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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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I feel the same way about Maverick. I've heard many people call Maverick "rough" but it's just the word used wrong. It whips you around and has some intense transitions, but the actual ride is butter smooth. Definitely intense, not rough.

That's what sometimes happens to some B&M inverts (like BTR clones). They are really smooth but because of the fast snappy transitions some call them "rough".

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I actually found it smoother this year. The first year seemed to have a very repetitive bump bump at the track segments that got very head rattling, but no where near rough. This year only had that in a few spots and it was light, also to add there was no scream on the air hills now. Oh how I miss that scream,

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also to add there was no scream on the air hills now. Oh how I miss that scream,


If you're referring to the squeal made as the train crests the hill tops, turns, etc. it was there a couple of weeks ago.


One of the most interesting features of Outlaw Run is how much it *hasn't* changed since it opened. The speed, intensity, smoothness, etc. seems to be the same now as the month it opened. Typically, wooden coasters feel different almost daily, but not here.

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While I've never ridden Outlaw Run, from just understanding the ride technology, I find it absolutely mind boggling that somebody would consider the ride rough. Now I might understand if somebody had ridden Goliath, or one of the Intamin woodies and then rode Outlaw Run. Goliath and the Intamin woodies use polyurethane wheels and deliver a much more controlled ride feeling, while Outlaw Run uses steel wheels and gives a much more out of control feeling. Even then, if you told me you you thought the ride was rough, I'd probably think you're smoking crack. Just looking at the track technology, I can't even logically make an argument for why the ride might become rough overtime, unless something catastrophic happens.

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Surprisingly no one seems to be paying much attention to the construction on this project, even though it's pretty major for the park. I think we've gotten too spoiled with all these other parks setting up webcams and posting their own construction photos and blogs. I live just far enough away that I can't really get out there casually for a construction update. Maybe for future projects though when I've got more expendable income and have a few more weekends to blow. Midwestinfoguide has some fairly recent photos and he posts updates every once in awhile.


In any case there will be a flood of construction photos in about three weeks when ACE goes on a construction tour for Coaster Christmas.

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Just getting around to finally uploading my mini-trip report for the Roller Coaster Race last week. It was a rainy, cold day, but there were still quite a few who showed. For the uninitiated, Roller Coaster Race is a new 5K run event at theme parks. So far it's Silver Dollar City and a handful of Six Flags parks that are participating. The day begins with a 5K race, then once the park opens, the participants get to ride rollercoasters for a total distance of 5K. I chose not to do the run, as 1) I'm not really into running and 2) it was really cold at 7AM (about 45 degrees). Most of the day my camera was safely stored in a fluffy bunny, so I don't have a lot of pictures, but I'll post what I have. At the end of the day, when we tallied up our rides, I won! 16 coaster rides and 13.62 km! Of course, with everything a walk-on, I got to ride so many times, I didn't bother to have them punch my wristband every single time, so I'm not entirely sure how far I actually went. But that distance was enough to win! Since this was the first year, they only had medals for the running race and not for the roller coaster. I suggested they mail a trophy to the winner, and they said they may implement that for next year. I had a ton of fun, and SDC is already advertising this as a "first annual" event, so let's hope this thing grows!


Other than these few tents right outside the front entrance, there wasn't a lot of indication there was an event going on.


These kiosks are all over the park, and $3 gets you access to any fluffy bunny in the whole park. You can move your reservation without paying again! (Sorry for the quality on this one; it's the only picture I took of these)


The first time you make a new reservation, it has you pay and create a PIN. From then on, when you make a new reservation, you enter the same PIN, and you don't have to pay again.


This photo I'm particularly proud of. There was fog on the mountains all day, which was highly visible from Wildfire's observation deck. Simply beautiful.


This is also beautiful. :)


I also managed to snag a few construction photos of Fireman's Landing while walking through the park. Lots of steel in place already.


You can see the balloon ride over the fence just to the ride of the map poster.




Play area is coming along nicely.


You can see this from quite a long way away. This photo was taken next to the Dockside Theatre, over by the Rib House.


But this was a coaster event, after all, and with the rain, everything was a station wait at worst, and even Outlaw Run was a walk-on until late afternoon. Woohoo!

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Great photos ytterbiumanalyst. Rainy, overcast days always are the best times to visit the park, but of course the risk of lightning can make things iffy. It's worth it for the spurts of empty lines though. Just this past weekend the park had nice weather and the place was slammed apparently. I'm surprised they don't build and advertise more indoor offerings. There's still plenty to do even if the big outdoor rides are shut down.


I wasn't sure how the race thing was actually going to work, but it sounds like a decent excuse to get some ERT. Maybe I'll try it next year.


