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Favorite Log Flume

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Ahhh! You should never have a favorite you haven't ridden yet! Dudley Do Right had a better layout with an overall "funner" ride experience, but the animatronics and level of detail of Splash MouNtain is outstanding. Don't be let down, ride it first!

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I'm glad to see Log Jammer getting so much love... I found it outstanding, and I've been on about a couple dozen flumes. I don't know if it was because I rode it at night during my SFMM visit or what, the layout just seemed really long and hard to make out in the foliage, great stuff.


Of course, I am riding Zoom Phloom Monday for the first time in like, 5 years so we'll see what I think then when my memory is refreshed.

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I'm usually not a huge fan of log flumes, though I do particularly like the Log Chute at Nick Universe/Mall of America. Has some nice theming that ties in with local folklore, two great drops, and it's a nice way to cool down because the rest of the park/mall is always fairly hot.

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^I'm with you on that one. Nickelodeon Universe's Log Flume is awesome. I'm very glad that it wasn't changed in the switch to Nickelodeon, keeping the old Paul Bunyan theme.


My favorite part is how I don't really get wet on it. Some water gets on you, as it is a water ride, but you're normally dry after a couple minutes, which I love (And that means that the other seats on rides aren't wet either, which is a big plus!).

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I have yet to ride the one at Knotts or MOA so for now I'm going with Shenandoah Lumber Company at Kings Dominion. I love all Log Flumes but for some reason that one really stands out. The others that come to mind near the top of the list are Thunder Creek Mountain at Dorney, the Knoebels Flume and Ripsaw Falls.


And no, Splash Mountain is not a Log Flume.

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I´ve read the last pages of this thread (some dating back to 2006), and I was asking myself - is "no lap-bars" and "conveyor belt lifts" really something that identifies log flumes? I wouldn´t say so. But that was 10 years ago.


Nowadays, most new log flumes are more advanced. And even after having ridden Splash Mountain and Dudley Do-Rights I would think Chiapas at Phantasialand is the best log flume in the world. I wouldn´t really count Valhalla as the ride concept is different from typical log rides.

I loved the theming on Splash Mountain, and I loved the first drop on Dudley Do-Rights as the little bunny-hop hill is completely unexpected. Still, Dudley´s has some places where it is un-themed, while Chiapas is themed perfectly from beginning to end. The switchtracks on Chiapas also provide another level of excitement, as they move quickly and forceful, and they are a lot of fun.

And then, there is that final drop, which is steep as hell, gives some airtime, and another camelback after that, that gives you another taste of 0g (albeit a short one...).


In the end, a picture says more than many words..


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My favorite used to be the Myrtle Beach Pavilion's old log flume. The long, usually pitch black tunnel underground that led up to the first small hill was always a ton of fun as your log slid down a ramp with increasing speed.


Now that the Pavilion is gone I have to go w/ Dudley Do Right's, it's a blast, although I do miss how the drop used to launch you out of your seat before they re-profiled it. It's understandable though because bruised tailbones are no fun.

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Splash Mountain at WDW is not only my favorite log flume, but one of my favorite rides of any type.


I have yet to ride two of the flumes I've seen mentioned here a lot -- Knott's and Dudley's. Both look outstanding, and I hope to get on them in the next few years.


White Water Landing at Cedar Point will always be one of my historical favorites. I miss the ride, but I'm not at all disappointed by what took its place.


Others I really enjoyed: Knoebels, Dorney, Silver Dollar City, Timber Falls, Hersheypark, SFGAdv, BGT...


...but after 2016 Chiapas might just top them all.

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I'm not really a fan of the extensively themed flume rides. I'm more a fan of flume rides that are fun, and get you wet. I'm going to have to go with Thunder Creek Mountain at Dorney. I love how it's built to fit the terrain, and it gets you pretty wet in certain circumstances (Standing wave under the waterfall is one of them, but that's only there occasionally)


I haven't ridden the flume at Knoebels, but I imagine it's pretty good. The one at Kings Dominion wasn't anything special for me. The only thing I really remember from that ride is the rather jarring conveyor engaging just before the final drop. Runner up is gonna have to be Hershey's flume, strictly for the "Surprise airtime" moment.

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Any log flume not built around a faux mountain or on a real mountain sucks.


Splash Mountain is a rip-off of Timber Mountain at Knott's therefore TM is automatically better. SM may be better themed but TM is a better flume ride.


Log Jammer at SFMM was awesome. Jet Stream at the same park sucks. They removed the wrong flume.


I have a 4 way tie.


1.splash mountain

2.Duddly do rights

3.Timber mountain

4.Pirates of the Caribbean(Disneylands version)


I might be wrong but I believe Pirates is technically a shoot the chute, not a log flume.



White Water Landing at Cedar Point will always be one of my historical favorites. I miss the ride, but I'm not at all disappointed by what took its place.


You all need to realize that there is a difference between log flumes and shoot-the-chutes.

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