Steel coaster is probably Montu and wooden is a toss-up between Rattler SFFT (before they killed the first drop) or Thunderhead @DW.

I haven't been to too many parks recently with the birth of my daughter in 2011. But she is getting to the stage where she likes the rides and am looking forward to visiting some smaller family parks this summer/fall.

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Hey every one!


I'm Taran Hook from Wildwood, NJ. I've been interested in theme parks since I was a little kid and hit a good deal of parks on the East Coaster on a regular basis as well as expanding my horizons to new parks. When I'm not riding (or waiting in line) I also do roller coaster and theme park photography and some of my work has been used by Six Flags Great Adventure and Morey's Piers. I figured it was about time I found a roller coaster community to join and after trying a few others that didn't turn out so well, I have some high hopes about TPR, so looking forward to meeting some new and awesome people.

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I've been on here for a few months but haven't really introduced myself. I don't want give away anything too personal, but I live in Minnesota, and my home park is Valleyfair. My favorite roller coaster is X-Flight at Six Flags Great America. You're probably surprised at my favorite coaster pick, but a) I haven't been to too many amusement parks, and b) I seem to like wing coasters more than most enthusiasts seem to. So far, I haven't been on any coasters that enthusiasts seem to worship (Millennium Force, Intimidator 305, X2, El Toro, etc.), but I still enjoy roller coasters just as much as the rest of you. My favorite roller coaster sensation is strong positive G's, but ejector airtime is in a close second. My favorite roller coaster inversion is the pretzel loop, obviously because I love positive G's. My favorite manufacturer is Intamin. My credit count is about 30 right now, but I expect that to grow in the near future. Aside from roller coasters, I play the trumpet, love watching movies/TV, and am a weather enthusiast. Thanks, bye.

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Hello! I'm ICubby. I've been a lurker for years, finally joined.


I'm from around Knoxville, TN, and I'm a Dollywoodaholic. I don't mind admitting it. Lol. I used to work there years ago, but left for other, sadder, things. I've been on about 300 roller coasters.

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Hello everyone

my name is Simon

I`m from Germany and I live in Brühl (3.5 kilometers away from the Phantasialand).

I`m a big fan of TPR.

In around three weeks I will be at Europapark and I`m very excited about that.

I have shoot the first pictures of the Chiapas(Phantasialand) boots and I will film Chiapas in two days with my Gopro 3.

I look forward for a great time at TPR.


My youtube channel is:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCou2v2k5wdPoptppAdRPgNg

And my Facebookpage (German) is :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rollercoaster1137/629967867071186?ref=hl

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Hello there!

My name is Rose, and I have recently joined a few fourms to which I can show off some of my RCT2 & RCT3 stuff. Previously I had been just showing a picture on reddit or so.


A bit about me! I'm 18, and will be 19 at the end of the month. I live in the east coast of the US. My hobbys include writing, role playing, playing sandbox games, League of Legends, acting and creating costumes and props. I'm openly pansexual as well as some form of transgender (a wee bit complicated) However, I do like being referred to as the feminine pronouns and as Rose! Now, I think I'm going to lurk a bit, and eventually post some creations of mine in the section of the site where I can show off creations!


So yup, hello there TPR!

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