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Heide Park Discussion Thread

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I just hope it's not another "small" variant like Desert Race or Krake. The first pales in comparison to US installations and the second is not only smaller than most Dive Machines but also shorter in track length.


So far the only coaster making me visit Heide-Park is Colossos.

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^ I've been busy mapping the footers, so far it looks like this:

Very odd placement so far I can't really say where they're going at here. Could be a big ride looking at the footers. 750 meters would it join the small ones and 900 meter X-flight and Wild Eagle.

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With the pictures of the track I'm 99.9% sure we're It's going to be a Wingrider. Look at DJeXel post, that piece that's spotted on site is exactly the the same as Gatekeeper's. Also the brakes give me the idea, as they are much further away from the track then usual. That matches the bigger wheel of the Wingrides.


If it is indeed a Wingrider then I wonder how trains are going to look like. Merlin has proven to theme their Wingrider trains well, Raptor at Gardaland and Swarm at Thorpe are still my two favorite Wingrider trains.

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Hello all,


I'm Planning a visit to Heide Park around september 4th.

As i was looking at the on line ticket shop of the park , i saw there is no option to buy the add on Express Butler for the whole september mid-week days.

I'm sure these did not sell out yet, so i can only imagine it means the park should not be too crowded at these time, and the Express Butler is not really needed?


I'm, not sure, but i though the kids in germany are not back to school until mid september...

Any info on september crowds would be nice.


Also , If any of you have used the Hamburg-Heide Park Bus service and can recommend it,Please do.

It looks OK , Although us coaster freaks want to be at the park before it opens and that bus gets there 10 minuets after... and leaves at closing time sharp. Takes out the fun of that "first/last train" ride, doesn't it




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^^Never used this so far.


If not available do Colossos first and before closing. Do Krake in the afternoon as line shortens after 3pm. Depending on weather the park can get well filled - while some states are back to school the last return mid-September. If you can still re-schedule the best time would be the last two weeks of September before Autumn school holidays begin early October.


I'd recommend to hire a car. Heide-Park is located on the Autobahn 7 Hamburg-Hannover - however there is construction at the Autobahnkreuz south of Hamburg until end of September connecting Autobahn 1 and 7, ecpect a detour and traffic jams there. Also if staying in Hamburg try to get a hotel south of the Elbe so you don't have go through the Elbtunnel - which is a known bottleneck.

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