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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

p. 274: New Fire in the Hole announced for 2024!

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Besides the Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter cars, does any other coaster with a barrel roll have lap bar restraints?


Superman at SFDK and Sky Rocket both do, but SR's inversions are more zero-g-rolls (crazy ones at that). It adds tremendously to the feeling of danger, which is always good!

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Now I did find a cached version of the page...does not show pictures (needs password) but it does state the following:



Screamingly Steep ★ World’s Steepest Drop for a Wood Coaster


Brazenly Bold ★ World’s Only Wood Coaster to Twist Upside Down


Furiously Fast ★ World’s Second Fastest Wood Coaster


Also found this (another angle) of the so-called GICT element via Screamscape :)

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The Cache coughed this up too:


Details Page:


we’ve gone and done it!

Outlaw Run is a wooden coaster ride

the likes of which the world has never seen.

It’s fast, fearless and wild…just like the west.


Dare to board our stagecoach – a first-of-its-kind coaster vehicle, authentic in every detail and custom-built to keep you safe and comfy.


Then hang onto your hat as we plumb drop you a hair-raising 162 feet just ‘bout straight down – 81° to be exact.


And if that’s not enough, you’ll be double-barrel rolled while traveling 80 feet uphill through Missouri’s picture-perfect Ozarks.


Sure as you live, it’ll have you hollerin’ your head off.


Take a gander at the layout and some facts about this amazing coaster and its makers so you ain’t took by surprise when you catch the coach!




Layout Page:

Steepest drop

in the west

. . .

heck, anywhere.


It’s true. We cross our hearts this drop will turn your stomach upside down. It’s the steepest one for a wooden coaster ANYWHERE on our big earth. And if you think the drop won’t get you, then hold on for the two barrel rolls which literally will leave you wondering which way is up. ‘Cause we’re not stonehearted cads like those dastardly cowards who are rumored to be lurking in Outlaw Run, here’s a head start. Study these fancy pictures to be ready for the ride ahead.


Outlaw Run is a


Record Breaker!




But alas, cant find any of the pics cached.

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Well, the layout has been leaked online now. No more "Christmas Morning" announcement for enthusiasts, but the GP should still be surprised. That is, if people would stop posting the layout on their FB page...


It's a nice looking layout, though the graphic makes some of it look a lot bigger than it is in real life. There's some moments for some great air, and all the turns are taken at near or past 90 degrees. It's not real long, but every second of it is doing something pretty great.

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From what I saw yesterday, it looks like a really awesome ride - short, but action-packed. I get the feeling that the double-up to cross under the lift might offer the same kind of airtime that NTAG does on some of its hills, notably the one before the MCBR. The double roll at the very end almost seems out of place, but I kind of like that - no person that doesn't know the layout is going to expect to hop up the valley only to be hit with that!

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Not going to lie here, but I think the image of the layout looks like it was made in NoLimits, wooden auto-supports and all.

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I'm dissapointed that there isn't a vertical loop because i really want to see a fully wood supported loop XD... i guess a double barrel roll will make up for it


^ i believe it is nolimits exchange... you should be able to find it with a quick google search

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If there was a picture there isn't anymore. I looked on the silverdollarcity2013 website, their facebook page, and the official website and nothing was there.


It was placed on the public server by accident and was quickly removed. Naturally, several enthusiasts grabbed screenshots before it was too late. You can find the image online, but we aren't going to post it on the forum out of respect to Silver Dollar City. You guys do want ERT on this thing next year right?

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While on the shorter side, it looks like a good first step for RMCC. The first drop looks like it will be insane and the almost roll/dive thingy looks like it will be a great element. I can't wait to see the announcement and get out to SDC and ride this thing.

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Not going to lie here, but I think the image of the layout looks like it was made in NoLimits, wooden auto-supports and all.


It does look that way.


where is this NoLimits forum that people are speaking of?


NoLimits Exchange. Look it up and click the "Message Board" link.

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