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Photo TR: Derek and Nicole do Niagara


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WHAT?!?!? You didn't take pictures of the Magic, North America's only Huss Magic?!?!


As for the restaurant next to Sky Screamer, It's been under construction since Sky Screamer opened.. It was even on the map last year. I went up there, found it still under construction, and asked a maintennance worker in the area when it would open. I even guessed a year- 2008. Ended up getting a dirty look from the worker.

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Great Trip Report Derek. The shower pics crack me up everytime I see them...LOL....oh and thanks for the Leg room pic. Now I know I can ride dragon mountain with my legs stretched out and comfortable!


Casey"Leg Room and High shower heads are a good thing"Childers

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After a good 4 hours at Marineland, we were pretty hungry and tired of walking so much. After seeing the huge lines for food at Marineland, we opted for food we know would be better and possibly cheaper, so we headed out for Clifton Hill, the tourist trap area of Niagara Falls, Ontario. Heath the Sally Fan wanted to ride Ghost Blasters anyway, and we decided to check out the Falls and stuff while we were there.


Thur they is! Heeeeey!!


Dude, where's the ton of Wandas?


Either it was really crowded that day, or another ACE Group photo was being planned at the moment


From the top of the Horseshoe Falls. Anyone have the urge to go over in a barrel?


The closer we got to the falls, the wetter and the better it felt! See that Maid of the Mist down there, it was a long line, no thanks


A closer look at the Canadian side of the Falls


So yeah, here we are at the Falls


Off in the distance you'll see how much more spectacular the Canadian Falls are


So here's the American side of Niagara Falls (notice, its not called Niagra Falls, its not spelled like Viagra and the water doesn't flow up)


Its also home to Marvel Superhero City, but we weren't interested this time


Lots of other touristy stuff in Clifton Hill, like Rainforest Cafe, and HOLY CRAP! Piledriver is working finally!


Keath and Him are ready to blast some ghosts. The guns worked pretty well for a Sally ride


Nice animatronics outside try to coerce you inside


Right below Boston Pizza was Ghost Blasters. Not too bad a price at $5 CAN per person


Only in Canada would you find the hockey simulator


For lunch we stopped at Boston Pizza. We were so thirsty, we didn't even get beer!


They've got a new ferris wheel, but Nicole wasn't interested, so we skipped it


Welcome to Clifton Hill, much like Pigeon Forge or the Wis Dells, its a tourist trap, full of these expensive and lame haunted houses

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Yeah... we got the Great Canadian Midway pass last month, which was actually a pretty good deal (it included Ghost Blasters, the Sky Wheel, and a few other Clifton Hill attractions).


Glad to see the Pile Driver still looks as crappy as it was last month, too! So slow, and not worth any amount of money that can be measured in dollars.

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Part 4: Martin's Fantasy Island


A small park that I've never been to, but passed by in the winter time, home to a wooden coaster, and a mile from my girlfriend's house...you bet I'm going there!


The park was really small and strangely laid out and themed. The only real theming was around the western entrance and then it basically turned into a kiddie area on one side and a carnival midway on the other side with a few traditional park things like antique cars, a log flume, and a train. Everything else though was trailer mounted, except for the wooden CCI Silver Comet. SC was a lot better than I was expecting, with some good airtime and turns. It reminded me of Great White at Moreys, but with not as good a location, but much more airtime (and little risk of getting hit with sand). Sadly, with only 1 train operation, us only going for sundown admission, and a nice sized crowd, I only managed 2 rides on Comet. Its ok though, as long as Nicole or her parents live up there, I'm sure I'll go back.


and no BACT attack would be complete without beer


Kim gets a little crazy with her wing order =)


Everyone is sunburnt, exhausted, and hungry


After Martin's it was off to Buffalo, and the Anchor Bar, birthplace of the Buffalo Wing


One last photo to show to Mark of his awesome Nitro


No Sea Ray for us, as we needed to ride Silver Comet again before the park closed. Darn 1 train operation (of course, that's all they have!)


I love the new lapbars so much more than the old ones


It was highly popular too, we waited almost as long for this as we did the Tivoli at Marineland


Too bad it didn't spin all that much, though we got a little bit of action out of it


Another credit, even Nicole didn't have this one, and its been there for over a year!


The Ferris Wheel is right up next to the Interstate


I'll pass on this Patriot, as its not a credit, not even to Jeff


Wow, thats like 2 operatings Chaos' I've seen so far this year (and as full as the park was, there was no line for this!)


Chance Slingshot, L to the A to the M to the E


Zamperla frisbee type ride (Mark, I've got more if you want them, $100 each!) =)


Lots of turns, just like Great White


Great airtime in the first couple of hills. Too bad they reprofiled this turnaround


The main draw, Silver Comet


First ride we see, the super fun slide


Malaria Lake Niagra


The western section leading to the carnival midway



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^ LOL!!! Guess its just me, but it was one of the better Zamp mice I've been on - now Beech Bend, THAT one didn't spin worth a s***



NICE ending with the Wandas on the Niagara Falls part, and nice recap of MFI. I thought that park was funny - you walk in and see a very plain area with a crappy Chance Carousel, then you walk into a moderately themed western town of sorts, and you keep walking and finally get to the concrete playground that is the main midway - I guess that little western part was their "experiment" with theming or something


Bummer yall only got 2 rides on the Silver Comet, but then again, now that Nic has moved on to bigger and better things in Europe, it probably doesn't rank too high with her anymore =( (oh well I still think it kicks ass 8))


I also really got a kick out of the Nitro ride, very cool for a little pendulum.

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I promise you people, I'm supposed to be climbing that wall, no matter what else it may look like I'm doing.


The pics turned out good Derek. Just do us a favor and never refer to us as the "Yorkers" ever again.


The Silver Comet was running pretty good but not quite as good as it was during the Spring Con in May. Man, it was absolutley tearing it up on that wet track!


By the way Dave, I think I can speak for us all when I say that the Anchor Bar wings were pretty good. As a matter of fact we enjoyed the rest of them when we got home Sunday night. There may have been better in Buffalo but it was pretty cool having some at the place where it all started.

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Aww. Derek, you and Nicole are a cute couple, haha. Looks like y'all had fun. I've always wanted to goto the Niagra area, Heard its supposed to be beautiful . Was Silver Comet built with Gertslauer trains? Because thats how it is @ Myrtle Beach Pavillion Hurricane and that thing is a death-machine on the helices.


Nice TR,




EDIT: just a couple typos

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Awsome TR Derek. Its nice to see the Fantasty Island is trying to remember the park that wasnt too far, the entrance looks exactly like what the Crystal Beach Comets used to. I never rode it but I was at Crystal Beach when I was 2 and kinda fell a lil short for the ride. Even the name was probably inspired by the old coaster. What is interesting is that the CB Comet was originally sold and sat at Fantasy Island, but its ressurection there never occured, so I guess they tried to make up for it with their own version.


Crystal Beach Comet


Silver Comet

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Ahhh, PTC...it mustave been good. Definately 1 more reason to go to Niagra/Buffalo area. It looked like y'all got really close to the falls in some of those pics. Dont you get really wet from the mist?


I wonder if maybe @ Marineland, they should just tear up all the cement/brick paths, make dirt paths instead, and make the worlds first hiking park! They probably have enough space, and it would be a nice idea. Hike for a day, ride roller coasters/flat-rides inbetween trails. I'd go for it..

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