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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Gwazi Tiger at BGT... last Thurs (5/20) and am STILL banged up by it... Didn't help that we sat in the next to last row KNOWING that the front is a more comfortable ride (only marginally so)... I'll never fully learn and just keep enduring the punishment I guess... unless BGT decides to actually upgrade to those millenium flyers which teased us several months ago... Gwazi deseves the new trains... I hope that will come sometime in the future (maybe after all the other projects currently in the works... fingers crossed...)

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The last coaster I ride was the travelling coaster Xenox at the fair "Freiburger Frühjahrsmesse 2010"


Here I made a video of this coaster:


Woah, that is one weird coaster. It looks like a roller skater with an inversion.

The last coaster I rode was last train of the day on Whizzer at SFGAM.

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Matterhorn Fantasyland Side last night. We were toward the end of the line and some random woman with a handicap boarding pass was awesome and allowed me and two friends to go through the exit with her. We dont know why you let us do that, but if for some reason you read this site you're AWESOME!

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