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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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For me, it's not the ratings, but rather the height restrictions that bother me. It doesn't seem right that the Mine Ride has a 48" height requirement. If anything, I would like to see some of the requirements for the smaller rides lowered to a more sensible number for younger riders.

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I am thinking of taking my son to Cedar Point and was trying to decide between Sunday/Monday Aug 22-23, or a week later Aug 29-30. The difference is that the park changes its hours to 11am-9pm on Monday Aug. 23. I was wondering if the regular park-goers on this thread could tell me what the park is like when they reduce their hours. I assume they reduce their hours because they have less staff, and because Ohio kids are back in school. Are there still tons of visitors during that period, or do the lines for the rides also decrease? Do they also run fewer trains on the coasters? Thanks.

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^The rides are rated 1-5. They aren't rated based on comparison to one another, but probably by criteria set forth by the park itself. If it's a high speed ride, goes upside down, is rough, etc., it will probably be a 5.
If that criteria for rating includes roughness, shouldn't Mean Streak be a 99?
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I was at the park yesterday(sunday), and the park was just crazy slammed.


Shoot the rapids was down both times that we walked by. They were testing the ride with empty boats, and 1 boat with water dummies. There were a bunch of suits in the station.


I was going to do a trip report, but did not take enough pictures due to me forgetting to charge my camera batteries. I will just post the pictures here.


One thing we did notice, was that a lot of the employees could not speak english very well. The person working the wave swinger was giving the safety spiel, and we could not understand a word she said. This was the case on a lot of the rides. I am not sure why they have people working on the rides that can't speak english very well. I believe that is a safety issue.


Anyways, on with the pictures.....


Since the lines for the rides, were too long, we decided to do some shows that we have not seen yet. The snoopy ice show was the first one. I did not care for this show, as it was just boring. They kept showing cartoon clips and had snoopy just kinda skating in circles on the ice. I don't like the name of the show eather...I don't love snoopy, and most in our group did not love him eather.


For the TPR sign gallery.


Looks like they started working on the new haunt in the back of the park. There was also a lot of halloweekends signes up.


As much as I dislike country music, I was forced to watch the show. It actualy was not too bad. The selection of songs was good, and all but 1 of the singers were great.


They now have seat belts on the tilt a whirl. Why???. Have people been flying out of them as of late?


This is the Helen Keller sign. Usaly when you press the button, it tells you about her....but it was broken.


I thought I would get some pictures of ocean motion, since it will probaly be gone next year. It is currently for sale.


Even if it is hidden in the corner of the park, it still gets a decent line.





More boobs!!!!


Wave swinger doing it's thing. This is the last picture I took before my battery died.

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This is discouraging to hear, they must be sponsoring kids from over seas or something. Had a similar experience at Morey's Piers, only difference there was that the kids who didn't speak english well were relegated to entrance queue or loader duty only, they weren't running the rides.

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I have no issue with them working there(other than taking a job away from an american), but they should not be placed in a posistion where they need to give safety spiels. That could be a big problem if someone got hurt on the ride.


The worst was a few years ago when I actually used to eat the food in the park, was going to the counter service under skyride and trying to order a burger with fries before the laser show started. I got in line, while the rest of my party scoped out a spot for the show. There was still a half hour before the show started, and only 2 people in front of me. I did not get my food until the show was half over. The guy behind the counter did not understand what a burger and fries was, but yet he worked at a stand that sold them?


After finally getting someone that spoke english, I was able to place my order. The line grew from a few people in line, to about 20 deep because they were so slow and couldn't understand english.I would have just gave up and walked away, but he had already taken my money, and couldn't get the cash register open.


Not only that, but this is a food stand right next to the laser show, and they had no food prepped or ready to handle all the people in the area.

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^ I don't believe that's what they mean. Say someone is sitting on a handrail, over the line behind the air-gates, or whatever, if they don't oblige because can't understand the op when they tell them to step back, get down, keep their hands in the car, etc. then something could go wrong because they couldn't understand the warning. All the safety training in the world can't help some stupid person hanging out of a coaster train, or something similarly stupid.

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Huh...well, I'm almost positive it's not a coaster.


It doesn't have to be a coaster to use that name, remember there was a rumor (even on Screamscape) saying that they might possibly get a star-flyer reaching the heights of TTD. Since Dragster and Kingda Ka are 400+ ft. rides, they are considered to be a strata-coaster, so maybe if this ride is 400+ ft. it will be considered a strata-ride and use the name Stratosoar? Just thinking...

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