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  1. Awesome pictures! Shots of Viper from X2's queue never get old for me (even though this view has been around for almost 10 years now! ). It definitely remains one of the more graceful looking Arrow multi-loopers, imho.
  2. ^That's awesome, congratulations! I used to run the 800 in high school, it was an amazing race. I just finished running the Race for the Cure 5K here in NW Arkansas, my first race in 11 years! I have no idea what my time was since I was so focused on finishing I didn't notice the ginormous time clock at the finish line. I'm guessing it was between 25-28 minutes. I'll post my official time when the times are announced on their website. Keep on running, everyone!
  3. I'm currently training for the Race for the Cure 5K here in NW Arkansas on April 24. I've been keeping a steady pace for 40-45 minutes for the last couple of weeks. This week I've lagged it due to work, but my real goal is to be ready for the Disneyland 1/2 marathon in September.
  4. Hmm, that's too bad. It's low-lives like these that give all LEGAL Mexicans a bad name, those who work hard for a better life and strive to be model citizens. I do hope they catch the perpetrator.
  5. ^I agree. The fans are simply lamenting about the lost effects. I remember being blown away everytime I saw the starfield as I entered the theatre. And when they had that asteroid (meteor? space rock?) come at you, before you even had a chance to notice, the starfield was gone. For a 10-year old, that is magic! I am a little disappointed they couldn't replicate this effect for the Tribute, but it in no way takes away from the overall experience of the movie itself. I still hope to make it out to California to catch this show once again.
  6. Awesome pictures! I still remember my ride on Shockwave back in '97. It felt like a less-refined version of Viper (at SFMM) yet still a lot of fun at the time. Would have loved to ride the Orient Express. It just seemed like such an iconic ride that left an impression. Can anyone tell me why it was removed?
  7. Awesome trip report, and I love your pictures! Glad to hear you had a great time. I've yet to make it to any Disney park during the holidays.
  8. Did you ride it multiple times? IMO, it's definitely a ride where your appreciation for it grows each time you ride it. I admit that the first time I rode it I found it fun, but not mind-blowing. But the more I rode it, the more and more I loved it. The one coaster I found overrated was Big Bad Wolf. It was fun, but nothing spectacular. It seemed to enter a brake everytime it started to get good. That drop into the Rhine River was awesome, but such a buzz kill when you entered the final brake just around the corner.
  9. While I'm not ecstatic about the new Carsland, I have to admit that I absolutely loved Cars, even more than The Incredibles. It's actually one of my favorite Pixar movies, second only to Nemo (although that may change since I still haven't seen Up). And while I am happy that DCA is finally getting the attention it should have had from the beginning, I, too, am feeling very underwhelmed by all these movie tie-ins. I yearn for the day when we once again see an original story to a new and innovative attraction at the DLR. Even Indiana Jones Adventure, considered by many to be the last true E-ticket to open at DL, is based off a movie. With overseas projects, like Mystic Manor, JTTCOTE, and the Japanese Tower, it's obvious that Imagineering still has a knack for unique story telling. I guess we'll just have to continue waiting for that one unique e-ticket to come to the DLR.
  10. ^^Thanks, man! Still moving in stuff, it's a slow & steady process. One of the main things that sold me on the house was it's location. There is an awesome trail behind my house that runs along a really nice creek... of course I plan run it as soon as I'm all moved in. ^I had the flu earlier last month, and it killed my chances at running my first 5K. Hope you feel 100% better by your next race. I definitely have to look into a WDW running trip. Your awesome PTR sold me on it, they look like so much fun! Any suggestions on how to start training for a half marathon?
  11. Here I am as the Phantom of the Opera. I took this shot right before heading out to a [lame] Halloween party. Close up.
  12. While I love running, I can't run at the same intensity as I used to in high school. I'm good on a 20-35 minute run, but after about 40-45 minutes of a steady pace, my legs just give out on me, to the point where I could barely walk. But I continue to do it because it is an awesome stress reliever and doesn't require a gym membership to do. And while my legs continue to hurt, they hurt so much more when I don't run.