Someone else also sent in some photos of the construction from this past weekend. I don't have explicit permission to repost them anywhere else, but they are available here here: http://sdcfans.com/firemans-landing-construction-update/

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Silver Dollar City has sent us a press release regarding this year's holiday offerings!


Silver Dollar City lights up its brightest season with a new $1 million light parade featuring the beloved Christmas character Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer® for An Old Time Christmas. One of the nation's most acclaimed holiday festivals, An Old Time Christmas also features a 5-story Christmas tree with a light and sound show, Broadway-style musical productions, holiday foods and five million lights, November 1 - December 30 at the Branson, Missouri theme park.


Rudolph's Holly Jolly™ Christmas Light Parade, led by the most famous reindeer of all, debuts on the 50th anniversary of the television special. First airing in 1964, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is the longest-running, highest rated Christmas special in television history. As Grand Marshal, Rudolph leads the new evening parade of nine musical, lighted floats - one featuring Sam the Snowman -- as it winds through the streets of the City. The floats, illuminated with 100,000 ultra-bright LED* lights, were designed exclusively for Silver Dollar City, with animated features from huge drumming bears and cymbal-playing penguins to a cowboy doll rocking on a hand-carved wooden rocking horse. The parade is accompanied by 33 colorful costumed characters, including Rudolph's friend Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster, 14-foot moose characters, 12-foot tall elves and 10-foot candy canes, plus penguins, elves and a troupe of marching wooden soldiers.


The parade follows the lighting of the 5-Story Special Effects Christmas Tree on the Square, a towering icon with over 250,000 colorful LED lights that is the centerpiece of the Christmas on Main Street light and sound shows beginning at dusk each evening. The massive tree blazes in synchronization to the musical movements of Christmas songs -- up to 100 light changes per second -- while lights around the Square flash along with it, accompanied by surround-sound.


The festival also features two popular musical productions, It's a Wonderful Life and A Dickens' Christmas Carol. It's a Wonderful Life presents a musical interpretation of the inspirational story that was voted the #1 "Inspirational Film of All Time" by the American Film Institute, and features unique special effects and a talented cast of 14 singer/actors. A Dickens' Christmas Carol, also an original musical adaptation of a famous classic story, includes elaborate sets and visual effects, flying spirits, pyrotechnic special effects and a talented cast of 15, accompanied by a live band.


Since its debut more than two decades ago, Silver Dollar City's An Old Time Christmas has become one of the country's most recognized events for spectacular lighting and world-class entertainment. Profiled as one of the nation's top holiday celebrations by USA Today, CNN Travel, The Travel Channel, Good Morning America, AOL Travel, Yahoo Travel and MSN.com, the festival transforms the entire 1880s-style park into a glowing wonderland with 1,000 decorated trees and five million lights.


Guests can view the park's lights from high above the ground too -- in temperatures down to 42 degrees, guests can soar into the night on the park's coasters and rides, including the ground-breaking top-rated wood coaster Outlaw Run**. Fine craftsmanship is also showcased, as the park's 100 demonstrating craftsmen create one-of-a-kind handmade holiday items, from blown glass ornaments and angels to pottery dessert platters.


The tastes of the season are in abundance throughout the park, including a prime rib buffet and traditional favorites such as turkey with apple-raisin dressing. Festive holiday treats from apple dumplings to hot wassail can be found throughout the park, and the bakery cooks up fresh homemade fruitcakes. For kids, there's a lunch with Santa, available on weekends, and classes at the Midwest Living Culinary & Craft School feature holiday specialties.


During An Old Time Christmas, Silver Dollar City is open Thursdays through Sundays through December 21, plus Wednesday, November 26 and Monday - Tuesday, Dec. 22-23, closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and open daily December 26-30. Hours are 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. most days, with extended hours on Saturdays and Thanksgiving weekend - check the website for exact schedules. Information: 800-831-4FUN(386) or visit http://www.silverdollarcity.com.


Silver Dollar City also sent us a press release for the holiday showings aboad The Showboat Branson Belle!


The Showboat Branson Belle, decks its decks as well as the halls to kick off the holiday season with Christmas cruises on Table Rock Lake. Made in the USA, the world-class headliner production show, presents classic Christmas carols, holiday favorites and a patriotic finale, plus a one-of-a-kind performance of The Nutcracker Suite by violin-playing aerialist Janice Martin. A new Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer® medley by the male vocal group, The ShowMen , celebrates the most famous reindeer of all on the 50th anniversary of the television special.


The Showboat departs from White River Landing decorated with Christmas lights and guests can view holiday lights along the shore as the ship cruises Table Rock Lake. Following a 3-course meal, the stage comes to life as The ShowMen perform Christmas favorites including Home for the Holidays, Silver Bells and The Christmas Song. The sounds of the season fill the stage with powerful harmonies and standout solos of the talented vocalists.


