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  1. I wonder if anyone went to the GLBT party tonight. I wonder how crowded it was.
  2. I think it would be interesting to give it to SFMM's Colossus. It would really bring life back to the ride. Just imagine... Dueling barrel rolls.
  3. That seems way too packed. It wasn't even quite that bad on Saturday. X2 peaked at about 100 minutes but was down to 20 by 4 PM. Tatsu was 40-45 all day. Lex was 30-45 all day, same with Lantern. I would guess it will still be empty. Last Sunday there was a Keyes Automotive picnic and the place was still deader than dead. I would guess that X2 will top out around 40 min and same with Tatsu, with X2 dropping to almost walk on and Tatsu dropping to around 20 for the rest of the day. Everything else being near walk on. I would guess Lex and Lantern being about 20 min each and Goliath being walk on all day. Just my guess..
  4. I always go to X2 first. I can get to the park at 10:15 and without discover can usually get onto the first train of X2. Just run really really fast.on Saturday I was near the back of the pack to go in and they were having trouble with my pass (it wouldn't scan; all the numbers had to be entered in) but I still got on like the 4th or 5th train. Only waiting about 10 minutes (from the bottom of the steps). By the time I was out, the line was on the bridge.
  5. It shows the supports in the Superman plaza in the announcement video. I like how they find a way to shut down Superman for one reason or another every off-season. It would seem weird just seeing Lex Luthor going up on the tower by itself with no superman.
  6. I don't think they had an excuse for running one on Revolution. On Riddler they only have 2 and one was in rehab.. So they're stuck with 1. At Scream it looked like they were only running 1 because the other 2 were in rehab. One looked to be taken apart by row and totally rehabbed and the other one looked like it would be that way soon with some of the OTSRs and plastic pieces removed. Glad to see a Scream rehab!!!! The park was managing the day better than I expected. I mean, when cars are parked in the dirt, how can you only way 2 or 3 trains for Goliath? It was really strange. At least they had their major rides (X2, Tatsu, Goliath, Superman, Lex Luthor) running at full capacity. Oh, and all the employees were really polite! It was a nice change. No sign of Bonnie, Tim, or Neal all day though.
  7. Also I should mention that the park was handling the crowd very very well today for the most part. All restaurants and drink stands were open with all windows open. Tatsu was running both stations with decent operations. Wait was around 45 minutes all day. Everyone rushed to X2 in the morning causing a 2 hour wait (on the bridge). But when I came back to X2 around 4:30 PM, the end of the line was almost to where they split you to the different sides of the station. 20 minutes. Riddler, Scream, and Revolution were all running 1 train today, causing for some LONG waits. Riddler was almost to the entrance with 1 train, Scream was also. Revolution had a wait outside the station all day. Looked like the longest waits in the park were for Riddler and Scream! That never happens! Goliath was running 3 trains and operating at maximum capacity. EVERY SINGLE TRAIN was loaded and ready for dispatch before the train in front of it had even cleared the lift. The train in front of it has to clear the MCBR before the next one can be dispatched so that was making the train have to wait in the station for 15-30 seconds before dispatch. The drew was hustling! They would be done with 20+ seconds left on the countdown clock almost half the time! It was amazing! The wait stayed in the station for some of the day and got longer in the evening. Also, Batman's crew was horrible, horrible! It would stack before they had even started loading the train! It looked like 1 train operation almost. The line was close to being out the entrance with all the switchbacks being used. Took about an hour to get through. Pretty good day overall.
  8. Well, I'm gonna go brave the park today. It's gonna be packed, but I'm gonna try to get everything in from 10:30-8. I'll let you know if there's any more Full Throttle News.
  9. Just try to go on a Sunday. It's so much emptier.. I rode Goliath and superman 6 times in a row today. Longest wait was 15 for Tatsu. It was dead today. And I should mention that Riddler is back to 1 train operation.... Scream too. There still weren't any lines for those 2 today.
  10. ^Apocalypse doesn't have much airtime, even in the back. Colossus has some insane airtime on the first drop in the back row. You gotta try it out!
  11. The backwards launch probably will help the crew to stack less. It may not make a difference in capacity at all depending on the crew. The capacity sounds similar to X2's which I don't think that line is slow at all. Does anyone have any idea (like specific numbers) what Tatsu is getting in terms of capacity (with bad operations)? Goliath has even been stacking lately. It's not that they are taking forever to check the seats, it's that they finish and then they wait for the other train to stack before dispatching. It's because all the ops chat away after they check the seats and forget to dispatch.
  12. ^Thats a bit challenging. If you are hoping for the best, then you probably aren't preparing for the best. And all these ideas that come up on here are so enticing and exciting that you are disappointed.
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