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  1. I'd like to go to SeaWorld and Busch Gardens in December (only have the last 2 weeks to choose from)...I'd of course like to go when it's the least crowded though I'm well aware that it's a peak time of year to go. I found an Orlando crowd calendar and it seems like the week before Christmas is a bit less crowded than the week after - does anyone who go there frequently agree with that? Also, this trip was originally intended to ride the new coasters but now I think I'd also like to see the shows. Would 1 day at SeaWorld and 2 days at Busch Gardens be enough, or should I add a day to SeaWorld (they seem to have more added shows for Christmas)? I don't want to feel rushed. Sooo I guess my 2 questions are: When is it better to go...the week before or after Christmas? And will 1 day at SeaWorld and 2 at Busch Gardens be enough? I've never been to Busch Gardens before, but I had been to SeaWorld years ago. Thanks!
  2. 27 foreign workers fired from Carowinds (for underage drinking). http://abc11.com/news/carowinds-employees-getting-kicked-out-of-country/1456725/
  3. 1 - I'm not sure, but I can't imagine that they sell out several days in advance, so you can probably wait to see what the weather is like and then decide at that point. I agree that Saturdays are the busiest time of the week of course, but most of the top coasters have a high capacity so the lines tend to move quickly (except for Nighthawk). If you decide on Fast Lane, go with the Plus since that one includes the rides that would have the longest wait anyway. 2 - The Fast Lane is its own lane that leads right into the station (it doesn't merge with the regular lane prior to the loading area) for the newer rides (Intimidator, Fury, Windseeker). I'm not sure about the older coasters (you may go through the exit for some? Either way, you basically avoid the regular line). About the pre-assigned rows - They almost always assign rows on Fury, Intimidator, Nighthawk, Afterburn, and some of the other coasters. Rarely have I been able to pick my own row on those coasters, though it sometimes happens, but you'll most likely be assigned a seat especially if it's busy. 3 - Again, I'd go for the Fast Lane Plus...it's only $15 more, and if you're willing to pay that much for a Fast Lane, then you can probably afford to bump it up. From my experience, the longest (and slowest moving) lines are Boo Blasters and Nighthawk, but those are on the Fast Lane Plus. I don't go on water rides, so no comment on any of those lines. 4 - You usually cannot pick your seat on most of the coasters. I'm more of a front row person b/c I like the view, but back row gives you a bit more punch.
  4. http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/43820418-story http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/02/business/media/lionsgate-seeks-to-build-on-its-library-of-film-properties-with-theme-parks.html?_r=0
  5. Hi - I have the chance to go to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for the first time next week (Monday and Tuesday, possibly more days) - I see that it's supposed to be in the mid to upper 90's next week. Are the ride queues shaded? I am wondering if it's too hot to go, or maybe it will be a good time to go as it'll be hot and during the week so perhaps families will go to the waterpark instead? I'm from the south, so if it's shady then I can probably handle it. Thanks!
  6. I went on Friday the 26th - I assumed it would be really crowded since it was a Friday night and the day after a Holiday (assumed people have off from work/school). The park wasn't as crowded as I had thought. DDD was running 4 trains, Scorcher 2 (I believe), Mine Train 2, Goliath 1, Acrophobia was closed, and I think Superman was open but I did not go back there to check it out. I was disappointed with Goliath running 1 train, but the LONGEST the line was was about 3/4 way through the first set of switchbacks out of the station (and that was between 4-7pm...before and after that the line didn't back into the switchbacks, even with 1 train operation). You're probably safe next week since I imagine people are back at work during the week except for maybe New Year's. None of the lines seemed bad at all, especially for a Friday.
  7. I'm planning on going to Dollywood and the Smoky Mountains for the first time this weekend...the weather forecast looks good and I figured it's better to go now rather than the summer. Will Dollywood be crowded around this time of year? I will most likely leave home on Thursday morning and return Monday night (It's about a 6-7 hour trip)...I know that Dollywood has the "come after 3PM and return free the next day" offer, and was thinking of either doing that the day I get there (Thurs), then return to the park Friday afternoon, or maybe just go to the park on Sunday (and hoping it's not crowded). If anyone local has an idea of the crowds at the park, I'd appreciate your input.
  8. I live in South Carolina, about 4 hours from SFoG (which I had never been to since I moved here 3 yrs ago)...I will be heading up north (NJ/NY) for the summer late next week, and was originally going to buy a Six Flags season pass at Six Flags Great Adventure...but after researching prices (I would ideally like a season pass that includes free parking for ALL six flags since I will be visiting several), I realized that SFGA does not offer free parking to all Six Flags on their pass unless you pay an extra amount...so I am thinking of either stopping by SFA to get a pass w/ parking (I had been to this park many times...the only new coaster for me would be the stand-up...), keep in mind this would be a detour off my 12+ hour drive (that I am taking by myself!)...OR I just realized I can get the same pass/perks from SFoG, which I had never been to. Pass is $10 more, but that's ok...also, my friend would go with me to SFoG, so if I get a pass there I can get discounts for admission for my friend...that seems like an extra benefit. SO - The only thing keeping me from going to SFoG (which I would have to go this weekend since I am leaving town next weekend) is that I'd be going on a Saturday (crowds??) and it'll be hot/humid. I'm not sure it's worth driving 4 hours there and back, just to get the pass and discount booklet/friend coupons....what do you all think? I would be able to visit SFoG again when I return in September. I think it's probably better to get the pass here so I will be able to bring my friend on a discount for the few select days we'll go, plus I won't have to stop by SFA on my long haul up the coast. PS-Is there usually a line to get your pass processed at SFoG? If I go this Saturday I assume I"ll get there no earlier than 11am, and I will need to get my pass processed before I can bring my friend in w/ a discount. Do you think SFoG will be crowded this weekend? Is it unbearable there during the summer (w/ the heat?) - or is it pretty shady?
  9. I'm going to Hersheypark on Monday (and perhaps Sunday if the weather is okay) - should I head to Skyrush or Fahrenheit first? I may be tempted to go on Skyrush first, but I assume the line will move faster for Skyrush compared to Fahrenheit, so I'm thinking that I should knock off Fahrenheit first..? I hadn't been to the park in ages, so I'm not sure what to plan first.
  10. Average: 0.22519999999999998 Gender: F Time: 10:30ish pm Age: 25 Do I play video games frequently: No
  11. Do the German references have to do with Alpine Sliding (which TPR did in Germany and Gatlinburg on the IntimidaTOUR, where this link was found?)...as for the beer...Tilted Kilt Pub?...I am still not sure...
  12. ^^Well darn it - just realized there's more then one page of videos on facebook!
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