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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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^ I used Google first, thanks. Giving blood at Red Cross supposedly gives free tickets. But, I live in South Florida and my friend in Ohio can't give blood because she's training for a marathon.


The 3-day advance tickets from CP (adding in the convenience fee) come to $47.50 each, so that's the cheapest I've come up with so far.

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Anyone see Tony Clark's tweet today?


"There be a tweetup coming this afterrrnoon. Not sherrr why I'm typing like a pirrate."




"Afraid of the dark. #CP2015 RT @spp138: @TonyClarkCP Hey Tony how would you feel about giving away small, vague 2015 clues at #tweetups?

7:02pm - 31 Jul 14"



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Holy crap that looks good. I should open Earth now...


In other news, the city of Toledo, a bit more than an hour west of CP, has a water warning. If you pass through the Toledo area, do not drink tap water. Bathing and hand washing may be forbidden too. You cannot boil the water, the issue is a toxin which is concentrated by boiling. The toxin is microcystin, and causes nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and possible liver damage. Somehow, this toxin, produced by harmful algae blooms in Lake Erie, entered Toledo's water treatment plant. If you are passing through Toledo on your way to CP, take note-



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^I sort of doubt it - that would be four coasters for one year! I guess anything's possible, though.


Four? The only two *RUMORED* coasters I've heard discussed for 2015 are Centurion/Fury 325 for Carowinds and the Valleyfair B&M invert (even thought those wouldn't necessarily happen in the same year). Which ones am I missing?

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I hope it gets that green paint. Even if the name stays Mantis, the green would work better with a theme of a green insect, moreso than the use of all three primary colors.


Could our photoshop pros indulge my desire to see a green Mantis with grey supports?


Kind of reminds me of the new track for another B&M sitting at the steel plant. That one is teal with a neon green on the bottom (possibly for Carowinds). Like it.

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