Janice Martin, the world's only violin-playing aerialist, takes the stage with an original performance of The Nutcracker Suite. The artistry of this world-class violinist, vocalist, acrobat and multi-instrument musician has been heralded worldwide following performances on four continents, on stages from Carnegie Hall to the White House. The show is emceed by ultra-sharp, uber-funny comedian and magician Christopher James backed by the Showboat's signature live band Rockin' Dockers for a totally live entertainment experience.


Noon and Sunday cruises through November 16 feature the vocals of the female quartet The ShowBelles, fiddler Dean Church, and piano virtuoso Julie McClarey.


Carols on the Belle special Sunday cruises feature performances from award-winning Southern Gospel artists including Triumphant Quartet, Mark Trammell Quartet, LeFevre Quartet, and Karen Peck and New River, plus traditional Christmas music sing-alongs with local community choirs and performance groups. Carols on the Belle cruises are at 4 p.m. on November 23 & 30 and December 7 & 14.


Each cruise features a three-course meal from the Showboat's Chef Larry, including slow-simmered beef roast and honey-Dijon glazed chicken topped off with the chef's own Golden Brittle Lemon-Berry Torte. All meals are prepared onboard in the ship's galley and served in the three-story atrium dining theater. Specialty dining options include the Paddle Wheel Club Room and Captain's Row.


Christmas cruises run November 1 through December 31, with a special New Year's Eve cruise at 8 p.m. on December 31. For cruise times and ticket information: http://www.showboatbransonbelle.com or 1-800-775-BOAT(2628).


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Is it me or does that S&S tower look awfully short. Also does anyone know what mode the tower will be running on?


The whole area is intended for families, so it is supposed to be shorter than their standard towers to accommodate more ages.


Doesn't that not matter though? Short or high, it has the same restraint system which is what warrants the S&S towers' 52" height requirement. I don't really consider a ride with that high of a height restriction a family ride.

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^First of all, the Wild Adventure's Double Shot has a 48" height requirement, so there is nothing set in stone that they have to be 52". Second, the park is billing everyone of the new rides as a "Family Ride". So, yes it does matter.


The point I was making was not to get into the semantics of whether this ride should be classified as a family or thrill ride, but that a shorter version of the S&S Double works better for this new area and will be less intimidating to wider age of riders.

Edited by ernierocker
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^The park will make it work out. The height was already determined since it is the same one that was at Celebration City, will see if they can lower the height requirements with modifications. Either way, it will give the older children something to do while the family is playing in the new area.

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Coaster Christmas was a lot of fun. It was great getting to meet some of you in person.


In regards to the tower, there were some questions asked about any modifications to it and the construction guys said it's all pretty much standard. S&S makes a variety of towers, and this is one of the classic double shots, which are shorter than the combo towers that most of the bigger parks went for.


As we already knew, the area is very impressive and well thought-out. They are satiating a lot of people with this project from young families to SDC purists. The lake is going to look a lot better as well.


I posted some photos of the FL progress on SDCFans, and will post some here + event photos when I get home from work tonight.I hope some of the other event attendees will post their photos too. I know there are some on the ACE Heart of America FB page.

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Hi SDC Fans! I wanted to introduce myself with my screen name, Achterjaeger (mash up of German words for coaster hunter). I currently work in maintenance at SDC and have been there for a little over a year. If there's any question I can answer (within reason) please let me know!


I had a few questions for those who have been going to SDC for longer than I have and/or locals.


Like I'm sure everyone knows, Fire-In-The-Hole is a favorite at the park and has a cult following. But it is in need of serious refurbishment (IMO). What aspects of the ride do you think make the ride a favorite with the locals/general public? Do you think there are certain parts of the ride that if removed or changed would cause complaints from guests? I've heard that locals at Dollywood weren't enthusiastic when the water was removed on Blazing Fury.


I don't work on the ride but would love to know why it is special to so many people.

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^Every time I go on Fire-in-the-Hole I hear people in the queue and on the ride quoting lines from the ride and talking about the story. People love the theme, characters, and the cheesiness of the whole ride.


I have heard that the ride is in need of lots of repair and that the splashdown is a big factor in that. I honestly don't think there is anyway to fix the ride permanently without pissing off locals, but if it needs to be fixed it needs to be fixed. I'd love for the thing to be completely gutted out and given a new Zierer drop track with all new animatronics and sets (from Garner Holt). As long as they keep the storyline and the well-known quotes, I think it would go over well with the majority of people. Then again, you'd have people like the old geezers at SDCFans who would talk about how the park is loosing all of its charm and it is falling apart.

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