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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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^That is correct, heres a link:


Cedar Point resort guests are admitted to the park one hour before its open to the public to enjoy Maverick, Millennium Force, Raptor, Skyhawk and the Gemini Childrens Area without having to wait in long lines!


Yeah, I'm glad they extend it to an hour before, but for those going early May up to the 24th, the park closes at 7 now instead of 8. I think that's pretty stupid because now people, like me, who get the package where you get 1 night of starlight and 1 full day, only have 3 hours for starlight.


But the good thing is, that they don't cut off the line for some rides (Dragster especially) a few hours before the park closes, they cut it off right when it closes, and if they have to be there until 10, then so be it, they will be there until 10. I remember a few years back when I went back to my room after the park had closed (Dragster was right out my window). I heard them launching for a good 3 more hours after the park had closed. That's when it closed at 8, so that would have been 11 that they stopped.

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^ Yes that's one of the good qualities about Cedar Point. We were riding Millenium Force at 1 am when we were there.


Off track but on topic, I hope they get some grass down around Maverick. Of course, it'll look best in a few years once the trees have had a chance to grow in.





-Nick C.

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So I'm not sure if this has been discussed, but I don't want to read 109 pages to find out. I've been wondering how intense the launch is going to be, like how long it takes to reach 70 mph, anyone know? OMG I'm so excited to ride this this summer!!


Well, Wicked Twister launches to about 70 MPH in I would say 100 ft, but its inital launch it 55MPH....sooo It's a fun launch, deffinately something that would pin you to your seat!

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Well, Wicked Twister launches to about 70 MPH in I would say 400 ft, but its inital launch it 55MPH....sooo It's a fun launch, deffinately something that would pin you to your seat!

The launch section is longer than a football feild? Wow...

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Just backing up a couple pages to address the Maverick model. Paul is a friend of mine, who I happen to be meeting up with at the Point in a week. He actually put that model together pretty quickly, getting the bulk of the work done in a matter of weeks. I never am able to put my CoasterDynamix models together that fast. Now, this next bit will surely make many of you jealous (I sure as heck was when he called me last night and told me the news). His model so impressed the Cedar Fair people that they sent him an invite to Maverick Media Day this Thursday. Yep, he's gonna get to ride Maverick before the rest of us suckers AND will probably be on TV/in ads to boot. So, for those of you wondering how to get invited to media day: either be in the media or build a whopping, spot-on replica of the featured Media Day ride

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Press Release Source: Cedar Point



Maverick Opening Delayed

Tuesday May 8, 1:05 pm ET

May 10th Media Preview Cancelled



SANDUSKY, Ohio, May 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Cedar Point announced today that the opening of Maverick, the park's 17th roller coaster, will be delayed until early June to make modifications to the coaster's steel track.


The Media Preview of Maverick scheduled for Thursday, May 10 has been cancelled. The ride will not be in operation on Opening Day.


The decision to delay the opening of Maverick was based on pre-opening tests and consultation with IntaRide, the manufacturer of the ride. Based on these discussions, it has been determined that three sections of steel track following the launch tunnel should be replaced.


"We apologize to all of our guests for this inconvenience," said John Hildebrandt, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point. "This decision was made in the interest of improving the guest experience on the ride and to eliminate excessive stress on the trains."


The modification process is already underway and the park hopes to open the ride by early June.


Cedar Point will be open daily Saturday, May 12 through Labor Day, Sept. 3. It will reopen for a Bonus Weekend on Sept. 7-9 and seven HalloWeekends from Sept. 14-16 through October 26-28, 2007.


Well, this bites.

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I would have to believe this is going to be the last coaster CP builds with Intamin for a long, long time.


That's been said before, and yet they keep building Intamin.


Guess I'm out the cost of a hotel room tomorow night.

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How glad am I the Midwest trip isn't til August!


Cedar Fair can swear away from Intamin, sorry IntaRide coasters as soon as the pre-fab woodies go up.


Sucks for anyone who had spent money on a trip there this month based on Maverick. Although, with this and the Tatsu situation last year people might learn the hard way not to plan expensive visits on opening month.

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I would have to believe this is going to be the last coaster CP builds with Intamin for a long, long time.

Why? You have to remember that problems at the opening of a ride are quickly forgiven if the ride turns out to be a success. Just look at the amount of coverage a ride like TDD has had even with all the delays in the first year of operation.


No one would disagree that ride has been a *HUGE* success for that park. Same thing with Millennium Force. I would argue that those two rides have recieved *FAR* more coverage than Raptor or Mantis.


Remember that Intamin is the company that pushes the envelope. You are going to encounter more issues when you are toying with new or different technology or building the "tallest" and "fastest"


A company like B&M produces rides based mostly on "proven" technology.


Having said that though, the only "new technology" to Intamin I see on Maverick is the 95 degree drop. Everything else has pretty much been done on California Screamin'


Regardless, If you look at the top coasters in the world, Intamin and B&M dominate that poll. So I think it's kind of unfair to say that one company is better than the other. Sure it's a personal preference, but they producing two very differnt types of products for different customers, and you can't deny that Intamin is building some of the best rides in the world, despite any of the issues they might have in their initial season.



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ps. there are still spots open on the Midwest trip and we do have 2 hours of ERT on Maverick!


...We do?

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