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Lethal Weapon Pursuit closed for good

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The first roller coaster to have a regular track featuring a heartline roll.


rcdb entry: http://www.rcdb.com/id970.htm


The ride already closed a few months ago, with much speculation regarding it's future.

Was it damaged somewhere ? A big revision ? Would it reopen ?


When the park started demolishing the queue and there was no sight of trains anymore, it became clear it was over for Lethal Weapon Pursuit, as the ride used to be called from it's opening in 1996 until Warner Bros. & Six Flags sold the park in 2005.


It has now been confirmed by the park in a local newspaper that the ride will close for good.

A sign has been put up announcing a new themed area, but no further details are known. Whether Cop Car Chase will go to another park or the scrap yard is still a mystery as well.


It's sad to it go. It has been a guest's favorite ever since it's opening with the park. And in my opinion, it's one of the best roller coasters the world has ever seen.


A new area...

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The first roller coaster to have a heartline roll


According to RCDB.com this ride opened in 1996. Viper @ SFGADV opened in 1995, which makes it the first coaster with a heartline roll with cars placed above the track instead of between the tracks.

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Not the best coaster in the world but defenitly the best coaster in the park.


A real shame it is gone, I really loved this coaster despite its painful restraints.


I heard somewhere that they closed it due too high maintenance cost.

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mmm... best roller roller coaster this world has seen? i don't think so....


I said "one of the best".


And I think most people will agree if they experienced the original during the Warner management. With a working preshow, both tracks operating and the burning car flying over your head.


It's a shame Six Flags and especially Palamon let this ride fade away.

It's just 10 years old and already FUBAR.

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At least I won't have to go back to Movie Park to pick up the credit in the future. I certainly can believe that Cop Car Chase was the park's best coaster. The best thing about Movie Park is that Schloss Beck is next door. The mouse, the family coaster and the Ice Age ride are actually good rides but that park is not a very exciting place to visit.

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As i said during the earlier rumors of this coaster closing...... SH*T!!! I can't believe i'm not going to be able to ever ride this great coaster! What a stupid move of the park, taking out their best coaster, i hope they put in something good in its place or else just close the park now and get it over with.

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Really stinks that they closed this ride, but at least now TPR can skip this park on their next Europe trip and spend more time at a good park like Phantasialand or Europa instead! Thanks Star Parks for making the decision a little bit easier


Still really glad I skipped this place for more time at Phantasialand a few weeks ago! If I had stuck with the original plan of hitting this park for the sole purpose of riding LWP (CCC) and then it being down, I'd be a little angry

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This is sad that this (what was probably the only "good' coaster in the park) go to the grave. As unique this coaster is, I don't think it was that much of a lost. But the again, judgng by pictures, the park looks like its a dump. Also judging by this lost, it looks like the park is on its way out!

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But than again........


Maybe they`ll just change the Lightbulbs inside the Building, and try selling it as a re-theming


Yeah, I'm also thinks/hopes that they will just re-theme it, and maybe get some new trains, becourse, as others have said, it't a really shame to see that coaster go, and I can't understand how the park can do that!



But i'm glad I got to ride it(both sides) back in oktober 2004... :-D

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It's a big disgrace how the park has been managed throughout the years. And it all started with Eraser, that rubbish SLC. Then we lost the Police Academy show and two seasons later every other Warner Bros. attraction.


Now this.


Happy Halloween:








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