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  1. It was very empty. That week really seems like the best week of the year when it comes to a mix of crowds and weather.
  2. Sorry for the delay of a couple of days. Here are the rest of the pictures from the trip. This is the cue for Maverick during ERT. Waiting for the launch Away they go I never get over the how fast this coaster seems to be going. This is the only coaster in the park where I tend to loose track of where we are on the ride. Twisty I think the view of the lake adds a lot to this ride. More Maverick This is in line for MF the second day. This was about the average line for both days that we were there. Not too bad. It was roughly 15 minutes to the station to walk on to anything other than the front. For the front it was an extra 30 minute wait, but it was nice to be in the shade. One more of Maverick cresting the hill from the train Ah, Mean Streak Had to wait one train to get the front so took this while waiting. We really got used to this kind of view of all of the stations. They should change the name to "The Stripper" She is so pretty to look at from a distance, but when you get up close she is really rough. Still, you just can't resist making the mistake every time. Although I didn't get any pics, I did spot the cars from Double Loop in the storage area under Mean Streak. I did not, however see the cars for the Big Dipper. They did have some cars covered with tarps. Sky Hawk It really gets up there Jungle Larry plaque hidden away in the museum. Seems like it should be somewhere out on the midway. Magnum cue The Witches Wheel from the Magnum cue. They were running a much different program this year than last year when we were in the park. I have to say that this years was much more enjoyable. Corkscrew from the cue area. The crew running Corkscrew and Magnum were both really good. If I had to pick the best crew of the trip it would be Corkscrew. It takes a lot to be enthusiastic about a caster that has been around for so long and has so few people riding. The guy unlocking the cars for the train by hopping from the front down to the back on one leg was very amusing and coordinated. Before leaving this guy told me there would be a Woodie on the beach for 2012. Shhh... he said no one is supposed to know.
  3. We did Soak City for a couple of hours both days. It was really nice. The lines in for the slides were anywhere from 5 minutes to nothing. We did Soak City last year one of the days that we were there but it was much cooler. This time with the heat we really enjoyed it.
  4. Last week Corkscrew was running red and blue with white idle. Mean Streak was running red and gold with no other train in sight. No line for either of them.
  5. So, I finally got the time to post the rest of the pictures that I took on day one. Hope you guys enjoy. Looking down the boardwalk by the Breakers on the left and toward Magnum and Soak City in the distance View in the opposite direction. I think that my wife is not happy about the bug on the fence that my son is playing with. Wicked Twister down the boardwalk. Guessing this will look a bit different next year. Don't know what is going to happen with the beach entrance next year, so I thought that I would get a pic just in case. I noticed that the two older women working this gate were the same as last year and that their badges said 15 years of service! Does anyone else know if they have been working this gate for that entire period? They were really sweet harts. I should have got a picture of them. I took several pics of Ocean Motion since it will be gone soon. I loved this ride when I was a kid. Not nearly as much now, but had to ride it for old time sake. It was running well. I wonder how many people on it realized that it would not be there next year. I was surprised to find that there were NO signs inside the park to advertise Windseeker. Last year they announced the plans for STR while we were at the park and there we several signs up after the announcements to promote it and share info about the ride. One of the really nice things about OM was the theming around it and the very nice landscaping. Really a nice area with a nice feel right next to the beach. Giant Wheel, Wicked Twister and DOMO's new stomping ground. Took a couple of pics of Chaos just in case they find a buyer for it in the off season. Kinda surprised that they are trying to get rid of this. Not a bad ride for a flat. Not a very good pic of Raptor, but had to take a picture of the fountains. they had so much chlorine in the fountain that you could smell it all of the way on the other side of the midway. The sun was in the wrong place for this shot but I had to take it anyway. The trim for the second part of Raptor was off. I am not sure if they have been running it that way all