  13. ^The fly-o-plane was just evil! I'm glad I got to experience a one-of-a-kind ride, but never again. Lake Winnie as a whole just blew me away! The place was packed with charm and had an awesome collection of rides, including quite possibly one of the most underrated drop towers in the country. Even the dark AC room (Castle ) added to the overall feel of the park. I really did not know what to expect, considering I had never been to an old-fashioned, traditional park (I grew up with the big boys in SoCal). Now I know I have to make more trips to parks like this.
  14. Aah, Thunderhead. At first, I came off that ride thinking it was overhyped, but the more I rode during ERT, the more and more I loved it! I can't remember the last time I experienced such an amazing and reridable ride. ERT on Thunderhead truly was the highlight of the trip for me. Awesome pics, Robb! Definitely brings back a load full of memories!
  15. This genuinely breaks my heart . While I do understand the reasons behind the decision. it's always sad to see a world-class ride close. I was planning on a Labor Day weekend trip to Chicago, but now my plans have drastically changed, and for good reason. This is one of those coasters I always saw footage of or was just amazed by while growing up, and I always told myself that one day I would ride it. Well, it's now or never, so come September, I'll be in Williamsburg!
  16. Just got back myself, and after a quick detour to Magic Mountain (X2 killed my calves!), I can honestly say that I have been spoiled by the Deep South trip. Never again can I enjoy a day at a theme park as a regular civilian . Robb/Elissa, I can't thank you two enough for the hard work put into these trips. You both rock! My experience was nothing short of amazing, and the friendships forged will never be forgotten. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun on vacation. Eli couldn't have put it any better, this really is like camp for adults. Everything about this trip was near-perfect (the "snack" song might be questionable). Few things in life will beat the awesomeness that was ERT on Thunderhead. I kick myself for not doing one of these trips sooner, but better late than ever. Looking forward more than ever to next year's trips .
  17. If I didn't know any better, I could've sworn that was Evel Knievel from SFStL. They look almost exactly alike. Here's a picture for comparison: Evel Knievel under construction, taken from RCDB. Model of Thunderbird, also from RCDB.
  18. Ozomatli on Halloween night at LIberty Hall in Lawrence, KS.
  19. Wow, I'm just baffled by how many kids are back in school already. When I was in K-12, we always started one week after Labor Day, and in college, the Fall semester would start the last Thursday or Friday of August. I'm taking Cultural Anthropology at the community college here, just for s**ts and giggles. Wanted to take a 3D Digital Modeling course to help advance my computer skills here at work, but it wasn't offered this semester.
  20. ^^^For me personally, the amount of theming really makes or breaks the ride experience, and in many situations can make a simple coaster a lot more thrilling. Take Space Mountain at Disneyland, for example. If you strip it completely of its theme and place it outdoors, you have a pretty mundane roller coaster with excessive right-hand turns that doesn't even break 30 mph. But enclosing it in the dark with a starfield and wind effects at strategic points and you have one of the highest-rated thrill rides at any park. I grew up at a time when Six Flags Magic Mountain was considered a flagship park of the chain, and even then, racing from thrill ride to thrill ride with little or no theme was a very empty experience. But when I was at Disneyland, or even Knott's, the ride experience was more immersive and far more complete, even if the ride wasn't longer or faster. Now there does need to be a balance between theme and length. For example, I find the added theme to the Pony Express at Knott's to be a borderline wasted effort for a ride that isn't even a minute long. But that's just my humble opinion.
  21. I could definitely understand where the OP is coming from. Personally, I think that SDC has a perfect balance of thrills and theme. The group I went with was between the ages of 15-27 and we spend two days there. We never felt the need to rush into anything and just took our time... heck, we didn't even see Marvel Cave! But at the end of our trip, we felt like we definitely had gotten our money's worth. And the few thrills that are there are nearly flawless that you could satisfy any adrenaline-induced teenager.
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