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  1. The Zipper is so fun! It's always a fun experience when I bring a friend who hasn't ridden it before, haha.
  2. The same thing happened to me! I rode Volcano prior to that and I think I may have blacked out on the launch for a second or two.
  3. Shockwave at Kings Dominion. I thought my spine was going to snap going over those hills. Even if it wasn't a stand-up I feel it would still be too rough. All around just a bad coaster.
  4. Probably Canobie Lake Park since it's so close. I've probably been there 15+ times. I think it gets old for me really fast now though, seeing as I want to ride bigger rides these days. I really wish I lived near Kings Dominion. I'd go there so often, the coasters are fantastic. I went there on a wind ensemble trip this past spring and I loved it. I wish I got ride everything.
  5. Probably Shockwave at Kings Dominion. Most uncomfortable, boring coaster I have been on. It's very rough and has such a short ride time. I feel KD could replace it with a nice flat ride.
  6. I have been to Massachusetts (live here), New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, DC, Virginia, Maryland, and Rhode Island. I've been to amusement parks in MA, NH and Virginia
  7. This is me paying close attention to my professor in Writing
  8. I have heard that Green Day are going on tour in 2015 - can anyone confirm?
  9. Hi I'm Heather and I'm currently an engineering student looking to become a roller coaster designer. I am in a few engineering societies and I'm looking to be a part of the engineering honors society when I am an upperclassman. I have been designing coasters with RCT3 since I was 7 and I am looking forward to finally looking No Limits at a club at my university. I enjoy math, science, music, and having a good time. Looking forward to meeting people. Have a good day.
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