season or if that was a recent development. Twisty! The Skyride was on and off because of the wind, but I took this shot to show how empty the park was even at 5:30 pm. It was great. Another pic from the same spot of the huge crowd jockeying for position. I am sure that some of you have seen the cues empty for Raptor, but it was a first for me. How about a walk on ride on Raptor? That's a lot of crap for one bird I couldn't resist. They're just making it so easy. Train Not overly excited to be on the train, but it was nice to get off our feet for a while. Maverick track Picture of the train from the train Mine Ride. Only rode it once and it felt a bit rougher than last year. This is such a great location it would be nice if they tore it down and put in a new coaster here sometime in the future. Although I suppose it serves a purpose within the portfolio of coasters at the park. I have noticed that Blue Streak, Iron Dragon, Disaster Transport, Mine Ride and Wildcat have really become defacto rides for the kids. I suppose they are favorite rides for the 8 to 12 year old age group. STR along with FOUR record breaking coasters in one picture. I am fairly sure there is no other park in the world where you can get four record breakers (for height) in the same park, much less one picture. I didn't even realize it when I took the photo. Gotta love it. Scrambler. Great lighting, although I could do without the obnoxious paint job. Matterhorn. Still love this ride. The winds came down enough to open the Sky Ride. Raptor, lit up I really like this pic with the dark lake in the background. Wanted Raptor at the top of the loop, but wasn't going to get it with the car coming in from the other direction on the Sky Ride. I know it is a bit dark, but I thought it was a cool picture. I think this one is even better. One last shot of Ocean Motion in the dark Took a picture of the entrance sign to the causeway as we were leaving to go to dinner.
  6. Thanks for all the comments. I will try and get more pics up this afternoon.
  7. So, I have some time to post some photos from the first day in the park. I will try and get more on later. Gemini just before opening. They were doing test runs with both trains but never ran more than one during operating hours. This is still one of my favorite rides in the park. In fact besides MF I think that I enjoy Gemini more than any other coaster in the park. Still such an awesome ride after so many years. I see you Millennium Force! Another shot of MF from the Camp Snoopy area. It was a good thing no one was there, because the crew for Gemini were really bad this time. Rode it several times both days and found the crew to be unenthusiastic, slow and altogether sub par. Anyone want to ride Gemini... I guess not, we'll just have to ride by ourselves. In just a few months you people have turned me into a credit whore. My son said "You want to ride what? Dad, you're a Dork." Going up And back down TTD ran consistently the first day we were there and sporadically the second. The fist day it was really flying over the crest, but the second day it was lingering a bit more. In addition to the DOMO moonlighting as a character in Disaster Transport, Cedar Fair is also utilizing mini DOMOs to guard restricted areas of the park. One more shot of TTD. Such an impressive sight. My son and I peaking through the rail, waiting for the front of Magnum. Leaving the station. Had to wait two trains for the front. Magnum was, as always, a good ride. It was pretty clear so we had a great view on the way up the lift. With the speed of the lift you have plenty of time to take in the view. I can't imagine how long the hill would seem if Millennium Force had the same lift. Iron dragon swishing through the trees Lots of mist was appreciated in the heat Corkscrew getting ready to, well, screw. Corkscrew, Iron Dragon, Power Tower, TTD and a small piece of MF. All from the midway. Power Tower with one going up and one going down. I hadn't done power tower in a long time and forgot how much anticipation there was on it. Dogem Mantis cresting the lift hill. Later in the day I would watch five trains in a row leave the station with only the front and sometimes the back occupied. Mantis was running surprisingly well. It seemed much smoother than the last time I was on it. The fact that I had a leg cramp half way through the ride only added to the experience. Look Ma, No Trim! This was the back of the line for MF These people look like they are having fun View of the marina on a beautiful day from the cue of MF Beware the Intamin cable! I love how steep the lift hill is Going Going Gone MF curving under the moon. In fact the moon was out all morning and afternoon both days. It was very cool. They had drained Thunder Canyon to get ready for Halloweekends. Working hard on the maze.
