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  1. Hello everyone. I'm new to NoLimits and I'm attempting to make my own coaster. I've used AutoCAD & Sketchup to create terrain that I imported into No Limits as a scene object. See the picture Now, I'm thinking that when I go to build my coaster, all of the supports/structure will pass through the terrain object. Is there a fast/efficient way I can edit the no limits terrain to match the imported topography? Custom Terrain
  2. Like I said I've only been employed at the park for a little over a year (mechanic for Powder Keg). I didn't even realize that FITH had a section removed until recently. It would be nice it there was a book of the history of the park. I agree that the plunge could use a renovation. I've only rode it once but, again, I don't know what kind of theming the ride used to have.
  3. Hi SDC Fans! I wanted to introduce myself with my screen name, Achterjaeger (mash up of German words for coaster hunter). I currently work in maintenance at SDC and have been there for a little over a year. If there's any question I can answer (within reason) please let me know! I had a few questions for those who have been going to SDC for longer than I have and/or locals. Like I'm sure everyone knows, Fire-In-The-Hole is a favorite at the park and has a cult following. But it is in need of serious refurbishment (IMO). What aspects of the ride do you think make the ride a favorite with the locals/general public? Do you think there are certain parts of the ride that if removed or changed would cause complaints from guests? I've heard that locals at Dollywood weren't enthusiastic when the water was removed on Blazing Fury. I don't work on the ride but would love to know why it is special to so many people.
  4. The original plan was to use the Crazy Bus from Wild Adventures. But I believe it has been sold to someone on the fair circuit in Massachusetts. A new crazy bus will be purchased to replace it. Anyways, I think this new area will be a huge hit for SDC. When I first moved to Branson to work at the park, I thought it was an area that was really showing its age and didn't quite fit with the overall theme that SDC was going for. This new area is certainly much better.
  5. What problems exactly have they been having with it? Do they have problems with communication between the train restraints and the control panel (i.e. opening the electrical box at the back of each car to check the wiring)
  6. While by far not the worst coaster I've been to, I was initially underwhelmed by Outlaw Run (please don't hurt me!) I rode it when it had the older shin bars which were uncomfortable for me. Though after riding it a few more times I have grown to like it.
  7. I would say they could increase the new area by a third if they plan on tearing down Geyser Gulch (which I think is gonna happen)
  8. SooperDooperLooper at Hersheypark! It was right after riding my first coaster, the Comet.
  9. Geyser Gulch will be closing on August 3rd according to SDC's facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Silverdollarcity?ref=br_tf
  10. If I don't count my home park/where I work (Silver Dollar City) then, my next park will be Tobu Zoo Park in Japan!
  11. I'm a fan of wood coasters so we wanted to get to those parks which have a wood coaster first. If we had an extra day in Tokyo I would add DisneySea to the itinerary but I had other things planned that my fiance is interested in (Ghibli Museum, Himeji Castle, Mount Koya, shopping, etc.). I would love to go to a Disney park but don't know how I can fit it in. I guess this would go under the category "first world problems" To give you an idea, here's our itinerary: Day 1: - Arrive in Tokyo - Sightseeing & Shopping in Shibuya District Day 2: - Tobu Zoo Park - Hanayashiki Amusement Park - Sightseeing & Shopping in Asakusa District - Tokyo Skytree Day 3: - Tokyo Imperial Palace - Studio Ghibli Museum - Shopping in Akihabara - Visit Godzilla Statue in Ginza district (I'm a kaiji movie fan) Day 4: - Fuji Q Day 5: - Sightseeing in Kamakura (Temples & Buddha Statue) - Ramen Museum in Yokohama Day 6: - Sightseeing in Enoshima (Shrines, Beach Day, Love Bell, Caves) Day 7: - Sightseeing and stay at Mt Koya Day 8: - Visit Tama the cat at Kishi Station (my fiance's a cat lover) - Visit Wakayama Castle Day 9: - Sightseeing in Kyoto Day 10: - Sightseeing in Kyoto Day 11: - Nagashima Spa Land Day 12: - Himeji Castle - Hirakata Park Day 13: - Return to Tokyo & Fly Home
  12. If I can ask, how is this an odd park list? Am I missing a park with a notable coaster? Thanks! This bus information is just what I am looking for. I'm really looking to get credits on the 4 big coasters in Fuji Q and whatever else I get is a bonus.
  13. Hello coaster fans! I've been viewing TPR for a few months now and I decided to join today because I'm hoping I can get advice on an upcoming trip. My fiance and I are getting married in late August and we are going to Japan for our honeymoon in early September. We are both coaster enthusiasts (I work in the industry) and while the whole trip won't be roller coasters, there are the parks we are planning on visiting: - Fuji Q Highland - Hanayashiki - Hirakata Park - Nagashima Spa Land - Tobu Zoo I realize that we will be missing out on Tokyo Disneysea but our itinerary is already pretty booked and we wanted to visit the notable coasters in Japan first. We definitely will be planning a second trip there in the future. Could anyone give any tips for visiting these parks (recommended train routes, ride order, notable flat rides, favorite eating areas, etc.). Specifically I'm looking for information on the past way to get to Fuji Q. I have set up for us to get rail passes but I'm wondering if taking a bus would be cheaper. I don't have a clue how to reserve a bus seat in japan either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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