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Photo TR: Derek and Nicole do Niagara


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So, since I have a girlfriend near Buffalo and lots of coaster credits to ride there yet, I decided now would be a great time to go up there, see the woman, ride the coasters, and have some fun! Of course, this trip wouldn't be done alone, and fellow BACT members Heath and Kim will join us later. Onto the pics from tonight as I present "Derek gets to Buffalo"


Page 2 contains photos from Marineland

Page 4 contains photos from Clifton Hill and the Falls as well as Martin's Fantasy Island


And well worth the journey! Let the coastering begin....in the am. ;)


First goal of the trip, see Nicole, accomplished!


Ok, a Sprite will do, thank you


In 1st class, its boring. Bring me the head of a pig!


Never done before, I drink a free Budweiser, just for Wally


Hasbro, Paramount, Takara, and Activision magically transform this seat into a vision 10 years into the future: "Nicole, get me a HopDevil, and tell those damn kids to go to bed they have school in the morning!" =)


Like Mommy James, I decide its best to fly 1st class, especially when going to see a 1st class woman


OK, after a few drinks, here's the gate, where my plane awaits


See? Happy!


Yup, thats the REAL reason I came back!


At the Philadelphia Airport, I arrived early enough to enjoy some beers

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Remember Derek, if you jump into the water right by the falls, Superman will fly over and save your butt. I suggest that you test this theory out while Niiico takes pictures, that would rule. Remember, Niiico is not allowed to earn more than 8 credits on this trip. Or is it 6?

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And now, Part Deuce: Marineland


So after a good night's sleep, Heath and Kim rolled into town right as planned and we were off to Marineland, a park that only Nicole had been to, and hadn't been there in about 10 years, even though its like 30 minutes from her house.


A few words to describe Marineland; big, spaced out, odd. The park seemed huge, the space between the rides was ridiculous, and the whole theme was weird. Everything was like a chalet, with 1970s lettering, and there weren't that many marine animals, so why is it called Marineland?? It was a neat sort of park, especially for a family. Operations were kinda strange though, with them not adding a second train to Dragon Mt or a 2nd tower to Sky Screamer until the queue/station was completely full. We ended up spending more time here than we probably expected, mainly because it took forever to walk somewhere. But we also wanted to get our money's worth since it cost close to $40 to get in.


From the hill you can see Niagara, and from the top of the tower you can see the falls


Of course, we ended up waiting about 40 minutes once we got there since they were only running 1 tower at the moment.


Hooray, we finally made it! Too bad the restaurant isn't completed yet, we could really use some water!


This thing sits at the top of the hill and the path wraps all the way around the hill


And we thought the walk to Dragon Mountain was bad!


A new ride, but the same signage as every other ride in the park


And the finally finished 23 years late "Volcano"/Toilet bowl


At the top of the worlds slowest lift, you can see how terrainy it is


Here we go, on the worlds longest unfinished themed coaster called Digestive Mountain


And roomy too, even Casey would easily be able to fit!


And the front of the train was oddly Chinese dragon themed


The station has a really neat looking entrance.


The tunnel exit into this one of a kind inversion was pretty cool


Heath needs to get a good shot of the coaster, but its hard to do because its so spaced out and hidden


Dragon Mountain was surprisingly fun, and not too rough (in the back)


Da bears, day hungry!


See, its testing its toppleness


The Heathface Topple Tower is going to open real soon!


The condor is no longer the tallest tower in the park


Look, its a magic carpet (known as a "this" ride [does weird hand motions] to the Tourots)


Finally we see our first ride, a Mack SeaStorm


Woohoo, Canadian in an electric cart, does that count?


We're not even sure if we're going the right way, our DOT matrix printed maps make the park seem a bit smaller


LOTS of walking!


Thats right, bathroom credit


Where does Nicole go first?


Ah, welcome back to 1977


and so does Nicole


Kim loves Tim's bits


Even I got an iced cappucino. Look out Canada!


Heath shows off his box of Timbits


First stop of the day though was Timmy's as the Yorkers needed some coffee


For Casey, here's a shower pic, this time of me (since I'm so incredibly beautiful)

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Are they really building a topple tower? If so, don't worry, it will probably be done by 2016 the way they build things at that park!


So is the Dragon Mountain theming done again for the next 20 years? Or are they still working on it?

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More of Marineland, animals and stuff


Yeah, its getting full, lets get outta here!


Dude, where were the dolphin strollers when I was a kid!?


Another fairly new ride. This was probably purchased in 1999 and finally opened in 2005!


The line was long, the coaster was short, but at least it didn't require a kid to ride


Sweet! Credit #2 at the park


With its tandem seating, I'll gladly take a ride on the Condor


And whale themed Mack teacups


More rides! Like this chair swing


Yeah, right. Maybe my grandchildren will see this occur!


This one waves goodbye just in case she disappears in the near future (to be turned into caviar, right Heath?!) =)


Here are the Belugas that are currently alive


"Mommy, if I was born here, that makes me a Canadian Whale, eh!"


"yup, there she is!"


"Hey, I'm a killer whale, just like Shamu, but I'm in Canada instead. I think my sister escaped..."




Nicole is so impressed with that rack, she wants to pound it. Dude!


Check out that rack!


But at least you can feed them ice cream cones and nutricious stuff like that


The men ruined free time for the ladies, now they're behind bars


Run, Buck, Run!


A concentration camp for deer


Welcome to Deerschuwitz!

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I was going to go there with my dads Company Picnic but im happy I didnt because I wouldnt of lasted there for the whole day but I still wanted the credits. Looks like you guys are having a good time and...


I was wondering if you're going on the new Clifton Hill Ferris Wheel?

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3 rotations? I got at least 5 on my trip a few weeks ago.


Completely agree on almost all aspects of the park, including retro signage, way too far spaced rides, and (seeing as how I'm 6'1") the Casey-approved front car of DM.


They had one-train ops the whole day when I was there, too... at least I managed to get on the first train/cart for both Sky Screamer and DM. Still, it was kinda messed...


P.S. How many times did you hit the wall in the Mountain's queue?


P.S.S. Their commercials had somehow worked their way into my childhood memories... catchy songs do that, I suppose. It was every other commercial on CTV back in the 90's!

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