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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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^I agree. With low capacity rides, it is VERY important to keep it fully staffed and the dispatch interval times need to bat at a minimum or the guest expereicen will fall downhill, quick. SF probably didn't realize that the couldn't have half a$$ upkeeep with this ride, like most others

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Based off of what a few people brought up, it seems that Insane DOES have the same problems as SFMM with the ZacSpin. The difference is that they are good enough to spend money on the maintenance personnel to be at the ride when the cars come into the station weird. I saw this happen tons of times at GL last year when the ride was operating the way it should operate where they kept maintenance on hand to handle any problems (which were pretty common).

Unfortunately the issue lies, of course, with SFMM's cheapness.

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So how long can everybody conceivably see GL staying at the park? I give it until the end of 2013 at most. Now that CP is removing Wildcat, they can keep the "Coaster Crown" with whatever they add next year and remove GL. I just don't know what else, if anything could go in that spot. They may be forced to get a **gasp** Flat Ride.

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Why would they remove it though? If the GP enjoys it just fine, and all they have to do is balance the trains, then that's what they'll do. Just because they run it like crap doesn't mean they're just gonna rip it out two years later. They'll just run it like crap some more.


Plus, the world's ending in a few months so this won't even matter in 2013!

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RC Day 2012 Review:


So I arrived at the park around 10:00. I squeezed myself up to the front of the gate so I could get with my friends. I got to meet freddiew, JacksFilms, and a couple other people. You can check out there channels right here: JacksFilms freddiew I thought the event was really fun! The park was empty for the most part (besides the 600 fans that came to meet freddiew). I got on almost all the rides without a wait and I felt it was a very fun event. I can't compare RC Day with WCB probably because I have yet been able to go and WCB just sounds alot better. Oh yes and I skipped Green Lantern because inversions are too mainstream for Magic Mountain at the moment. Here's some photos:


While walking off of Tatsu...I noticed the light is missing, this is serious guys, we need to find it. CALL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW.


Is it over here!? Nahhh...just a lady doing an awesome dinosaur impression.


Somebody was caught filming without permission on Riddler. The ride started up again 5 minutes later.


Then I took a ride on Scrambler...this ride needs some love.


Then Sandblasters...this ride needs more than love. It looked as if apes were chucking poop at the cars.


More poop.


Details are starting to appear on Lex Luthor's Entrance.


Track is completed.


This is being painted white...maybe the light will be on this building!


Electrical stuff to power the light.


One last shot of Lex Luthor.


Goliath was running great today. It was a walk on for the most part.


Another shot of Goliath.


Samurai Summit needs some place to eat.


Right now it's just rotting.


Revolution wasn't "as" painful. Still wish this ride got either new trains or they remove the useless OTSRs.


At least Magic Mountain hasn't screwed this up...yet..


For now and hopefully forever it will still look great.


The "door" wasn't shut all the way.


Road Runner was down. Train was missing. No big deal though...this could be where the light will end up.




I will end this report off with Freddie and I(striped shirt). Have a great day everyone!

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I think they will remove the ride, after the 2013 or 2014 season, and say its due to a ride rotation....then, they can add a sequel to Pistachio Park and put Cashew Park in the place of Green Lantern....seriously, I give it 2, maybe 3 more years at most!

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If they were to remove GL, it would be around 2014/2015. I think it might get one of those "renovations" that Six Flags likes to have, anyone want Bizarro: Cynical Spin?


Really, SFMM is just letting all the non-coaster rides to just rot. Well, the non-coaster rides still existing.

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If they were to remove GL, it would be around 2014/2015. I think it might get one of those "renovations" that Six Flags likes to have, anyone want Bizarro: Cynical Spin?

Green Lantern: Second Flight


Flames, audio, and fog! But one flame thrower, the audio, and fog won't work after one season.

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If they were to remove GL, it would be around 2014/2015. I think it might get one of those "renovations" that Six Flags likes to have, anyone want Bizarro: Cynical Spin?


119907.jpg.b176bd5136792292530f20a559c7cc7e.jpg I was watching Green Lantern from the Tidal Wave area, it wasn't spinning at all! It was just rocking back and forth through out the entire ride! It wasn't just one train too, it was all of them!

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That's not even a pun though...


I'm pretty bummed all around that GL wasn't/isn't what it could be. I've heard about the potential, but the balancing makes the ride dull and disappointing. Not to mention, it's also pretty uncomfortable at points, depending on your ride.

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I think the one thing I have seen in this thread which I find most disappointing of all are the shots of the Sky Tower empty, and the Magic Of The Mountain museum vanished without a trace. I remember when it opened at WCB 2008, standing up there and looking down at the park where they had everything open and seeing how pleased Jay Thomas seemed with everything and the progress the park was making. I visited SFMM just before I left So Cal and although I had a great time, there is such a marked difference between how things were when Jay was running the show and now, and from all I am seeing things are not improving. I am hopeful that the new additions to the park-Lex Luthor (which is a ride I am actually thinking twice about riding next time I am out there for a visit as it looks terrifying to me) and whatever replaces Log Jammer (Full Throttle or whatever that turns out to be)-will be successful for the park and things will get back on track.

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IDK, it seems to me they could put a set of clamp brakes on to stop the thing on the vertical track coming down into the station thus preventing another car from being able to go up the lift(or at least allow it to stop on the lift while waiting for the block to clear) and ensuring a full slide through the MCBR each time if say a car didn't right itself in the station.

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Had a good day at the park today. Got there at about 3:15 and started out with Tatsu. Got on in 10 minutes and it was a good ride! Then headed to Apocalypse and waited 10 minutes (1 train operations). Riddlers: 10 min. (1 train, really bumpy). Green lantern (10 minutes, walk right in, got 2 flips at the end). Goliath (2 trains) walked on and got 2 back to back rides, X2 (1 train operation) 70 minutes .. That was LONG! And slow.. Got on at 7PM. Second to last train..


I lost my season pass at Green Lantern.. Hopefully they will find it.


Saw Freddiew near the Center Ring Games with a flock of followers behind him! Haha


Good day! But they need to run 2 trains on at least X2.

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