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  1. Soooo what are crowds like in say... early April, assuming it opens up that early? Realized I'm going to be half an hour away in Burlingame for an event and highly thinking about making a day trip. I can't find the 2020 hours; typically weekend only that time of year or open most of the week?
  2. Had the GC really become that painful in the last few years? I last rode it in 2013 and it wasn't as bad as I had expected. It used to be one of my favorite coasters despite a light degree of hip bruising every time. I should've suspected that they meant another RMC conversion instead of complete removal when I heard the closing announcement, but it didn't cross my mind, heh. I like the old Georgia Cyclone but I'm eager to get to the park in the next couple years and ride its descendant. Then again, I also need to get to Dollywood to catch Lightning Rod now that it's actually open... so very c
  3. A really good friend of mine from outside the enthusiast community worked at Knott's for several years, and if I'm recalling our conversations correctly was a ride op on Montezooma's Revenge for a good while. His stories of less-than-brilliant GP questions, amusing things the ops did to mess with particularly ornery GP, and entertaining observations during the park's Halloween festivities have the group in stitches when I happen to be in California or at an event he's also attending. I know people are at amusement parks to have a fun time and generally aren't super knowledgeable about every pa
  4. I'll be sure to grab plenty of photos of everything, as we'll be there for two days and I'm quick with the 'ol camera
  5. I sleep above the covers and sweat at night even during winter, yet find it hard to stay out when it's much below like 50 or 55. I've got like a ten degree comfortable temperature tolerance range. MISERY, I SAY!
  6. Well, tomorrow's the day. Should get there at or before opening Saturday and Sunday, myself and the other four folks heading out on our little Opening Weekend adventure. Weather is supposed to be unseasonably warm and mostly sunny both days, so I imagine there will be hordes of people, but getting a season pass should offset this by being able to head back several times during quieter parts of the year, ahaha. Given that few trees have begun to leaf out yet, it'll probably be rather warm in the direct sun, though it's supposed to be pretty breezy... sweatiness ahoy!
  7. I never got to check out Adventure Mountain. It's a shame because it seemed to fit in very well with that section of the park, but Dollywood is absolutely top-tier when it comes to park design and maintenance, so I trust that their decisions are good ones. Can't wait to head back to the park this year, IF our plans to do so hold up.
  8. Okay, I know this has probably been asked numerous times in this thread, and I hate to ask it again, but I figured I'd ask around to see what the current opinion is amongst those who frequent this glorious park more than I. Though, I shouldn't be so absent in the park considering its proximity - we Alabamians consider SFOG our home park since Alabama Adventures decided to shoot itself in the foot, but prior to my last visit last August, I hadn't been since 2004. Sad panda is sad. However, now that I'm 22 and employed and have money (well, a little) I can change that easily! Alas, I digress
  9. I have been on exactly one wooden coaster under 75 feet tall, and it's not exactly the most well-known coaster on earth. Cannonball Run in Waterville USA, Gulf Shores, AL. It's a nice little 1995 CCI out-and-backer standing 65 feet high. It's less than 2,000' long and a ride generally consists of two circuits. While not a particularly intense coaster, it's pretty fun, and is extremely picturesque against the sand and palm trees. Haven't been on it since Hurricane Ivan did a serious number on the park in '04 but it has been lovingly restored and still operates, though the park itself isn't
  10. A few years ago, I'd have been talking about Alabama Adventures as my home park, but... now since it's a coasterless waterpark only (a water park I haven't been to in aeons) I do suppose SFOG takes this honour, despite being a state away. Ah well. Goliath's awesomeness cannot be overstated.
  11. As I am limited by finances and not owning a car, I really only dream of visiting new parks, unless the family pulls together the cash on vacation. Our trips to SFOG and Dollywood this year mark the first time I've been to an amusement park since 2004! That said, a return trip to SFOG (pretty much our home park at this point haha) is almost guaranteed - I will hitchhike if necessary - and Dollywood is already planned for the fall. I also hope to visit Lake Winnie for the first time in aeons, and if we are very very lucky indeed, Carowinds is a possibility. Should the vacation - if we get
  12. If there was a "Free Million Dollars to All Patrons" attraction, yes. Otherwise, five hours is just not worth it. Unless I lived next door to the park and had a season pass, in which case it would still be ridiculous but slightly more doable.
  13. The photo hardly even looks real. It's glorious! If Cedar Point were closer or I had money, you can bet I'd be storming the gates the second GateKeeper opens next year.
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