  8. This is the second year in a row that our family has done a trip to Cedar Point during the last week of the season when the park is still open on weekdays. We expected last year's trip to be a one time only thing, but it went so well that we had to do it again. The weather was hot. Temps in the upper 80's and lower 90's both days with quite a bit of wind the second day. The park was not crowded at all. We stayed at the Breakers for two nights while we were there. Yes, it is overpriced for what it is, but the connivence of location is really great. I also think that it adds a little to the experience when you stay "in" the park. It was really nice to be able to utilize the room when going to Soak City too. Because the temps were high, we managed to make it over to Soak City both afternoons we were there. The park was clean and I thought the landscaping this year looked a bit better than last year. Felt like about the same number of people in the park this year as last year, but the hotel seemed a little busier. Not to say that there were a lot of people at the hotel though. If I had to guess, they were probably running around 25% to 35% of capacity. Most of the flat rides and coasters were walk ons. The longest wait we had in two days was for the front of Millennium Force which turned out to be around 40 minutes. If you did not want the front or back of a coaster you could walk on to any of them with the exception of MF, Dragster and Maverick both days. It is getting late here so I am going to start with a few pics getting to the park and getting into the park. I will try to post more inside the park as soon as I get the chance. This is my first try at a photo TR so bear with me if it doesn't turn out so well. I really appreciate everyone else always posting TRs so I tried to take lots of pics to share, so I hope you all enjoy... Leaving Denver on Tuesday Random Planes The airport seemed pretty busy for a Tuesday night Insert comment about LAX here The track for the future runaway train ride at DIA I know this is a really bad pic, but you get the idea of the kind of weather we ran into right after takeoff. After a few hours of sleep we were off to the park on Wednesday morning. At about 10:00 the main parking lot (to the right) was pretty much empty First view of Maverick and Mean Streak on our way around the perimeter road Corkscrew, Power Tower, Iron Dragon and Mantis from the parking lot of the hotel TTD and Magnum from the same spot, with Gemini poking through the trees I don't think the front entrance of the Breakers has changed since the first time I stayed there probably close to 20 years ago. Walking from the Breakers to the entrance we got some good views of Magnum Sexy curves Walked past the up charge mini golf course on the way into the park. I can't imagine this is a money maker for CP. I hardly ever see people using it.
  9. Nice shots of Silver Dollar City. Actually made me get on mapquest and see how long it would take to get there. Really looked great. Now for a Bevis and Butthead moment... They had a collection of knobs at City Museum and you got off with a bruised a$$. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Heh, heh, ya. Great TR so far, thanks for sharing.
  10. Thanks for the photos. Have very fond memories of this park in the 80's. Was the first park that my parents ever took me and my sister to. Those were great days.
  11. One of my first coasters as a kid... Sigh. I hope against hope that someone will buy it and give it another lease on life. Would hate to see it and the Double Loop both go the way of the scrap heap.
  12. Lakeside is nice in a nostalgic sort of way. Although the surroundings are rough. Elitch is a waste. The park is small, the rides are crap and it always seems to be filled with thugs and gang banger wannabes that pay for the season pass to have a place to hang out all summer. Easily the worst park atmosphere on a consistent basis I have ever experienced. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone thinking of going with kids. They should bulldoze the place, sell the land for a high rise condo complex and start over again outside of town with the money. Once upon a time I had a season pass for Elitch but these days I wouldn't go if they were giving tickets away. Sorry to be so negative, but it really stinks when you live here and the largest amusement park within a ten hour drive is Elitch. At least we live in a area were we have a bunch of other stuff to do that is world class.
  13. The truck looks like a four axle front discharge mixer... Very similar to what they use at ernstconcrete.com/? That would limit the choices to Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Georgia.
  14. On a note not related to Windseeker at all... Has anyone checked out the webcams for the park today? It is so empty. Would be a great day to be there.
  15. Thrillrider... Great TR as always. Really enjoy how you throw in some minor everyday stuff. Even though I live in Colorado now, I know right where that drive in theater is and where that bridge is on the Ohio Turnpike. Amy... Happy Birthday!
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