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  1. Also, you need to wear shoes on Diamondback at all times because of the location of the mid-course brake. If it e-stops back there, you're going to walk down a spiral staircase with some very sharp steps and across gravely terrain to get back to the park. That wouldn't be fun barefoot and could cut you.
  2. It's a mental thing with some people. They need OTSRs even if they do nothing. Personally, I'm happy with the current trend of restraints that are much less head bangy, so less OTSRs. Banshee barely feels like it has them at all with the new style. What ultimately holds you in on a looping coaster is where the pressure is, and it's usually on your lap. Even with OTSRs. It's time we weened people off of them. A coaster isn't any more or less safe because of the type of restraint it has. Once you get passed that mental block, you'll appreciate the physical comfort that comes with less restrictive restraints. Nobody is "afraid" of OTSRs, they're afraid of the discomfort that often comes their way after riding.
  3. B&M does make family inverted coasters. There just aren't any in the US yet. http://www.bolliger-mabillard.com/product/family-coaster
  4. When Paramount purchased Kings Island, the park had already fully ordered Top Gun/Flight Deck/The Bat. Depending on who you talk to, the ride was either going to be called "Thunder Road" or named after a bird. Kings Island was working with the Dinn Corporation on a new wooden coaster for the 1992 season to be placed in the area where Diamondback is now. The plans were scrapped when Dinn went out of business.
  5. Listen, unless Kings Dominion gets a 500 foot tall INTAMIN coaster (INTAMIN IS VERY IMPORTANT) with 15 inversions that breaks 100 mph, they are literally going to go out of business tomorrow. CEDAR FAIR DOES NOT UNDERSTAND HOW URGENT THIS IS!!!! Why does their precious "Cedar Point" get all of the roller coasters??? This is totally UNFAIR!! They are doing it on purpose to taunt us Kings Dominion fans!
  6. The Flying Eagles picture is from California's Great America (and Kings Dominion): https://www.cagreatamerica.com/things-to-do/family-rides I'm going with fake.
  7. I agree. Here's some: But it really must be seen in real life.
  8. Don't mean to burst your bubble but all of the CF parks are doing filming right now. No one knows what it's for yet.
  9. Maybe they could bring back Cuda Falls. I know some around here aren't fond but they were pretty good slides.
  10. As with most successful parks, they'll get one when they need one. What a concept!
  11. Don't expect a gate-coaster at Kings Island anytime soon: http://www.latimes.com/travel/themeparks/la-trb-cedar-fair-coasters-20150827-story.html
  12. The impact of Banshee is far greater than what's listed on an IAAPA report. Just saying. Kings Island and Cedar Fair know. They've said nor implied nothing to make me think Banshee was anything but a big success. That same IAAPA report listed Cedar Point being down a significant amount. Perhaps that's something to ponder. And Cirque Imagine was announced by KI as not returning next year before the final show.
  13. One could argue that KI's success with DB indicates a giga would be a smart move.
  14. You can change the entrance building, but don't dare touch the fountains. Those are beautiful and iconic. Also, for what it's worth, in 2013 Ouimet said he was satisfied with KI's entrance plaza.
  15. We'll see. The time between DB and Banshee was five years but the park was in need of a substantial replacement for Son of Beast. Could have changed things in ways we don't know. 2017 or 2018 wouldn't surprise me.
  16. If you've seen Diamondback's line and ridership numbers, you'd think that's where they're headed. And not that it means much or anything but KI is now the biggest park in the CF chain that can have a giga but doesn't.
  17. They'll get a coaster when they see the need. It's all in the plan...
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