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So uh well, I joined here back in September and made like one post, and now I'm going to start posting regularly, so I guess I need to say howdy here for the purpose of saying howdy. Or something.


From Alabama, The Great Land of Tornadoes, Humidity, and Exactly One CoasterTM, I play RCT and RCT2 like the world's gonna end, and in real life I'm a bit of a coaster fan as well. 'A bit' may not cover it, as I am quite obsessed with them, even though I have only been on 'real' coasters at three parks (Waterville USA, Six Flags over Georgia, and Dollywood) and am thus horribly behind everyone else on total # of coasters ridden. 13, to be exact; 15 if you include a couple of kiddie coasters, one in the former Visionland and one in the Gulf Shores park, now SBNO and defunct respectively. But hey, we were always a bit financially unfortunate growing up, and I was too young or short or timid when I was a small thing to go on rides when we DID go until I got older (A couple months ago we went to SFOG and Dollywood for the first time in 8 years and more than 12 years respectively; before those trips my coaster count stood at four, lolz). And at 21 I'm sure to be making enough money soon enough to branch out and go ride the rails of great coasters all over the world. Or maybe just the country for now, travel is expensive at the moment.


Besides coasters, amusement parks and their offerings, and learning of the history and mechanics of said rides and parks, hobbies include obsessively studying meteorology (and being a NWS trained spotter many times over), obsessively staring at tall/giant/record trees past and present (and reading about those that happen to be located elsewhere), obsessively collecting coins, obsessively listening to music, obsessively writing lyrics and poetry, obsessively photographing everything, and generally being obsessive. Obsessively.


Pleased to meet y'all. Now help me lift these boards so I can start adding running rails so I can build a coaster in my back yard. My budget is $76.83, so let's go from there.

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I live in a state that is underground.


(Am a talker)


The juicy details of my newbie coaster self....started riding in 1996 in Okla City's Frontier City park...again small rides...when I was 27 or so. Had a sever fear of both falling and heights. These days if I can make it past the first drop the rest is cheese cake. Ok so I went on the 2 that were there. In 1997 I went to SFOT and rode the 'first big coaster' Shockwave. Got kinda sick by looking sideways during the second loop. After that, I moved back to AZ and since we don't have anything here, had to go to Vegas. Rode all 4 of them (at the time did ride High Roller).


So currently my total parks are: Frontier City (OK); SFOT, Vegas - if you can call it a park; and the goofy golf in Phoenix. Some resume huh?


Going to attempt to see if I can get the Indians (native americans) to put a park on their land. They already have a very large casino, resort hotel and golf course. Why not a park? See what I can do....then you will be coming to see me!


Well anyway......I am who I am, nothing more nothing less. Ask me questions you will get answers (if I have them).


Edit: After being associated with older people for the past 4-6 years, I am looking forward to getting back into the "younger" crowd. It would be nice to know someone that was either my age or in their late 30s. Anyone???

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Hello, I am Derek from Colorado. I discover this forum searching for amusement park enthusiasts. I like the carnival type rides, designed to be trucked and setup. I like seeing the mechanics of them, and the engineering to produce them. I design my own amusement park rides with Lego that I hope to share with you. Thanks for having me.

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Hello, my name is Tilen, and I'm from Slovenia. I'll be 16 in 2 months, and I really like to travel, but I hadn't had any 'just' coaster trips. I also have a pet kitten, that is 3 months old now, but hadn't been named yet (any suggestions, maybe?). So, thats me

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Hey there, I'm Toby. I'm from Pennsylvania.

I've been messing around in roller coaster forums since I was 13 (I'm 18 now), and I finally got around to joining this one.

I mostly make my serious projects in NoLimits, but I do play around in RCT2 and RCT3P from time to time.

I'll try to be active here. c:

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Hello everyone, I'm from Naples Florida but I live in Kingsland Georgia at the moment. Planning to move to Orlando Florida in a few months!

I have been around for a little while mostly known for my Rollercoastertycoon3 creations, but I am well beyond that game at this point. If anything I design using Nolimits from time to time. My goal is to eventually have tons of videos on my Youtube attending media events in Orlando. Feel free to friend/message me if you'd like. Just as long as your mature.

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HI all! I'm Michael, 27, from Southern New Jersey. I'm a financial investigator for TD Bank (anti-money laundering, anti--terrorist financing, fraud, etc). I'm also a musician in a rock band, James Arlowe & the Ruffian Circus. We have a full-length album out, Insignificant Fire, that can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and most other online music sites. I'm BIG into coasters and amusement parks. I look forward to making plenty of friends here on Theme Park Review!

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Hey everybody,

I'm victor, and live in north jersey. I have been to an east coast bash and leviathan bash. Going to dollywood on Saturday if all goes well, anyone else going to be the area? Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving and 2013 is a great year for riding new awesome attractions.


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