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  1. I'm going to be a 25-year-old who uses Halloween as an excuse to relive his high school athletic glory days. Hey, when else am I going to have a reason to where that jacket again?
  2. I LOVE thunder, AND lightning for that matter. Out here in R-Kansas I've experienced the BEST thunder and lightning storms ever, especially driving through the Ozarks. The thunder is so loud it feels like a 4.0 earthquake sometimes, and the lightning lights up the entire sky. So cool!
  3. Hmmm.... fourth time in my life I've been sick to my stomach on Halloween. Ain't that a b***h.
  4. I haven't been to either HHN, but from what I've heard from everyone it seems that Universal definitely delivers in the quality and just needs to expand to Haunt proportions. I haven't really met anyone who thought this year's HHN was the inferior event, just that they need more. It seems to me it's a huge hit with the public and opinions are pretty polarizing compared to what I heard about the event years ago. Everyone I knew who went to the HHN in Hollywood of the late 90s/early 00s was disappointed, saying that Knott's Haunt is much better. IMHO, Knott's Haunt feels tired and outdated. Did anyone on these boards ever attend the earlier years of Hollywood's HHN?
  5. Congratulations to you both! I know you're going to be awesome parents to Kidtums.
  6. ^Thanks for the advice. I called Days Inn and they have plenty of rooms available. They even sell Six Flags tickets $13 less than buying them at the main gate. Six Flags Over-Mid... er, St. Louis, here I come!
  7. Hey gang, planning to go to Six Flags in St. Louis this weekend. I'm not AT ALL familiar with the area, and would love to stay in a hotel that's possibly walking distance. I'm going with a pretty large group, so any budget will do. Thanks.
  8. Did anyone else notice the ghost giving Elissa bunny ears? Absolutely brilliant, I'm loving every moment of these comics! You rock the mostest, Flipdude!
  9. I actually liked all those close ups he had in his TR. There was a strong focus on the details of the park, which offered a very refreshing perspective on things. I never knew SFOT was such a nice park. Great TR, keep it up.
  10. Awesome TR as always, Jules! Your perspective on things is always thought out and refreshing ('cept the bit on Remember... Dreams Come True, but that's another story ). Glad you're enjoying your time in Cali and can't wait for the Knott's update!
  11. Most schools out in SoCal have a very open plan, where instead of having all classrooms in one ginormous building (like in the midwest and east coast), there are several other buidlings throughout campus. I have to admit that your high school is probably bigger than my college (then again, so was my high school ). Anywho, awesome photo TR, Ryan. Takes me back to the craziness of my high school years (although we didn't have a Robotics class ).
  12. Stateside, Southwest. International, Aeromexico or Mexicana, whichever one is the cheapest at the time.
  13. My goodness, your city is GORGEOUS ! It reminds me a lot of where my mom grew up in Guanajuato, quite a distance from the Yucatan. I absolutely LOVE Mexico's old world architecture. My goal in life is to one day travel across Mexico (YES, more so than Europe!) and not all those touristy places, either. I'm talking about the small pueblos untouched by commercialism. That's where you experience Puro Mexico, not places like Rosarito, Acapulco or Cabo (no offense to anyone who's from there ).
  14. Quick update! Been here in NW Arkansas for about a month now, and I LOVE IT! I kick myself more every day for not moving sooner. I got a great job (making hell of a lot more than I was before!) and my family and I are looking into buying a home. Here are some pics, wish us luck! What a view! Hard to believe this house is less than 300 grand! upstairs (yes, UPSTAIRS!) living room kitchen dining room back view front view
  15. I did a search on this and didn't see a posting. Here's the story, check it out. I'd say it's overdue, but better late than ever. You can read the entire story below:
  16. Those pictures are beautiful? Not far from my aunt's house, there was a little festival, but no where near as big as the one in your pueblo. Que bueno que pudiste disfrutar la Independencia de Mexico! QUE VIVA MEXICO!
  17. Hey Elissa, it's been a while... Can you change mine to "There be Me-hi-cans in Arkansas."
  18. Behold, my transformation: After... short and sexy. long and annoying. Before...
  19. While I do enjoy Splash Mountain, I am a sucker for nostalgia, so my vote goes to Timber Mountain Log Ride at Knott's. And SFMM's Log Jammer at night is always exciting!
  20. Wow, you definitely don't look 27. You look younger than me, and I'm 25 . Them's some good genes you got thar. Anyhoo, hope you had a Happy day with plenty of pickles .
  21. Italy vs. USA about to start... w00t! I would like Mexico to win, but I think it will probably be Brazil. But one could hope .
  22. In my dream, I was babysitting Elissa's baby . Then, all of a sudden, I was on Back to the Future: the Ride with some childhood friends. At the end of the ride, Doc Brown and his sidekick ( ) shrunk themselves and went inside one of my friends' head through the ear canal.
  23. Thanks for that in-depth TR. It's too bad you were disappointed, and it sucks how much Rockit Mountain has been neutered. It would have been awesome to see it to its full potential. Personally, I LOVED my Grad-Nite!!! I went in '99 and it just blew me away, it was Disneyland under a new light! My school was very organized and right on top of things, too. The school buses left exactly at 10:30pm and we were IN the park by 11:30pm. Very efficient. It really saddens me that the formality of the event has been largely stripped down because to me that was a huge part of the appeal. The year I went had been toned down a bit, but girls were still required to wear dresses or skirts with a nice top. The guys had to wear shirts that buttoned up all the way (no t-shirts or polo shirts) and absolutely no denim was allowed on anyone. I remember they were really strict about that. Either way, it was one of the best nights of my life.
  24. Awesome pics, I love Wrigley Field . Thanks for posting. It's too bad about the commercialization of the stadium, it really is a great ballpark. But as long as they don't rename it Budweiser Field (no offense, Wally ) I can't complain too much.
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