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Parc Asterix Discussion Thread

P. 36 - Every Roller Coaster at Parc Asterix!

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The only madhouse type of attraction I have ever done is the "Cassandra's Curse" at Europa Park. Although, I really did not like it very much as it made me feel quite sick! Definitely a unique ride, and I'm sure the French will love this new attraction. It looks beautifully themed too!

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^^haha, yeah if you're foreign at Asterix you're bound to be more than a little confused.


1) You're probably not familiar with the cartoon, so all of the story that is folded into the park is lost on you


2)Everything's in French


I went on Asterix's really cool dark ride and I had absolutely no idea what was going on except that I was in a spooky castle. The thing had a little airtime hill though, so it was all good.

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Is the show in multiple languages? Will I have to stare in combined wonder and confusion with this show in French?


I experienced Universal's "Jaws" ride in Japanese--it was actually an improvement.

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Oh well. Ill just have to stick to thinking to myself - 'oh theres that one of them' if they get involved in the plot


... the story that is folded into the park


Is it more than just some of the characters dotted about the place along with crumpled romans?

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Being that its the first Asterix themed attraction or ride since forever, you won't miss much not knowing the comic books.


Menhir Express is themed to Obelix (the tall, fat, but he's not fat, insanely strong gaul) favorite thing: standing stones or menhir. The ride is basically his new transportation device for menhirs and each boat is a floating menhir.


Trace du Hourra is themed to Asterix ancestors (cavemen) having fun going down a slide and screaming "HURRAY!".


Tonnerre de Zeus and the whole Greece area is just themed in a general way to antique Greece.


Goudurix used to be themed.. to nothing, but they recently themed the loading station to a Viking oarsboat.


Transdemonium (dark ride) is themed to medieval people being scared of year 1000.


Rue de Paris is themed to late 1800's Paris. Oxygenarium is a spinning raft ride (like at SFNE and SFA) themed to "clear air breathing".


Main Basse sur la Joconde is personally the best stunt show in the world. It involves Marcel, a painter, who went to paint the port hotel... but he's surprised by the "rat d'hotel" (athletic girl in tight leather, that loves to use zipcords) and then, a train pulls into the port, with a team of policemen who are pretty bad and funny! The Mad engineer loves to use bombs and the masked thief is a pretty sneaky fellow... They all try to steal Mona Lisa or la Joconde, Da Vinci's most famous painting, before it travels to America.

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Parc Asterix has recently announced their annual results and they announced that they will invest on Ride Refurb and Ride Removal .


So Tonnerre de Zeus will get new trains in 2010 and Goudurix as well but in 2009 . I hope Vekoma will give them their best trains .

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No, what happened in 2004... Early in the season, one of the train, for a lack of a better word, died... The park spent most of the summer with one train and they finally received parts, cars and thus, rebuilt one train with the old train and the parts they received! They also kept one car as a "spare". Now, the new cars they had received were red, so they repainted one whole train dark red and the other (the remaining one) was painted dark blue.

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