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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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Will March 18th be a busy date? Im only there for one day in Branson and the hours seem pretty short (9-6 I believe). Should I expect really heavy crowds?
That's a Wednesday. It should be pretty slow. Usually the busy days are on the weekends. Unless that's the week of spring break. During spring break the park gets pretty busy. Also, in regards to the hours. SDC keeps their hours till 6pm until late spring I belive. It seems like a short day but even on a Saturday from about 11a-6p we had more than enough time to get everything done.
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I follow aviation pretty closely, The Branson Airport is offering nonstop flights this year from Austin, TX, Cincinnati OH, New Orleans, LA. along with the Denver, Houston and Chicago flights they have in some way or another in the past. The fares are pretty low when booked in advance(under 200 roundtrip) and you don't mind smaller regional jets that seat 30 to 50 people.

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I'm going to Branson for the first time the week of March 11th - 15th and I will be going to Silver Dollar City on the 14th.


I know I'll have to ride Outlaw Run, but what are some of the other can't miss things to do while there?


Some friends and I will also be there opening day at sometime!

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Man, opening day is sneaking up really quickly. Just two weeks. I plan to be there as well to get a big photo update of the new area. If I see any TPR shirts I'll be sure to introduce myself.


By the way, the colors and theming of Fireman's Landing are turning out really, really good. It's this excellent blend of fresh and exciting while still being maintaining an authentic-ish feel. I really like the colors on the refurbed balloon ride. I'm still wondering if the new play area will be as neat as the old one since they have so many issues to work around regarding ADA and such, but I think the little kids in my family will still have a blast.

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Thanks for the info! I read on here and on the park's website about the Trailblazer pass. Should I invest in one for the day since we're going on opening day (3/14)? And yeah, we're planning on going to the Titanic museum as well as attending Dixie Stampede one night!
I think the Trailblazer pass is all personal preference. We have never gone to the park on opening day just because of the fear of it being ridiculously busy. Some people will tell you not to get Trailblazer pass, and some will. Again, it's just personal preference. We don't like waiting in lines so we usually do get it when we go to the park. However, on the busiest day we have ever seen at the park the wait times never went over an hour for anything. (aside from Outlaw Run) And most of Outlaw Runs extended wait was due to down time. if you have the money to spend, and don't like to wait in line buy the Trailblazer pass. Is it necessary? No. If you have a full day at the park you should be fine even if it is super busy.


Also in regards to the Trailblazer pass we always buy the unlimited pass. The 8 time is just not for us. Especially if you plan on riding the coasters several times each. So if you do decide to get the passes I would highly suggested unlimited. However, if you're getting to the park at opening then I would just play it by ear. See how busy the park is and buy the passes that day if they are needed. There is really no need to buy them in advance unless you just want to.


Thanks! That helps me out a lot in determining whether on not to buy the pass! We're going all day (weather permitting) and I guess the best thing is to play it by ear!

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It looks like media day was today, I wasn't even paying attention. Here are some photos: http://www.ky3.com/news/local/21048998_31733746


This place turned out even better than I thought. I really, really appreciate how they made it a natural extension of the city. Even though it's full of rides and attractions, it feels thematic and fun to be around even if you aren't doing any of the kid stuff. Such a huge improvement stylistically over Geyser Gulch, and so, so much better than the way the Grand Expo was handled.


The indoor area looks a lot better now that it has all the decorations in place too.


I'll see you guys there Saturday morning.

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Howdy Partners, today Silver Dollar City hosted a media event for the opening of their all new 8 million dollar expansion, Fireman's Landing opening this Saturday!


Set to open March 14, Fireman’s Landing substantially increases the park’s attractions, adding 10 family adventures in all. The new area has six family rides and four interactive play zones for kids and families in a highly themed area, saluting the spirit and training activities of community volunteer firefighters. The area, with theming recognizing the contributions of community heroes who serve as firefighters, is an 1880s volunteer recruitment fair. The storyline creates the atmosphere of the rides serving as “training” adventures for recruits and community heroes – all seeking to become part of the Silver Dollar City Fire Brigade.


This theming has historical background to the internationally-awarded theme park (founded 1960), as the 1880s town Marmaros, once located on the site of Silver Dollar City, was burned to the ground by a blaze more than 100 years ago. “Now fast forward to the fictional story for Fireman’s Landing, where the citizens share a desire to band together to prevent such an event -- to be ready with volunteer recruits who have trained to test their preparedness,” said Brad Thomas, General Manager of Silver Dollar City. “The message carries that everyone can give back through volunteerism and community spirit.”


10 Family Adventures


Fireman’s Landing expands into a new previously undeveloped region of the park, adding 10 family adventures -- six family rides and four interactive play zones. The development brings the number of the park’s rides and attractions to over 40 and increases ride capacity to over 21,000 per hour.


Centered around the headquarters of “Fire Station #3,” rides include FireFall, an 8-story fire tower free-fall drop ride for the more daring recruits; Fire Spotter, with soaring balloons for spotting fire dangers; Fire Wagon Frenzy, a bouncing ride for bucket brigade volunteers; Lucky’s Dizzy Dogs, a bouncy ride on Dalmatians racing around a fire hydrant; Up The Ladder, a smaller tower drop ride for junior recruits; and Fireman’s Flyer, a low-flying swing ride for little firefighters.


Attractions include Firehouse Splash Yard, with squirting water jets and pump hoses for outdoor play. Inside Fire Station #3, enclosed and temperature controlled for season-long comfortable play, are Firefighter’s Fire Drill, with buckets, pumpers, foam ball cannons and targets for showering mock fires; Firefighter’s Fire Escape, an obstacle course of tubes, mazes, climbing structures and slides, and Firefighter’s Junior Fire Escape, a soft play area for toddlers.


Kids can meet the Fireman’s Landing official chief rescue dog Lucky, a costumed character that encourages new recruits to have fun and be ready in the firefighters’ tradition of neighbors helping neighbors.


Welcome to the all new Fireman's Landing!


Re-purposed from Celebration City, Firefall has been re-themed and looks amaazing!


Up The Ladder is a smaller tower drop ride for junior recruits at Fireman’s Landing


Branson Fire Chief Ted Martin and Lucky the Rescue Dog welcomed everyone!


Hi Lucky!


Southern Stone County Fire Protection District Chief Dave Gyger rides Fire Wagon Frenzy


Fireman’s Landing opens with the park this Saturday, March 14!


Inside Fire Station #3 we find Firefighter’s Fire Drill, with foam ball cannons for showering mock fires.

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Glad to see this finally open. It looks much better than I was expecting. It was a munch needed update for that area of the park. Glad to see SDC finally got a shot tower... Even if it is a small one, I rode it when it was at Celebration City and it was still a decent ride! Can't wait to get up there and try it out in its new home!

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^I mean, I enjoyed the old area and so did a ton of people. It certainly looked worn-out, but a lot of that had to do with their choice of paint and the fact that the "rustic" details were overdone. It was supposed to look like an abandoned mansion of some sort that had been taken over by kids... or something. Of course they kept refering to it as a tree house anyway.


In any case, it never really captured the SDC feeling like this new area appears to do, so I think all will agree that this is an improvement. All of the new areas since 2007 have been really good at making rides blend into the SDC ambiance. You don't know how important that is until you see it.

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To me, theme park season always began when Herschend opened their new attraction in March. I really should plan a trip to this park.


Take notes Cedar Fair and Six Flags, new attractions on opening day.

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