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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Hello with their annual announcement right around the corner I'm curious as to what you think is coming?


I believe 2016 we will see iron closses because it will be so big it will probably take 2 years to build.


I do believe we will get something smaller. My bet is in Deja Vu or Swashbucklers spot. (Since Swashbuckler has been abandoned since January.)


I would like to see some new additions to Huricane Harbor in way of beautification and maintenance. The last time I was there a few weeks ago Black Snake summit slides were all closed. There ewas one side of the Tiki slide closed as well as 2 of the white slides next to the Bonzi Pipelines. As well as one more of the raft rides sides.


This significantly makes it longer ride times.


Id also like them to redo the bathrooms but Six Flags can't market that like a new coaster.... even if it needs it.


Wow! You have high hopes!

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^Angelinos aren't going to go to SFMM for a ride that looks like that 'thing at Knotts that kept breaking.'


Just sayin'.


I honestly don't think the majority of people even remember Windseeker at this point. And if they do remember, their story about it has probably been exaggerated quite a bit.


However, a low capacity ride with mechanical problems would fit in perfectly at SFMM...

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I don't remember wind seeker but the last time I went to knots was probably 9 years ago.


In other news how long do you think it will be for Green Lantern & Ninja to reopen. I really enjoyed Ninja even though I was suppose to be at the park that day and I normally take my last ride on Ninja (with my little nephew) before we go right around 5:15.

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Green Lantern won't be open until the investigation in Spain is complete. Ninja won't be open until DOSH signs off on whatever preventative measures the park is taking to hopefully prevent this from happening in future.

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Yes sure, there will be a handful of GP that will be like "I'm not riding that, it's unsafe, etc" however 99.99% of the GP could careless and will gladly hop in line the day it reopens.


After the cable incident at XC, people were riding the day it reopened.

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In all honesty, I think they should've added a coaster that is a step up from kids coasters but not too big. My sister likes mild thrills, but kiddie coasters are boring and dumb to her. I think they had enough kiddie credits already. It seems the only market of coasters that they have is kid or thrill. Not really any in between, with the exception of gold rusher (EDIT: And Ninja). But this is Six Flags we're talking about, so I wasn't expecting them to add a coaster in the market that they really needed it in.

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